The Best WordPress Lead Generation Plugins 2023

At the end of the day, everyone cares about sales. Getting more customers means more revenue and growth for the company. You do not magically convert someone into a customer. Your sales team works extremely hard to search for leads, follow up with them, and close the deals.

Thankfully today we have tools that can help you generate leads from your website. If you have a WordPress website, then all you need to do is add a plugin that will help you do the same.

Before you learn about the best WordPress lead generation plugins, you should know the basics of lead generation.

WordPress Lead Generation Plugins

What is lead generation and its importance?

Lead generation is about creating awareness about your products and targeting the right audience for it. You have to reach out to prospects through multiple channels and try to get them interested in your products or services. One of the main methods of lead generation today is email marketing.

Your website gets visitors daily and with a few tweaks, you can make it a powerful lead generator.

  • Create an email newsletter with the help of plugins like Mailchimp.
  • Remember to add a contact form on your website. When people enter their information you will be able to view this through your WordPress dashboard.
  • Add a chatbot feature to your site. Now visitors can send their queries and information the chatbot and your team can get back to them.
  • Use a customized button like book a call.

Generating leads regularly is extremely important to create a strong business. You need to have a process in place to convert the leads into paying customers too. Although, most businesses struggle to get enough leads.

When people are unable to get enough leads in the first quarter they can get disappointed and quit. The main point is that lead generation is necessary for the growth of any organization.

Even if you run a non-profit organization, you need donations to keep your operations going on.
We will be sharing the best WordPress lead generation plugins and you can decide which plugin suits your organization the most.

There are multiple plugins in the WordPress marketplace but we will be sharing ones that perform different tasks. Each lead generation plugin is designed by keeping an organization in mind. Do you ever wonder which one is right for your company?

Once you are through this list you will have a holistic point of view of lead generation and you may install more than one plugin.

Here are the best lead generation plugins that you can find on WordPress.

1. Contact Form 7

contact form 7

Contact Form 7 is a contact form plugin for WordPress. You can use it to create a contact form section on your WordPress site. Once a user enters their information on the contact form, you can find it by clicking on the available entries.

You have to install and activate the plugin. Then you have to add the contact form by using drag and drop methods. It is one of the most popular ways of collecting user information as it has more than 6 million active users.

You can use hundreds of pre-built form templates to create a contact form. While you can use the ready-made templates, you also have the freedom to customize the form using the drag-and-drop builder.

You can create different types of lead generation forms with this plugin. Here are some of the options:

  • Email newsletter signup form
  • Content access form
  • Event registration form
  • Online Quotation form
  • Signup form

You can integrate the plugin with the CRM of your choice. It is also possible to integrate it with an email marketing service provider like Mailchimp.

With this fusion, you will receive email notifications every time someone enters their information to your form.

Imagine you don’t check your plugin for a week but you see that there were 5 to 10 form entries within this time span. There is a high probability that those people will not reply to your follow-up now.

People appreciate an instant follow-up. If they didn’t hear from you then they have probably forgotten about you. It is important to receive these notifications so that you can send follow-up emails.

Pricing: free.

2. SKT Popup Plugin

skt popup plugin

SKT Popup Plugin is a lead generation and popup plugin tool that you can use to monetize your website traffic.

You can create amazing popups or email signup forms that help you get subscribers. In the long run, some of these subscribers can turn to paying customers.

It uses special exit intent technology which makes the pop-up spin on the screen when a visitor is about to leave the site. Earlier the visitor would have left without any change but now they can leave their email or contact details to you. This serves as a last reminder to take action.

You can combine this feature with their page targeting feature. Each page will have a customized pop-up form. This is a proven strategy and it increases conversions.

SKT Popup Plugin comes with special pop-up forms like Spin the Wheel which has not been witnessed in other competitors. You can also use the content lock feature of SKT Popup Plugin.

Now your site visitors will have to provide their emails to read a specific piece of content.

If you are using this strategy then you will have to ensure that the locked piece of content is highly valuable.

Using this strategy ensures that your content is consumed by those who have the intent to purchase. Now you can help your target audience while gaining essential information.

You can use this plugin to show special discount codes, add click-to-call buttons, and more.

It is more than just an email collection tool!

Pricing: SKT Popup Plugin starts at $3/month when billed annually. The basic version does not have advanced features like exit intent and yes/no forms. All these features exist in the pro plan which is billed at $29/month.

