10 Tips for Writing Emails That Will Get You Tangible Results

Following are the 10 important tips for writing emails efficiently to achieve the targeted results.

Email marketing is one of the most popular and effective forms of marketing strategy followed by brands and business organization.

They send emails regularly to their existing as well as potential customers updating them about their ongoing or upcoming promotional offers, or sending them newsletters, etc.

The main purpose of this form of marketing is to develop a long-term better customer relationship and also encourage them to make a purchase.

Explain the benefits

The objective behind sending regular emails to the customers or prospects is to encourage them to take action. It can be promoting various products or services so that they make a purchase, or download any free eBook, or motivate them to provide referrals, etc.

tips for writing emails

To achieve this goal, brands are required to explain their email recipients about how they could be benefitted from their products and services.

This angle is much more important than highlighting the qualities or features of the same. The benefits explained in the mail will drive the customers towards taking a decision.

Make it unique

write unique email
To not only survive in the industry but also for the growth and expansion of business it is very important to stay ahead of your competitors.

Hence, while explaining the benefits, they are required to highlight the difference in the email content as well.

For instance, they need to make their customers or potentials aware that the benefits they can enjoy from a particular brand will be unique in every sense from other brands.

It can be in terms of price, features, or discounts, etc. Unless the brands highlight these aspects, the customers will never gain an understanding of the same.

Identify the audience

To make proper use of the tips for writing emails, the brands are needed to recognize their audience. To address every concern of their customers, it is important that they understand who their actual recipients are.

It can be based on demographics such as their gender, location, age, employment status, position in a company or seniority level.

It can also be based on their interests, preference, habits, activities, etc. Many times brand often carried out surveys on their visitors to gather more information about them. These facts could be put to good use while forming email contents for them.

Personalized email content

email personalization
Personalized emails are known to have a better impact than impersonal mass emails. Therefore, while forming the email content, it is advised to address each customer individually by adding their first names.

This will make them feel special and they will be interested in the contents of the mail. Besides, grouping different customers based on several aspects and creating contents for each group can also be an effective approach for writing emails.

For instance, the email content for an existing customer will not be the same as the one that has been addressed to a person who has recently subscribed to the site.

This same thing applies to people belonging to different age group or gender. The subject line and the body of the text is also an important aspect for writing emails.

Focus on ‘You’

After identifying the target audience and addressing personalized emails to them, a useful tip for writing emails is to focus on the words used in the emails.

Needless to say, every business focuses on its target audience. That is the reason why the content of the email should highlight on the customers.

For instance, using the word ‘we’ would represent the company whereas, using the word ‘you’ would provide attention to the customers.

Structure of the email

Reports have shown that the number of mobile users across the globe is growing continuously. Therefore, it is advised that the brands should optimize the structure and the content of the email so that it could be readable from all types of devices such as a mobile, tablet or a desktop.

They can use bulleted points to draw attention to key aspects, and use headings and subheading. This type of structure is more appealing than using long paragraphs.

Include a call-to-action

call to action
Call-to-action or CTA is an important aspect of email marketing. Instead of adding a regular link, the inclusion of a CTA button can improve the conversion rates.

The brands must make it clear for their audience the type of action they need to take after reading the emails. The CTA should be action-based, specific, and persuasive, creates a sense of urgency and should have a strong visual effect.

Proofread the content

One of the most important tips for writing emails is to proofread the content before sending them. The team responsible for sending emails should check any grammatical or typo errors in an email and rectify it.

Emails with these types of mistakes appear unprofessional and they might create a wrong impression about the brands. Many errors checking tools are available that could be of great help in this regard.

Often, it is difficult to find out the mistakes by the one who have composed the email; hence it is advised to ask for the help of another team member to find out the errors.

Follow up

A useful tip for writing emails is to send follow up emails regularly. Most of the time, potential customers might not respond or take any action based on a single email.

For this purpose, the brands must be persistent but they should not push their potential customers as it will be harmful to their business.

It is better to take some time before sending follow up emails, and even if they do not respond, they should send newsletters from time to time before removing them from their email list.

Use a professional signature

Brands must include a professional signature while sending emails. They can include the company logo, website link, various social media buttons, etc. This type of signature helps in improving the impression of a brand in the mind of customers.

Reports showed that buying decision of most of the customers is influenced by these forms of email marketing. Hence, the above-mentioned tips for writing emails will help in achieving better business results.

These as well as our article for tips for better email performance will also help you get the most out of your emailers.

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