Lead Generation WordPress Themes for Sales Agency

If you are planning to set up a website for your business, then there are a few things that you should know, before choosing to set one up.

You need to take care when deciding which platform to base your website on and more importantly, what framework to go with.

This is why it is important for you to sit down, and chalk out a blue print starting with what you think you need the website for, the objectives, and what you think your target audience would prefer?

All these questions are important from a marketing perspective as it enables you to design a website that caters specifically to your target audience and as a result, should help you generate a loyal customer base.

For starters you may want to check out some of the lead generation WordPress themes; they are all designed to help you reach out to more customers and to generate more leads in the process.

Lead generation WordPress themes

Granted, the process of choosing a WordPress theme is never easy given the fact that there are so many online, which is why we have collated some of the very best, and have listed them out for your convenience. So, check them out.

SEO Marketing

SEO WordPress theme

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When it comes to lead generation WordPress themes, this one stands out on account of its simplicity and flexibility.

With this theme, and the fact that it is completely customizable means that you should be able to customize any page element in the background and see the same on the front end, instantaneously.

The theme is cross browser, cross device and cross platform compatible – meaning that it is 100% responsive and your users should be able to access your website without loss of functionality.

What’s more, the theme has been designed by experts, and in a way that it makes use of strategic white space to direct your visitors’ attention to specific parts of your website.

It also comes with 600+ font based social icons so that you can use the same on your website. The theme is widget friendly and what’s more, it is compatible with third party plugins that you can install on your website for more functionality.

You can use plugins to collect visitor information as well as make it easy for them to subscribe to your product updates. This should help generate more leads for your business; the theme is currently pegged at $48 and comes with support for one full year.

Car Rental

car rental WordPress theme

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This particular theme stands out as one of the best lead generation WordPress themes. Even though this theme was designed for a specific niche, it is also a multi-purpose theme meaning that you can reuse this theme for most business verticals.

The theme itself comes with both full wide and boxed layouts with a minimalistic look and drop down menu.

The overall effect is pleasing to the eye but what makes it stand out is the fact that it also comes with a built in customizer that you can use to change any page element on your website, once you have the theme installed.

It also comes with 800+ Google fonts which you can use to change the fonts by making use of some of the easy typography options.

And as it is cross browser, cross device and cross platform compatible, your users should be able to access your website on any device without loss of functionality and as the pages themselves do not come with fixed width, your users should be able to access the complete page.

It is also third party compatible and you can use various page builders such as eaver, site origin, elementor, visual composer, live composer, sandwich and pootle and more to build additional pages. The theme comes priced at $48, along with support for a full year.


adventure WordPress theme

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If you own an adventure gear shop or into adventure sports, then you would definitely want to check this theme out. The theme itself, aptly named is one of the top ranked lead generation WordPress themes.

It comes with a simplistic layout and a drop down menu; this should make it easier for your users to use your website. More importantly, the theme also comes with both full wide and boxed layout so you can choose as per your preference.

Moreover, it is cross platform, cross device, cross browser compatible along with the fact that your users can review and check your website out with any device, thanks to this theme.

One of the issues most users had when using devices such as mobile phones to checkout other websites was the loss of functionality. But this theme is completely scalable and your user should not run into the same issue.

The theme is woo commerce and third party plugin and as a result, you should be able to set up an integrated payment gateway for your users with multi payment options.

The theme certainly stands out for the right reasons and comes with a price tag of $48, along with one year support, round the clock.

Game Zone

game developer WordPress theme

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The theme is just what every budding entrepreneur needs; a professional multi-purpose theme that manages to enhance user experience which again is why this theme ranks better when it comes to lead generation WordPress themes.

The theme itself comes with a minimalistic design and one that can enable you to make strategic use of white space so that your user’s attention is re-directed to the main parts of your website.

The theme itself comes with several blog layouts and as it is fully customizable, you can change any page element on your website, with ease.

What’s more, the website is compatible with third party plugins which should enable you to increase the functionality of your website.

You should be able to integrate social media plugins on your website, enabling your users to login with their social media credentials.

And let’s not forget the fact that this theme comes with default slider with at least 10 slides that you can use to feature high resolution images, videos, iframe, banner and much more. The theme comes with a price tag of $48 only, along with support for one year.

SKT Banking

banking WordPress theme

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Of all the lead generation WordPress themes, what makes the banking WordPress theme stand out is the fact that it is easy to use and more importantly, is quite easy to customize.

The theme itself comes with several hundreds of built in short codes that you can use to set up additional pages such as ‘testimonials’ or ‘contact us’ or create a button for use on your web page and much more.

The fact is that the theme is completely organic, well developed, aesthetically pleasing and more importantly, completely customizable. If these reasons are not enough as to why you should go ahead with this theme, then read on.

The theme is also woo commerce compatible, and since it is already compatible with third party plugins, you should be able to set up an integrated payment gateway for your customers.

The theme makes it possible for your website to stand out for all the right reasons and as it comes with advanced functionality, it should help improve your rankings.

The theme comes with a price tag of $48 and with it, you should be able to generate more leads in no time at all.

SKT Education

SKT Education

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This theme is a tad futuristic and it certainly looks that way – from its classic layout structure along with the drop down menu, sections, etc.

The theme is a multi-purpose one, which you can use for other niches as well; the great part about WordPress is that you can change the theme at any point but your content and posts remain put.

Anyway, this theme comes with several short codes that you can utilize to change any page element. The theme also comes with both parallax and infinite scrolling that should help keep the bounce rate on your website all the way down and generate more leads in the process.

It is also retina and HD ready, and along with this, you can use the sliders that the theme comes with to feature images, media, etc.

It is also woo commerce compatible and your users should be able to enjoy advanced functionality on this website.

As a result, your seo rankings are bound to go up; the theme comes with a price tag of $48 and you can use multi-lingual plugins with this theme so that you can reach out to more customers.

These are some of the top lead generation WordPress themes; you can check out each individually; and what’s more, you should short list a few so that you can demo a same, and this should help you decide which.

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