Tips to Critical 12 Common Email Marketing Campaign Mistakes

Tips to avoid common email marketing campaign mistakes

When it comes to reaching out to more customers, Email marketing stands as an ideal choice for startups and small businesses.

But email campaigns can also turn out to be a poor marketing strategy for many businesses and the reasons are many.

Starting from boring strategies to subpar contents, email marketing campaign mistakes can also have a negative impact on the reputation of the company.

There are some common Email marketing campaign mistakes that the business houses are making which need to be avoided.

With a solid Email marketing campaign, business owners can avoid the potential setbacks that hinder their business growth. Here are some mistakes discussed and how to avoid them.

Tip to Avoiding 7 common Email marketing Campaign mistakes

1. Trying to sell too hard :

It is true that marketing strategies are meant for selling purposes but not for “solely” selling purposes. Each and every email that the business houses send to the customers must be an engaging one.

Sending an email just for the sake of selling the company’s products or increasing their website traffic often make the customers feel disengaged. This is one of the biggest Email marketing campaign mistakes that need to be avoided.

It is important to balance out things by giving some product offers or some helpful contents, like newsletters or some useful and relevant tips. Sharing ideas with the customers helps in keeping them engaged and also helps in bolstering the reputation of the brands thereby gaining their trust and confidence.

2. Sending emails without testing :

Business owners should not hurry when sending mails to the customers. They should make sure that all the links attached in the emails work and all the images are uploaded correctly because once your message is displayed across various email programs there will be nothing much left for you to do.

So, before sending emails, check the mails thoroughly that they are perfect with no grammatical mistakes as such. There are myriads of web-based software that can check emails for any mistakes.

Business owners should also consider that the emails that they are sending out to the customers are compatible with mobiles and other handy devices. This is because the customers are more convenient in using smartphones and tablets rather than sticking to the desktop.

So, make sure that the fonts used are big enough to be read from the phone, or the graphics look good or whether the email takes too much time in opening from the phone.

3. Not treating customers with individuality :

This is yet another one of the common Email marketing campaign mistakes that business owners make. They forget the business ethics that each customer should be treated with individual care.

So remember, when you are sending bulk emails to the customers, they should not feel like just any other name in your list of subscribers. Every customer likes to be remembered by their names so keeping a history of their past records would help you in serving your customers more effectively.

Including personalized greetings is yet another way to treat each customer individually.

4. Mishandling unsubscribes :

Just as subscribing to your emails is an easy process, make sure that unsubscribing your emails is also an easier one. Whether a customer will open your emails or not is entirely his decision and you have nothing to do about it. If they want to unsubscribe, they should be able to do it easily that is with a maximum of 2 clicks.

Keep the unsubscribing process easy otherwise your customers may flag your emails or may even block you if they have to wait for long to unsubscribe.

5. Ignoring message statistics :

This is another very common Email marketing campaign mistakes that business owners do. Monitoring the open rates, the delivery rates, the click-through rates and the unsubscribe rates are of utmost importance.

Without effectively monitoring these statistics it is very difficult to improve the email marketing strategies. There are many email marketing services that work with Google analytics that help you to monitor these statistics.

One of simple errors of the email marketing campaign mistakes is without monitoring the analytics. It is regarded as a flaw that can hinder your business success.

6. Poor subject lines :

An engaging subject line on top of the emails can boost up the open rate of the emails exponentially. According to reports, more than 50% of the email recipients open the emails by just looking at the subject line. If they find the subject line interesting then only, they will open the mail.

The subject lines should be short and not more than 60 characters on an average. You should implement different subject lines on the basis of your mail recipients. Sometimes emojis and ornate languages do wonders while some others prefer professional and stoic wordings.

7. Wrong timing :

Make sure you are sending your emails to your customers at the right time of the day. If there are very little open rates for your emails you are just wasting your time and you need to do more research as to when is the perfect time for sending your emails.

This is one of the silliest Email marketing campaign mistakes that business owners do. If you are sending your emails at the busiest time of the day then your recipients will hardly get any time to open your emails and eventually it will get lost in the inbox crowd.

Start with a steady cadence and over the time when you have gathered enough data as to whether it is working for you or not, switch it up to a single variable once. Then again see which time is working perfectly for your mails with the open rates for your emails soaring high.

This may change over time and you need to anticipate when there will be a change in the open rates based on the time of sending mails. The best way to keep a track is to monitor the analytics of open rates for your emails.

Therefore, make sure that you do not make such mistakes when you are trying to reach out to a large number of audiences through email marketing strategies.

8. Poorly Defined Goals:

If there is no clear objective of what the email is speaking about and what and why you are targeting then the campaign is bound to fail as the message is not clear and precise.

9. Proper Segmentation:

Sending the same email to your entire subscriber list without considering their interests, preferences, or demographics can lead to low engagement and high unsubscribe rates.

Proper segmentation of your email list is required and dividing them in proper groups as per their preferences.

10. Frequency:

If you keep on sending emails at regular intervals then your loyal customers will also get annoyed or irritated. Bombarding emails to subscribers will lead them to unsubscribe saying too many or too frequent emails.

11. Responsive:

Many users nowadays use hand held devices and mobile phones for viewing emails. Neglecting mobile phone responsive and tablet view can result in poor user experience and reduced engagement.

12. Email deliverability:

There can be several reasons for poor email deliverability. Know the specific reasons and ensure emails land in the inbox and not in junk or spam folder otherwise that can also result in a bad email campaign.

This is one of the critical email marketing campaign mistakes and the most tedious one. Hence one should make use of proper email delivery channel and platform.

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