Website Design Trends That Your Business Should Not Ignore

Let us be honest, first impressions really do matter. This is also the case in the world of business. In fact, Internet users will form an opinion about your business website in merely 0,05 seconds! So it is absolutely crucial that you find a way to ensure that those first impressions are positive.

There are many website design trends that will help your business to stand out from its rivals.

The challenge here is to how to make that first impression a great one and make it last? The credibility of a company is also judged by the design of the web page. Today you are in a very competitive environment.

Staying on top of the latest web design trends is very key to success of your company. Here are just four trends that your business can implement that will help you to wow users!

1. Use video:
It is predicted that in 2021 video will account for more than 80% of all the Internet traffic! With the help of video, your business can sum up its values much better than images or copy can. Your business can also use this medium to explain an intricate concept in an easier way.

You may be concerned that video creation is a time-consuming task and take a lot of money and specialized resource. But if you weigh it with the advantages that you get from the video marketing over content marketing, you would agree with that it has a greater ROI.

In addition to just being plain functional, it can also increase your SEO. According to the team at Video Explainers, you can boost your website’s chance of making the first page of Google by more than 50 times if you include a video on your website.

Though, the video has to be high-quality and to create a good video does call for more time and money.

2. Make your principles a priority:
Every single business should always first consider what its principles are. This might sound completely irrelevant to website design trends, though there is a connection.

Just like the principles of your business guide the services or products that it offers, these same principles should still guide how you go about creating your website. Why? Well, it could be that a user finds your business website by chance.

If this person is completely unfamiliar with your business, your website will then in effect become your brand. Now it is up to your website to make sure that the principles that inspire your business get communicated to this potential customer.

So, when you chat with your web designer at the beginning of the design process, be sure to spend a little bit more time explaining to him or her what it is that your business stands for.

This step might seem just like one more thing that can make the design process more complicated, but when your design team knows and grasps your company’s principles they will be able to find a clever way to outline these important values in the design of your website effectively.

As a matter of fact, this extra info empowers web designers to make better decisions faster.

3. Use immersive, long-form multimedia:
Ultimately you want to ensure that your website offers a real engaging experience to the potential customers. Now one way to ensure that the services or products that your business offers are more engaging is with the help of multimedia.

What makes multimedia formats so great is that they can be much more interesting than a blog post or even an infographic for that matter. With the help of immersive long-form multimedia, your potential customers can form a mental image of what it must be like to do business with you.

It is not too difficult! You can begin with a custom layout and then add sounds, videos, maps, graphs or charts that will make sure that your website offers a more enriching experience.

So, instead of running the risk of boring your visitors to sleep with a blog post, why not share that same long, though interesting, story with the help of these different multimedia formats. Just like other big brands, your business too can engage in storytelling.

Every business has a story to share, so be sure to tell the story of your brand too.

4. Include a web book:
If you want to get more leads and help potential customers to recognise your brand better, be sure to include valuable content on your website.

Today people are interested to read information that adds value to them. It has to be informative, compelling, engaging and of course with good English and grammar. As mentioned earlier the website is your biggest branding tool and you need to ensure that you are doing everything right with it.

A good place to start is to find out what type of info your target market is searching for online. If your business can make this information available, it is a golden marketing opportunity then to create a web book that shares this information in an easy-to-read, yet engaging, way.

A web book is definitely one of the biggest website design trends currently and if you are really as smart, you would not think twice about creating one.

To conclude, it is very important to give attention to latest web design trends in the market to help your business standout from the rivals. Remember your rivals would be constantly looking to implement the latest trends to improve the user experience which could convert the visitors into leads and to a sale.

When the user comes to your website the experience they are going to feel in the first 15-20 seconds is very important. The design should be able to communicate the business goals very clearly, compel the audience to go thru the content and make an informed decision.

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