5 Tips for Better Email Marketing Performance

Email marketing is a part of digital marketing that converts prospects into real-time customers. Getting the email marketing performance right requires a blend of both art and science.

Still, the essence of email marketing remains unexplored in some sectors and the businesses still rely on direct mails and other offline advertisement strategies to drive their sales and revenue.

Now it is high time that the businesses should focus on digital marketing strategies and email marketing is one of them.

But how to improve the email campaigns so that there is no looking back for the companies. Here are some tips discussed that may help you come in terms of email marketing.

email marketing performance

Personalize your emails

email personalization
Every customer wants to be treated specially. When you personalize your emails by including the customers’ first name it sends out a signal of care to the customers as such, he is a very special customer. It also helps to engage the customers so that they feel the urge to at least open your email and read the first few lines.

The rest all depends on how gripping the content of the email is. Normally the average attention capacity of a young adult is less than 3 seconds. So, the content of the email should seem interesting throughout in order to grab the attention of the readers.

The customers as such will not read your mail line by line. Instead, they would just scan through the content for something interesting.

Apart from the interesting content, using emojis in your email improve the email marketing performance to a great extent.

Using emojis attach a fun element to your content especially if you add emojis in the subject line of the emails. It will help your email to stand out in the competition by increasing the open rate of your emails.

Apply principles of scarceness

This s a common human nature to want more for those things that are scarcely available. Human satiety is a very rare thing and people want those things more than they can never owe.

Therefore, in order to make a product appear exclusive, the only tactic that you need to apply as a business owner is to limit that product to only a few people.

This will send a psychological signal to the customers about the specialty of the product due to which it has a great demand and consequently running short in supply. Likewise sending an offer email to only some specific customers helps increase the conversion rates and aims at greater consumer engagement.

Therefore, sending exclusive mails to the recipients creates a sense of scarceness thereby enticing customers to respond to your emails more actively.

Admit your faults

Admit your faults
Admitting your faults takes you one step ahead in improving the overall email marketing performance. Mistakes do happen and it is very common in the case of email marketing. Whether it is due to broken lines, or due to personalization errors or due to incorrect information, the best way to deal with such issues is to admit your faults.

Just send a correction mail addressing and admitting your faults to the recipients who have reported about error mails.

Common Email marketing mistakes also have been discussed in another article of ours.

There is no point arguing over faulty emails because at the end of the day it is your business that will suffer if you do not deal with such issues affably with your customers.

Out of rage they may delete all your emails without even looking at them and may even block your account from sending any further emails from your end. This will negatively impact your customer base and decrease the open rates exponentially.

You should understand the fact, every customer has the right to know where exactly the email went wrong and as a Company, you are bound to answer all their queries to solve the confusions till the customers are satisfied. This also helps Companies to humanize their products and services.

Avoid spam words

avoid spam
Avoiding certain words in your email content that are by default considered as spam words is a great way to improve your email marketing performance. There are spam filters that readily identify spam words and prevent them from reaching to the mailbox of the recipients.

Nowadays, spam filters are getting more sophisticated that allow only genuine contents from reaching to the audiences. Still there are times when genuine contents are mistaken to be spam mails because spammers sometimes use certain words that businesses feel comfortable to use.

Therefore, to improve your email marketing performance, you need to minimize the use of such spam words. For example, if your email contains words like “50% off”, or “bargain”, the email will automatically go to the spam folder of the recipients.

But if your email demands a typical spam word, make sure not to use more than 2 spam words, one in the content and the other in the subject line of your email. This will prevent your email from being blacklisted.

Optimize mobile readability of your emails

If reports are to be believed, more than 46% of the young population find it convenient to open emails on their phones and another 59% open their emails on other devices like tablets or notes. Very few percentages of the population still use their desktops for opening emails.

Given this ratio, to improve the readability of your emails you need to optimize the mobile visibility of your emails. For this, you need to optimize the fonts and pixels of your email so that it looks good when the readers open it from their mobile phones. Keep the design well under 600 pixels and the fonts between 13 to 14 pixels.

To grab the reader’s attention and to urge them to read your emails till the end you need to add something interesting to offer to your customers so that they feel engaged while reading your emails.

Email marketing if properly implemented can drive a lot of web traffic by increasing the open rates of the emaills. An email service provider can help you achieve your business goals by proper implementation of digital marketing strategies.

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