How to Write an Effective Follow Up Email After No Response

How to write an effective follow up email after no response:

Electronic mail has been one of the most utilized and efficient medium of conversation between co-workers, students, colleagues, friends, family etc.

Just like in any other discussion, the fundamental goal of an email is to receive a response from another party.

However, if you are unable to achieve the goal, here we will look at the reason behind how to send a follow up email after no response and much more. 

With the normalization of other conversation mediums, email has been specified mainly for professional purposes.

You are contacting the client, stakeholders, customers, etc.

Therefore, following up here refers to keeping up a relationship with potential clients, workers, or customers. 

Follow up email after no response is to remind the client about yourself, your demands, offers situation or to get review or intervention of any kind. 

follow up email after no response

If you left a call or message for any friend/ family member and didn’t receive any reply, you usually think twice before sending another request or message.

There can be multiple reasons behind, and so; you do not want to be a nuisance.

Many professionals too face the same dilemma but in a slightly different manner.

According to a survey, it has been deduced that approximately 81% of the fruitful conversation or sale takes place after five contact tries.

Only in around 2% cases, productive interview or deals is made in the first attempt.

Therefore, in a professional world, you are required to keep up always with all the potential clients. You must also track customers and co-workers.

As a result, you must know how to send follow up email after no response. 

Why is it essential to follow up?

Before moving on to how or when to send follow up emails, it is essential to understand why it is necessary to send follow up emails.

It is not bothering or annoying to other parties if done correctly.

While on the other hand, it is considered as a polite gesture.

Follow up emails shows your persistence, consistency, and interest in the situation or goal. 

Follow up email after interview no response keeps your client stick to your business and make things more transparent for both parties.

Follow up emails makes communication better between any two parties.

This helps in clarifying the goal, expectation, what both parties can input for the deal. 

Usual Mistakes in ineffective follow up emails:


There are multiple common blunders, professionals make in their first or follow up emails which brings out weak results.

The following are the common mistakes that people make in their follow up email after interview no response or other follow up email after no response. 

  • Inappropriate subject line: Subjects are one of the essential parts of any email to get the attention of the reader.

    Most of the users are likely to open email only if the subject lines look relevant. Therefore, especially when sending a follow up email after no response, it is essential to be extra careful with the subject line.

  • You are spamming instead of following up: At times, users to get responses to send multiple emails within a day or daily.

    To keep the other party interested rather than annoying them with endless emails, you must ensure to have a decent time interval between both the emails. Not too long nor too short.

  • You do not inspire the addressee: You are just required to remind your addressee with your follow up email rather than push or force him.

    Therefore, you must be precise, clear and to the point in your email which will not only inform the addressee about you but also attract him.

  • You didn’t keep up the required follow up: As in the above example, people are not comfortable in following up again and again as they find it bothersome for the other party.

    However, at times, the other party needs time for response; therefore, at proper intervals, it is essential to keep up with follow up as a gentle reminder.

  • Flash-based emailing: like how long emails flash-based emails too are highly not recommendable. These emails are bulky and take a lot to load.
  • Check the email address of addressee: There are many different email ID finders that you can use to check the details of a person: Usually, people make a slight spelling mistake. Sending a follow-up email after no response will be of no use as it will ever reach the desired person or company.
  • Excessively long emails: In this fast-paced world, people are used to more precise things. Therefore, the longer the email, the less people will be interested in reading it.

    Present the details only if the opposite party seems interested else. Make sure to keep things as precise as possible. Even if you required to send a follow up email after interview no response, keep it accurate.

  • Emotional emails: Writing emails in emotional tone or adding too much smileys etc. is unprofessional. At the same time, enthusiastic odes will make your email unprofessional and unattractive.

Situations when it is appropriate to send follow-up email:

As we discussed above, it is essential in many cases to send follow up emails, but there are times when you shouldn’t.

The following are some cases when you should send a follow up email after no response. 

  • Requesting a Meetup: If it is essential to meet up for work or to solve a situation, then, it becomes necessary to send regular reminders for planning out meetup.
  • Sale: To have a deal in your favor, it is essential to remain proactive. Follow up emails is one crucial part in finalizing contracts and keep safe your client.
  • Work-based communication: To meet deadlines, bring team members close or to communicate better with colleagues. You should not hesitate at all and make sure to send a follow up email after no response.
  • Job Opportunity: As there are multiple candidates for any vacancy; therefore, to make sure your place, it is essential to send in follow up emails. This will also help the company to remember you for later vacant positions.