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3. Elementor

Elementor is a WordPress website and theme builder. It is used by more than a million website owners to create a site without writing a line of code. You can do this with the help of ready-to-use templated and all you have to do is edit it with drag and drop features. With their templates, you will find some amazing ready-made sales pages, opt-in pages, registration pages, coming-soon page templates, and more.

You can customize these landing page templates and ignore the other website pages. Just select the landing page and add it to your website.

Elementor was specially designed to build excellent landing pages! It includes dozens of blocks that can help you increase conversions like testimonial sections, countdown timers, pricing sections, and more.

You also get a stock photo library with over 2 million royalty-free images that you can add to your landing page. Photos are often known to increase conversion rates. You can also integrate this plugin with top-notch email marketing software like Zapier. Now when you get a lead on your landing page it is automatically added to the CRM of your choice.

The focus of this plugin is to help you create a landing page that acts like a lead magnet. You can collect those leads through this page and transfer it to your CRM system. It is a powerful plugin that will help your sales team!

Pricing: Elementor starts from $59/yr. You can also try out their free version to figure out how the entire plugin works.

4. Tawk.To Live Chat

tawkto live chat

Tawk.To Live Chat is a plugin which enables site visitors to talk to your support team in real time.

It is extremely easy to set up and you can integrate it with other marketing software. If you need to transfer the details of a person to a certain department, you can do that.

People don’t like when they have to wait for a reply. They prefer websites that enable them to talk to a customer support team quickly.

You can use contact us forms for the initial years of your business but when you scale up you will need the live chat option.

By adding the Tawk.To Live Chat plugin you are fast-tracking a user’s journey to become a paying customer.

This plugin adds a chat button on the bottom right-hand corner of your website. Visitors can click on this chat button and start chatting with your team.

The special thing about this plugin is that your team members don’t have to log into WordPress to chat with the visitors. They can simply log into the Tawk.To Live Chat app and start the conversation.

There are many WordPress lead generation plugins but this one makes the work of your team easier.

Your team can now quickly answer all the doubts of the visitors and increase the conversion rate. Every team member doesn’t need access to the WordPress dashboard so using this plugin is also safe.

Pricing: The pricing plan of Tawk.To Live Chat starts at $20 per month with a 14-day free trial.

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5. ChatBot


ChatBot is an AI-enabled plugin that lets you add automated chat features to your WordPress website. Potential customers can connect with you at any time they want and get quick replies with the AI-based chatbot.

It feels like they are talking to a customer service team member. Your team members don’t have to talk to every customer if their problem can be solved by FAQS or an AI chatbot can answer their queries. By using this plugin, they can save time to address issues that are critical.

Similarly, your sales team doesn’t need to be excited about any single query. If someone is excited about your product or service then the lead will be qualified by the chatbot.

You get different templates with ChatBot. Book calls directly using one template while you can sell products directly to the customer by using another template.

You can integrate this plugin with Facebook Messenger. Now you will be able to answer queries of potential customers and provide them with information about your products.

You will be able to book more calls or sell more products than before with the help of ChatBot!

Pricing: ChatBot is an extremely useful plugin that has a direct impact on your revenue. The pricing starts at $52 per month. If you have any doubts about its potential then you can take the 14-day free trial.

6. Simple Giveaways

simple giveaways

In the world of viral marketing, you have to host a free giveaway event once!

That’s where Simple Giveaways comes in. It allows you to design viral giveaways and contests. You can grow your email list through these giveaway events.

There are a lot of WordPress lead generation plugins but this is the first plugin on the list which can help you in your viral marketing campaign!

Use the intuitive drag-and-drop builder to create a giveaway campaign in minutes. You can choose from multiple templates. Select a template that matches your brand’s aesthetics.

This plugin allows visitors to share the contest or giveaway on social media. That is the trick of going viral! If your giveaway is valuable then people will share it online or refer it to their friends.

Embrace yourself to see increased site traffic and newsletter subscribers. You get multiple features like email verification, fraud protection, social login option, success tracking, giveaway landing pages, and more.

This plugin helps you ensure that the signups you get are valid. You have also made the act of signing up easy by using the social login option. Websites that have the social login option get increased signup rates.

Any giveaway you create will be mobile-friendly. You should learn a bit more about how to run a successful giveaway event and then get started by installing this plugin!

Pricing: Simple Giveaways has a free version that you can use to host your first giveaway. If you are looking for advanced features then the pricing starts at $49/yr.

7. OneSignal


Do you ever get a notification from Google Chrome that a website wants to send you notifications? If you click on the allow button then you will receive notifications from the site.

