Coronavirus WordPress Plugin That Spread Awareness About COVID-19

If you want to showcase the live information and the right figure of coronavirus patients on your website then this article will help you out.

We have listed some most popular Coronavirus WordPress Plugin which will showcase the live statistics on the number of confirmed coronavirus cases, the number of deaths due to coronavirus, and the total number of patients recovered.

This plugin will give you awesome support as any type of page builder plugins can be integrated on your web pages. The most popular page builder plugins such as elementor, visual composer, drag and drop page builder and Gutenberg page editor are also supportable.

You can choose any page builder from the list to display the current statistics on your business homepage. The plugin also comes with the shortcode generator that will help you to generate more shortcodes for the functionality and the feature you want.

Coronavirus WordPress Plugin

Let us check out the top 5 Coronavirus WordPress Plugin that can be integrated easily on your website.
If your website is an electronic store and still looking to integrate this plugin then let me tell you that Coronavirus WordPress plugins are made fully compatible with the latest version of the WooCommerce plugin. Hence you can utilize the features of these listed plugins as per your business requirements.

1. Coronavirus Cases Tracker

Coronavirus Cases Tracker
This plugin is open-source software that means it is available free of cost. The last updated was done few hours before. This plugin supports the WordPress version 3.0.1 up to 5.2.5.

It will show the transmission patterns with coronavirus map. The shortcodes can be used in posts and pages. One can personalize the list of countries, description, title, map, theme, etc.


This plugin will showcase the live statistics of the number of confirmed cases, the total number of deaths and the number of recovered patients from all over the world. The plugin also gives you access to the shortcodes which can be used to showcase the data on your website’s pages, section, header or footer anywhere you think.

The most powerful features of this plugin is that it have a dark mode, responsive mobile view, optimized speed, and many more features.

3. COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update Your Customers

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update
This plugin will showcase the total number of deaths due to coronavirus, patients recovered and the confirmed cases on your WordPress website. It will also show accurate information with or without the pie charts, and maps.

You have full access to showcase the information worldwide, country or by city. A Shortcode generator is there that can be used to create different shortcodes with a number of options. And the most highlighted features are translation ready and data updates.

4. Coronavirus COVID-19 Watch

Coronavirus COVID-19 Watch
This is the most popular Coronavirus plugin which will display the total number of recovered patients, the number of people infected, and the total number of deaths. The plugin will showcase the live data, for example, new cases confirmed new deaths, new recovered patients, etc.

This information will be shown in the form of a table or cards. One can modify the color, images, fonts, padding, or anything any time on the website. The plugin has the best user interface that looks fresh and responsive, cross-browser independent and more.

5. COVID19 Live Statistic

COVID19 Live Statistic
This is a coronavirus WordPress plugin that will showcase the similar coronavirus disease data and the data will be shown in the table or card format you can change the status data table, evolutions chart, themes, etc.

6. Corona Update

Corona Update
Another coronavirus WordPress plugin is an Ultimate COVID 19 which will showcase the data on your WordPress website. The three various components can be added.

It is compatible with the elementor and visual composer page builder. You can showcase the data as per country, city or worldwide. The several features of this plugin are shortcode generator, line chat, statistics label, etc.

7. COVID – 19 Stats Shortcode

COVID-19 Stats Shortcode
With this plugin, you can spread the awareness of coronavirus on your blog. The shortcodes are integrated that is very easy to use plus they can be used anywhere on the website.

8. Coronavirus (COVID – 19) Banner

Corona Virus (COVID-19) Banner
This is another powerful plugin that will spread awareness about COVID-19 in an easy way. You can showcase the notice on COVID-19 on your website.

9. Coronavirus Data Plugin

Corona Virus Data
This plugin will showcase the data of coronavirus patients from all over the world. The complete data will be able to show by using very easy and simple shortcodes. You will be able to highlight the number of patients dead, confirmed throughout the world, city, or country.

10. Coronavirus (COVID-19) Notice Message

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Notice Message
This plugin help you to give a notification message to your customers about the Coronavirus update. The messages can get appeared in the top, bottom, or inside any text on the WordPress website.

This is a Coronavirus WordPress plugin that is also available at free of cost. Until now more than 50+ installation had been done.

The latest version of Coronavirus notice message is a 1.0.1. The plugin was updated 2 days ago. It supports the WordPress version 4.6 and its higher one.

It is also tested upto 5.4 versions. The two different languages are supported by this plugin i.e. Dutch and English (US). Support for Marathi language is not provided.

Website owner or a developer can easily add a notification message on the website about COVID-19. Important features such as option to showcase the notification on the top, bottom static, bottom static, under the text, bottom can be shown with the help of shortcodes.

Plus you can make a use of “read more” option to make your visitor readable with more information.

If you want to display the data of coronavirus patients from all over the world then strongly recommend you use the coronavirus WordPress plugins that are listed above.

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