WordPress Trends and Predictions for 2023

WordPress is known to be one of the top choices of CMS. Do you know why? Because using WordPress, you can manage minimum to no coding, some clicks here and there.

The website is ready to be online now. It is known to be the most prominent content management system (CMS).

However, according to a report, over 455 million websites are using the WordPress CMS platform to power their website. The top reasons for its popularity are the flexibility that it offers and its easy-to-use features.

Not only this, but if you want to add more fun and attractive elements to serve the audience with the best experiences, you might search online for some WordPress trends that can spice up your website.

These trends keep changing from time to time. But the motive behind them changes to keep your audience intact with your website by offering them a better user interface.

WordPress Trends and Predictions

However, while implementing these, you need to keep your website optimized. How to do that? Find out in this post. Keep following.

These WP trends cover text banners, chat widgets to everything a website has. So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

Popular WordPress Trends in 2023

1. Drag and Drop Page Builder

The initial emerging web development WordPress trend that eases up the task of website creation is the drag-and-drop page builder that helps the developer to create the website by choosing the functionalities and customizing them as per their needs.

Not only this, but these page builders help users take glimpses of their website while tweaking which enables them to have an idea of component placement and how the results look like.

There are many page builders available on the WordPress platform that you can choose from. Some of them are Divi Builder, Elementor, Beaver Builder, and many others.

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If you haven’t worked with page builders, then you must try them out. It helps you to customize your website without even typing any code.

2. Virtual Assistant or Chatbot

The other functionality trending these days is not just for fun but to help your customers or visitors. It is to implement a chatbot or virtual assistant. This functionality helps to record or solve the customer’s issues effectively.

These functionalities are designed to engage humans quickly. However, an ideal chatbot helps you solve and record the users with predefined, frequently asked questions.

Such WordPress plugins offer you a wide range of functionalities such as chatbot, live chat, messenger, and email integration.

3. Interactive conversion option

Now that you have got the idea of chatbots, which are very useful in helping customers share their problems with customer support experts.

However, it is never going to guarantee customer sustenance. This fallback can result in an interactive CTA call-to-action design solution.

If you come across an interactive call-to-action, you will notice that it contains the most dynamic caption. As the call-to-action itself says CALL US NOW or DIAL US NOW. Hence, it is a simple but useful option for a customer to connect with the help desk at any moment.

This is such an amazing strategy that can increase the conversion rate and decrease the lead bounce rate.

You also have the option to use WordPress plug-ins which are helpful to create interactive CTA designs. There are many other options available for giving out the same features.

4. Augmented reality and virtual reality

By the year 2020, we were exposed to Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). However, it is highly dominant to classic WordPress website design trends. It has the potential to change the shape and scope of web design future.

These trends are commonly used by famous business owners who rely on multimedia services which are only live photography or video editing. Not only this but also e-commerce owners are also using this innovative trend to visualize their products in VR features.

Tons of plugins let you develop a website by integrating a visualization of AR effects. However, it’s useful to enhance the UX user experience on your website.

There are popular apps that let you experience mobile games with AR functionalities. On the other hand, with a mobile app, you can get hands-on experience with what a piece of furniture would look like in your house before you even buy it.

By using a VR theme from the WordPress platform, you can direct the user’s focus on actual content. When you gain customer trust by giving them real-life demos, it creates a higher possibility of conversion.

5. Content Accessibility

As you are offering some value through your website, you need to make it accessible to everyone. It has become a legal requirement for most countries.

This is an amendment that directs agencies to make information technology and electronics accessible to everyone. This includes people with disabilities, when procuring, developing, using, or maintaining it as well.

WordPress gives you accessibility options such as minimalist menus, oversized text, readability, audio-visual, animation, and effects which makes it easy and simple for everyone to access your website.

This is the feature that is going to make your website more interactive. Simultaneously, it can broaden your audience base as well.

6. Voice search

Hey Siri! Tell me the weather forecast. Or Hey Alexa! Turn off the lights.

We are doing things like these frequently. Voice searches are getting popular these days. Many famous companies have already integrated this feature on their website such as Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

Voice search is really useful to accurately set up search engine optimization as you can set keywords for all users and implement the right keywords.

7. Use of white space and minimalism

There is one thing that is constant regardless of any WordPress trends that continue to come and go. You have the option to use white space and minimalism. White space can enhance the quality of understanding and reading.

With numerous benefits, white space balances the elements that you use on the website by using a navigation flow throughout the website.

If you use a minimalist website strategy then it can help professional designers to reduce the unwanted elements from the website. After all this, it can create a spotlight on the content effectively.

8. Parallax effects

Another trending thing on WordPress is Parallax effects. The parallax effect is something like an illusion that helps to make the content and images of your website more attractive.

To get more details on what the parallax effect is, it is the background of a web page that stays simultaneously foreground shifts vertically or horizontally. It helps you add visual interest to a website and engages users as they scroll through the page.

If planning to launch your website, then you should invest in website development services, and they will help you implement the parallax effect through your website. Further, this effect makes the website more attractive and engaging.

9. Progressive web app

One of the most exciting yet fun WordPress trends is the progressive web application. The main function of such techniques is to offer both mobile platforms simultaneously. Users can even use this trend without any native mobile app as an online service provider.

So, these are some of the WordPress Trends that you can experiment with and see what the response of your audience is and tweak accordingly.

You have ample benefits using the WordPress website. Here are some of them.
a- Mobile friendly
b- Easy to use
c- Powerful plug-ins
d- Minor to no writing codes
e- SEO friendly
f- Better security and timely updates.

WordPress is known to power 14.7% of the world’s top websites. Every 500+ websites are created through WordPress. However, 60-80 websites use Shopify or Squarespace. However, the WordPress directory offers 55,000+ plugins.

WordPress is also a popular content management system (CMS) and it offers you to host or build websites. The main purpose of this platform is to simplify user engagement towards websites while making it easy for developers to create a website.

So, you can build anything out of this platform such as a website for business, a blog, a portfolio, or an online store as well.

WordPress is such an amazing platform as it simplifies the process of creating a website and exploring content online. However, WordPress is not going to replace coding ever.

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