Create an Effective Facebook Ad Campaign: Facebook Ads Starter Guide

If you have just established your business website on WordPress and looking for an effective way to ramp up traffic and sales, then you may want to start taking a closer look at some of these social media platforms like Facebook which currently boasts of 2.2 billion users per month.

Now that is a humongous audience that you can advertise your website to, and market your key products and services. But if you are wondering how to create a Facebook ad campaign, then you definitely need to read on.

Reasons as to why you would want to use Facebook:

If you are looking at how to create a Facebook ad campaign, then you know that there are quite a few reasons as to why you should use this particular platform to increase the reach of your product and key services. Do check them out,

how to create a Facebook Ad Campaign

  • Facebook targeting options: One of the reasons that most advertisers prefer to advertise their products on Facebook is but for the simple fact that it comes with some awesome targeting options. The ads are set in such a way that it allows you to target ads to a specific group of people, based on their age, demographic, gender, current likes etc.
    The point is that with Facebook, you can target your message and ads at a specific group who already happen to have an interest in the same. This should naturally result in a good conversion rate as more traffic flows to your website,
  • Affordable fees: When it comes to ‘how to create a Facebook ad campaign’, you would want to know if your current budget can stretch to accommodate the cost.
    The good news is that Facebook ads are quite affordable and you can certainly use the same to target specific groups of people,
  • Large audience base: The other reason that you would want to use Facebook is on account of its huge reader base. Now give that Facebook boasts of nearly 2.2 billion active users per month, then that’s 2.2 billion prospective customers that you can tap with effective ads.
    This is all the more reason that you would want to take a closer look at ‘how to create a Facebook ad campaign’

How to create a Facebook campaign:

If you are wondering how to create a Facebook ad campaign, then you should know that the process is simple enough. The first thing that you need to do is to review the objectives of your campaign. If the objectives are for promoting a certain brand or product, then you could go for ads that can help lead to a better conversion rate.

However, if your main objective here is just about increasing your reach and to get more brand publicity, then you would want to go in for a different sort of ad.

The objectives here can vary which is all the more reason that you may want to take a closer look at the information posted below, to streamline your campaign, for better effectiveness.

When it comes to Facebook, you would find that Facebook has simplified the matter by listing awareness, consideration and conversion as part of marketing. You can customize your ad according to your key objective.

  • Awareness: If you have just launched your product and are looking for a way to create brand awareness regarding your product you may want to select your marketing objective as awareness. Facebook would list your ad to a maximum number of users that they would be interested in
  • Reach: As part of a campaign to increase your brand awareness, you can set the ad to be displayed to a particular user only 5 times. This should enable you to increase the effectiveness of the ad itself.
  • Engagement: The objective here is to ensure that the users engage more with your ad, either by way of comments or visits to your Facebook page. Facebook would optimize your ads so that the users do engage positively with the ad in question.
    This particular selection can also help drive visitors to your video and other respective ads as well. You can also choose to let the viewers contact you via Facebook messenger so that they can ask any queries and even place orders.
  • Conversion: Often, the hardest part of any marketing campaign is in converting a prospective lead to an actual customer. But thanks to Facebook you should be able to handle the same with a certain degree of ease. Before you start on this part of the campaign you need to download and install Facebook pixels. Think detailed analytics and you should get the picture.
    Anyway you can go ahead and create your ad, specify which pages you would like visitors to be directed to, and that’s it. Now Facebook will ensure that the respective ad is shown to people who are likely to complete this conversion.

This is why most advertisers utilize platforms like Facebook to advertise their products and services. Apart from enabling you to create targeted ads, you can also create ads that ensure that you get better engagement, and brand awareness with your ads.

All of these should help boost your conversion rate and ramp up the sales as well. If you are still wondering ‘how to create a Facebook ad campaign’, then by now you should know how and what key objectives you can meet by running Facebook adverts.

This is why, irrespective of whether you are a start up or a respected business, you would definitely want to start advertising on platforms like Facebook with increasing regularity.

This should enable you to boost up the performance of your website, increase brand awareness and in the process, market your various products and services better. Just note that you may want to review various online guides before you get started on that first Facebook campaign.

Similarly you can use other social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and many more to run detailed campaigns.

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