Include Spin to Win Options for the WooCommerce and WordPress Sites

Websites created over Wordpress or WooCommerce have the sole motive to gain better opportunities for business. So, add the Spin to win Optins in WordPress and WooCommerce sites to enjoy the benefits like never before.

The reason is to make your users grow interest in your site; you need to develop an interactive website. These games often convert into successful sale leads and this is the actual benefit of using the Optins that work for a spin to win games.

As known, some of the best Optins provide this game compatible with your WordPress or WooCommerce sites.

Ways to include spin to win Optins

The simplest way to add the gaming feature of spinning the wheel in the website is to use appropriate Spin to win Optins in WordPress and WooCommerce websites. Some of them are as follows:

Spin to win Optins in WordPress


This is one of the most effective plugins significantly adding to your customer base. The steps to include it in your site are as follows:

  1. Visit the official website of OptinMonster and sign up. Install and further activate the Optins that is a free version.
  2. This plug-in will connect your WordPress website with the application.
  3. In the admin sidebar, click the OptinMonster menu and connect the account.
  4. After the connection is over, click the button, ‘create new campaign’ for creating the first-ever spin to win Optins in WordPress.
    spin to win1
  5. On the website of the optin, choose the full-screen option for the type of campaign.
    spin to win2
  6. Choose the template for the campaign for the Spin to win the campaign.
    spin to win3
  7. Add the campaign name and add the website where the campaign should be running.
  8. The builder interface for OptinMoster will appear where you can modify the fonts, designs, and colors.
    spin to win4
  9. Next, in the wheel element of the game check for options that changes the color of the wheel.
  10. In the section marked. ‘Edit wheel sections’ change the values for different parts for the wheel. This is where all the options for coupon codes and a chance for winning or losing appear.
    spin to win5
  11. Select options when to display the game on the websites. Move to the tab, ‘Display Rules’ and select the sets of rules for the campaign.
    spin to win6
  12. From the Optin view, select view and then hit the Next button.
  13. To add the campaign to your website, go to the Publish tab from the dashboard of OptinMonster. Make changes to the Toggle button near the status option and click on save.
    spin to win7

How does the Spin to Win Optins in WordPress and WooCommerce help?

In real-time, thousands of visitors visit a site but only 1% to a maximum to 2% gets converted into real customers and even subscribers. Apart from the price, type of products and reviews, other important things that buyers expect is discounts and exciting offers.

In that case, some of the traditional marketing techniques are the core strategies that do not change with time. Among such techniques is adding spin the wheel game before you buy something. This technique suddenly increases the interest of the users in involving in the activities of the website.

A number of plugins allow this feature so that the WordPress sites or the WooCommerce sites can add gaming advantage to them. The Spin to win Optins in WordPress and WooCommerce come with wonderful designs and attractive color palette. This helps to captivate the attention of prospective customers.

It helps to attain the most important goal of engaging the users on the website as they yearn to win big. Spinning the wheel makes users earn points or discount coupons. Often the users find a chance to buy something from the website at a cheaper rate by availing the discounts.

Bottom Line: Often considering the benefits, users visit your sites and sign up as well. Thus, these Optins add freshness to the sites and allow you to begin with a campaign once the window pops up on the screen.

So, find the Spin to win Optins in WordPress that suits your purpose and enjoy growing signups for your website.

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