Top WordPress Image Optimizer Plugins for Boosting Traffic

The loading time of any site is directly proportional to the images and other media present on that website. Images are excellent communicators and attractors.

They in a way enhance the overall content quality and inevitably catch the audience’s attention. But the major disadvantage is that plenty of images on a webpage will increase the loading time. You can lose clients and your ROI will be directly affected because of it.

Optimizing the pictures on site is the best option to ensure that the site loading speed remains intact. This also helps in securing higher search engine rankings for your website niche. WordPress image optimizer plugins will help you in this entire process.

Due to the constantly increasing market WordPress tools, there are plenty of paid and free options available today. But why use paid when you can manage the tasks from free plugins? This read includes some of the best free plugins that can optimize website images.

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Top WordPress Image Optimizer Plugins

Smush Image Compression and Optimization

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This popular plugin is developed by WPMU DEV. It can compress, optimize, and resize the photos for uploading on your website. It is completely free and one of the most powerful programs for this purpose.

Any picture that you have uploaded or any picture that you intend to upload is carefully scanned by this program.

Unnecessary information is automatically omitted and the image is leveled before the upload. It has an excellent scanning media capability which ensures that the compressed pictures are saved in a separate folder.

You have the option to use various directories for storing the compressed images. This will help you in optimizing your blog content and images related to NextGen, Amazon S3, or any other third party plugin.

Smush has the capability of doing everything regardless of the plugin used for managing the media library. It shows great compatibility with programs like WP All Import, WPMI, WP Retina 2x, and others.



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Easy optimizing of your website is offered by Autoptimize which makes it amongst the best WordPress image optimizer plugins. It can aggregate scripts & cache styles, minify HTML, insert CSS on the page, and can move the script to the site’s footer.

The users can sync non-aggregated JavaScript, remove WP core emoji cruft, optimize fonts, and perform similar types of tasks with this program.

At present, it is on HTTP/2 and these features contribute efficiently for the performance of the site. In case you want to configure settings according to demands or specific needs then this plugin comes with broad API to help you with it.

Page caching must be carried out using suitable programs if performance is your topmost priority. It is compatible with third-party plugins like Comet Cache, Hypercache, WP Super Cache, and others.

EWWW Image Optimizer

ewww image optimizer

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This is one of the widely used and most popular WordPress image optimizer plugins. Users can quickly and easily install this program on the WP installation as a plugin for the commencement of use.

This enables real-time processing of the pictures. In a total lossless format, images in formats like PNG and JPG can be processed.

Therefore the quality of the pictures will be the same as before compression but it will help load your site faster. This enables you to upload multiple pictures and be ensured that your site will load swiftly with attractive content.



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This is amongst the best processing plugins to make the image smaller or slighter. You can set the required dimension in the settings and it will immediately resize any image according to those settings. The compression of images can be done in a similar method from the settings panel.

Any big picture when uploaded to your website is resized by this plugin in such a manner that it is reasonable for a browser to display it. It also ensures that the quality of the display picture is not affected which makes your content look attractive.

One can easily choose to configure images for width, quality, and height. Even if the visitors upload any picture it will be resized by this program and the original picture will be reinstated.

To achieve more disk space for previously uploaded images, it offers a bulk resize feature. If you do not need high-resolution original pictures on your site and the compressed ones can suffice your requirements then this is your plugin.

Imagify Image Optimizer


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This is the next in the list of free WordPress image optimizer plugins. Without losing the quality it can optimize images and increase the website speed.

Some users even claim that this program is one of the highly developed compression plugins for images. It is compatible with WooCommerce and NextGen hence a vast user database can use it.

You can optimize all the existing pictures with just the click of a button. This is possible because of the bulk optimization feature offered by the plugin. Hence irrespective of the existing number of images on your site you can still choose to use this.

Auto resizing and compression can also be enabled for images so that you do not have to manually opt for it every time you upload a picture.

Compress JPEG & PNG Images

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The PNG and JPEG images of any website must be optimized to improve the loading speed of that site. The plugin has a well-like compression service incorporated which enables image optimization instantly.

Core features that make this plugin worth include image optimization of new pictures and bulk optimization of the existing library. Storing pictures in the media library and configuring specific dimensions of the picture from settings is also possible.

It does not come with any kind of restrictions for file size. It protects the copyright metadata and can also create GPS location in the original images. PNG compression of animated images is also supported.

WP Retina 2X

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Last in the list of free WordPress image optimizer plugins is WP Retina 2X. The files required by High DPI tools and devices could be optimized by this plugin.

It also ensures the browser compatibility for the same during the process. Irrespective of any screen size, your website will look crisp and elegant.

Automatically and instantly retina photos will be created for you and it can also be done manually. This feature of retina image for a full-size photo is offered exclusively by this plugin only.

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