OneSignal helps you send push notifications to your users after they have left your website. It helps you keep your community engaged. This is a great method to convert one-time site visitors into loyal followers. Now they will visit your site repeatedly.

Push notifications have the potential to be your largest source of traffic. You are not invading their privacy because they have agreed to receive those notifications from you.

So they are actually looking forward to your site’s notifications. Just like a subscriber is looking forward to the latest newsletter edition.

You can create custom push notifications according to an event but you can also automate it. A notification will go out every time a product is added to your site or you publish a new blog post.

These notifications will get your fans excited and they will visit your site immediately.

Pricing: The pricing plan starts at $9 per month and allows you to have 100K subscribers. You can also have unlimited campaigns and customer support from their team.

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8. Funnel Kit

Spending thousands on designing the ideal website but leaving it just like that is gonna cost you. Once you are done building a website it is time to get your ROI. You cannot get a positive ROI without a good sales funnel in place.

You can use this plugin to create lead-generation funnels, sales funnels, high-converting checkout pages, one-click upsells, and more.

There are many WordPress lead generation plugins but this one comes with an entire library of funnel templates. Choose a template, customize it for your taste, and wait for the leads to pour.

Once the funnel is in place you need access to analytics to analyze how it is performing. You get this opportunity with this plugin and now you can do A/B testing. Check out what seems to be working for you and what doesn’t work.

Funnel Kit also has an automation solution which allows you to send automated emails. You can set up the automation pattern in a way that an email is sent to people once they sign up for your newsletter. You can nurture any leads you gain automatically with the help of this solution.

Pricing: You can access Funnel Kit by paying $99.50/yr. For the Funnel Kit Automations, you have to pay $249.50/yr.

9. WP Call Button

WP Call Button allows you to easily add a click-to-call button on your WordPress website.

Your customers may have multiple questions before making a purchase. Sometimes companies leave out basic information like a phone number. This call button allows your customers to call you by clicking on this button.

It can be used to get calls from leads. You can now forward these calls to your sales team.

All you have to do is install the plugin, activate it, and add it to a specific section of the WordPress website.

Pricing: The best thing about this plugin is that it is free and it works with the top business VoIP providers.

10. Pretty Links

Looking to create an affiliate program for your business? You should do that using this plugin!

When you create an affiliate marketing program you have your own team of affiliates who promote your product in exchange of a small commission. A lot of successful businesses use affiliate marketing. E-commerce platforms like Amazon have their own affiliate marketing program.

If you are running an e-commerce business through your WordPress site then you should try running an affiliate marketing program.

You get all the features like affiliate tracking, payout methods, real-time reporting, affiliate coupon tracking, and more.

By analyzing affiliate campaign data you can create stronger campaigns for the next time.

Pricing: Pretty Links starts at $149.50/yr and it has all the necessary features to run a successful affiliate marketing campaign.

11. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is one of the best and easy to use WordPress SEO plugin used by over 3 million users.

It is so well known because it makes performing SEO easy without the need to know complicated SEO jargons.

Why is this plugin on the list? Doing comprehensive SEO brings a lot of visitors to your site who may show interest in your services.

Performing effective SEO is the best thing you can do for lead generation.

You need enough visitors to your site before they subscribe to your newsletter or make a purchase. The best thing about this plugin is that it gives an SEO score so that you can analyze your on-site SEO.

You also get actionable tips on how to improve your on-site SEO.

Pricing: You get access to a free version of the plugin. Yoast SEO-paid plans start at $49.60 per year. Access the premium features that will help your website stand out in the competitive SEO landscape.

12. Jetpack CRM

Jetpack CRM helps you integrate google analytics to your WordPress website. You can discover the most crucial pages of your website. Which elements are driving more sales and what is blocking sales?

All of these answers can be found if you take a look at the Jetpack CRM dashboard. You can use Jetpack CRM to focus on different buttons and check which one of them are generating more leads.

After that, you can work to improve that button even more to improve those results. You can even track e-commerce data, file downloads, form completions, and more. Now you can gain deep insights into your lead generation efforts with the help of this awesome tool.

Pricing: You can use the free version of Jetpack CRM without any problem but the paid version starts at $99.5/yr.

Which one is the best WordPress lead generation plugin?

You need multiple plugins to create a holistic lead generation strategy.

If you are looking to choose one plugin then you should get started with WPForms without any doubt.

If you are looking for live chat solutions then you should choose ChatBot.

You need to understand what you are looking to get from this additional tool and download it accordingly.

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