Appropriate intervals on following up:

It is essential to send the follow up email after no response or follow up email after interview no response at specific intervals to make them useful.

This factor depends on the client, situation, or circumstances.

As for emails regarding gratitude or apology should be sent within 24 to 48 hours.

As for better networking, it is essential to follow up every three months.

If there is a work-based matter, then you must follow up at interval or a few hours or days.

If it is a sales area, then you must keep up with frequent follow-ups. 

Time intervals for following up is essential as you must not be too late or too early.

Depending on your circumstances or situation you must choose or ask for recommendation which interval would suit you best.

In broader terms, few of the ranges are mentioned above to help you decide which variety to choose. 

Essentials of follow up letters:

If your situation requires you to send a follow up email after interview no response or so, then you must be careful with defined factors.

We have mentioned a few of the mistakes that people usually make while sending they’re follow up emails.

Therefore, make sure to be careful of those and include the following fundamentals in your email.

  • Make is effective and to the point: The purpose of follow up emails is to maintain the interest of the potential client, remind without being annoying or showing your persistence.

    Therefore, make sure to include the essential details in a precise manner to make sure your point is valid and transparent.

  • Subject line: Use an appropriate subject line to attract the user to open the email and not delete it without reading it. We will discuss more in the next heading.
  • Follow up promptness: Consistency is vital in commitment. Therefore, you must ensure frequency in follow up emails depending on the appropriate interval. You can also look out for the behavior of your audience to decide the follow-up schedule in a better way.
  • Call to action: It is vital to inform the addressee about the complete procedure. If the email as convinced the client, colleague, etc. but the person is uninformed about what to do next then all your efforts will go in vain.

    Therefore, it is essential to add a clear call to action at the end of your first or second follow up email after no response. The call to action adds professionalism to the mail, provides essential detail, and attracts clients.

Appropriate subject lines for follow up emails:

One of the main reasons to get no response after interview follow up email is because of the subject used. The first impression is always significant and everlasting similarly, in case of email subject creates the first impression for you.

The subject line only can arouse interest or not. Make sure to put in little extra efforts to come up with a compelling subject line as at the end, the person deciding to read your email or not is what mainly matters.

For your follow up emails too, you must ensure a creative subject line. To make it original, do not make it too wordy or long as precise and original works best in case of subject lines. 

You can get hold of several follow up email sample after no response. However, do not use subject line samples as these are all being used by multiple people which won’t make your email stand out.

Therefore, if you wish to ensure that your email stands out and attract the addressee, then make sure to create your own to add originality and uniqueness.

Your subject line must include the critical information that you are addressing in the email so that along with being attractive and creative, it is informative too for the reader. The more personalized your subject line is, there will be higher chances for people to read it.

One way to attract reader is to ask question which will draw the reader to open the email. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that coming up with a professional subject line is one of the most complicated parts of the first-time email or follow up email. 

Structure of follow up letters for desirable response:

You can find a sample follow up email after no response, but these samples may mislead you; therefore, knowing how to write an effective follow up is essential too. You may refer to the example or make sure to write your piece to ensure it is unique, attractive, and according to the subject.

Now that you are aware of the mistakes, fundamentals, and subject line formation, we will look at the most critical part of the email, which is the body.

Especially in the case of follow up emails, the organization should not be long but must be informative and precise. It should have clear language and be error-free while the tone is remaining polite. 

To ensure these three characteristics in your email, using a sample follow up email after no response from client can be useless.

The reason is that the examples include a similar pattern for all kinds of emails. From thankyou emails to job interview emails, they all will have the same design.

However, for effective results, the content and arrangement pattern must be different. The tone used in various kinds of emails should be different too. The email should be as personalized as possible.

This is a feature which will separate follow up email from the regular one. You must remain polite but not make the addressee guilty at any point. If there is complete silence from the opposite side, then take hints and do not reproach.

However, if there is slight potential, then merely things with every follow up email to help the other party understand and convince. 

Follow the regular email pattern while simplifying things slightly, keeping it precise, informative, and polite to attract the client while filling in the details subtly.

Some of the sample follow up email after interview no response can be helpful but make sure to use your knowledge for best outcomes.

Finishing a successful follow-up emails:

Once you have checked the email address, created a perfect subject line, and wrote the body, you are left with wrapping part. One of the essential role of wrapping up is adding a call to action.

Call to action motivates the audience to take real steps if interested; it helps in contacting and connecting the concerned party. Adding appeal to work is, therefore, not only essential in first-time email but in every follow-up email delivered. 

As mentioned above, the follow up should be more personalized; therefore, you must add a few polite sentences at the end of the email to show your interest and dedication.

Make sure to review the whole email several times to ensure it is as precise as possible, informative, and polite.

If it is a reminder email, then make sure it is not pushing the client too much but is merely convincing. In case of a job interview, make sure not to show off too much but do highlight your skills to make a lasting impression. 

To maximize your follow up email success, make and follow some particular set of rules by time, frequency, quantity, and content. Also, make sure to be consistent, proactive, and careful in every step you take.

Make sure to diversify your approach and experiment new techniques and ways in each follow-up email to deduce which one the most successful and productive for you. 

Follow up email templates

There are many email scripts that will help you to follow-up client emails. But i have listed some of the important followup emails that will guide you through out the process of communication.

These email cases and scripts can be use when there is no response from client, after you left an voice message, after a sales pitch, and more.

As soon as a voice message is dropped.

Hi Anntony,
I simply attempted to get in touch with you via phone and dropped a voice message.
When ever you get free from your work, please connect with me.
Thank you!

Amelia Wilson,
Sales Director/
Add value after a sales pitch.

Hi Anntony,
We were on a call today. It was really nice talking to you and I hope our collaboration will strengthen your company’s performance and conversion rate.
As stated earlier, I have attached more details about our peak company values and the source of information that you can revise.
Please let me know if you have any type of queries, I will be pleasant to assist you. Else, I will be looking forward to speaking with you again on [date and time].
Amelia Wilson,
Sales Director/
Thank you email after meeting at an event

Hi Anntony,
It was very nice meeting you at the . Thank you for the details you provide. It was stimulating to get to know about . I am curious to know more about and it will be pleasant to meet you again in this week. I am available on . Will this date work for you?
Hopefully we will be in touch!
Amelia Wilson

Follow up to your follow up

Hi Anntony,
The reason behind this email is to check which five methods you are recently applying in your team . If you need any assistance or have any queries, I am here to help you. Please notify me with your availability for a short call. Look forward to hearing from you.
Amelia Wilson,
Sales Director/


Follow up email after no answer to 2-3 emails

Hey Anntony,
I have not not listened back from you for a long time. I am just envisioning – have I done anything wrong?
We were on a call last time .
If there is something wrong from my side, please let me know, and I will try to solve it out
Amelia Wilson,
Sales Director/


Follow up after a job interview

Hi Anntony,
Thanks alot for your precious time throughout the interview process. I was passionate to discover more about your team and profile you are hiring. I perhaps feel delighted if I get a job opportunity and become a part of your business family.
I believe is the one of the best company that every person desire to work for. It provides career growth possibilities for employees, friendly atmosphere and offers employees the positive effects they value. The workplace opportunity with such a famous organization is fascinating, and I am fearless I am the applicant you are looking for.
I have attached my work portfolio, that I stated earlier during our conversation.
Thank you for your valuable time and attention. I look forward to hear from you soon.

Amelia Wilson,


Bottom line:

Follow up emails always have mixed views as there are similar reasons to believe it is essential or not. This is because it is dependent on the situation.

There are also enough reasons to regard follow up emails just like first emails as the follow-up emails can be ignored, lost like the first send email. However, sending an email once has a higher chance of getting lost without catching the attention of the reader.

Therefore, as we notice that several companies keep on sending marketing or promotional emails continuously. This is because it works to remind the potential people of your existence again and again.

Even if the person is attracted to your email but is very likely to forget it soon; therefore, it is essential to keep the clients updated.

To avail the benefits of follow up mailing, it is vital to stay professional and follow the fundamentals described above. One more thing to remember is that the templates and methods explained are not the perfect ones.

You must adjust them according to the situation or alter them depending on the client. Adding your writing style will bring more originality to the context and attract the reader more. 

With the detailed discussion on how to write a follow up email after no response, you must ensure to avoid mistakes. You must also understand scenarios when it is essential to follow up. Then, build up an effective follow-up email.

Check how to write cold emails and tips for writing emails.

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