How to Fix WordPress Keeps Logging Out Problem

Fix WordPress Keeps Logging Out Problem

If you are using WordPress as the main platform for your website and you are being logged out often, then you should know that this error is more as a result of session timeout. Granted, that this can be frustrating, not to mention downright irritating especially if it occurs when you are trying to edit or save a post, but it has been known to happen for several reasons. What’s more, each time you try to login to the admin dashboard, your WordPress site automatically locks you out and it can be hard, to make the requisite changes so that you can gain access back to your WordPress website. As mentioned earlier, it can happen for several reasons, starting with external plugins to clearing caches and cookies; incidentally, you may want to restore your old version so that it works again correctly. Just follow the directions listed below and you should be fine and remember to do a complete backup before you try out any of the steps listed here, just in case. Soon, you should be able to resolve the issue and regain access to your admin dashboard without a hassle.

1. Deactivate plugins:
The first thing that you need to do is to deactivate your plugins; just use your FTP client and the credentials that your web host had provided you with. Login to your FTP account and access your root directory, you should see your root directory. Once you are in, you should be able to locate your plugins under wp-content folder and now, try to deactivate the whole plugin folder and see if it works. If the issue is resolved at your end, then the plugins were the cause of the same and all that’s left is to locate the rogue plugin and deactivate it permanently. Change the name of all the plugins that you are using at the moment, reload your website and then change it back. By trial and error, you should be able to locate the rogue plugin and all that’s left is for you to deactivate it permanently. This happens more often than you would think, especially in the case of external plugins which is why you need to check out any external plugins carefully before installing the same on your website. Additionally, you may also want to let your host and the plugin developer know about the issues that you were facing as a result of this plugin.

2. Clearing caches and cookies:
You may also want to clear your caches and cookies; and this is especially true if you are using a cache plugin on your website to help improve the performance of your website. If you do not clear your caches and cookies regularly, then chances are that your website could malfunction and could well lead to you getting logged out often. So make a point to clear all the cookies and caches and you should be fine.

3. Restore from previous backups:
This is a little tricky than most; if any of the above steps had not worked, then you may want to restore your website from an earlier back up, when your website was working just fine and you had complete access to the same. This is why you should always choose a web host who provides you with auto backups of your website so that you do not face this issue. All you would have to do is to restore your old version and that’s it. In case, you were a tad overwhelmed with the same, just remember that WordPress makes it quite easy to restore old versions and you should be able to do the same here without a hassle.

4. URL issue:
If the above listed steps do not exactly work, then the issue could well be a URL mismatch. Chances are that you have entered the wrong address in the WordPress address and then, the site address which is why you are facing the issue at the moment. What you need to do is to head back to your admin dashboard, and check out the address listed under settings. Both the addresses should match either with the ‘www’ or non www prefixes, and if they do not, then you need to get this fixed right away. If WordPress keeps logging you out before you are able to affect any changes, then read on.

5. Wp-config.php:
If you are not able to login to your admin dashboard because your site keeps logging you out, then you need to access your root directory and manually change/edit wp-config file to resolve this issue. Just head over to your wp-config file, you should be able to locate it with the other files such as wp-includes, wp-content etc. Once you have located the requisite file, you need to download it and save it on your system. Now, open the file with the help of notepad or any text editor program. Now, you may want to check the entire file or just add a couple of lines of code in the last line – basically you are defining your website, for both the WordPress and site address and listing them as the same with either the ‘www’ prefix or non www. Now, that you have carried out the edits, you would need to save the file back to your system and upload it back to your root directory using your FTP client. Try reloading your website and your error should be resolved right away.

These are some of the ways by which you can fix the “WordPress keeps logging me out” error; and as pointed out earlier, this error can happen for a lot of reasons. That’s why you need to trouble shoot the error and it can help you determine as to why this error is occurring so that you can take effective measures to ensure that it does not happen again. Even a simple address mismatch can result in you getting logged out often. The steps listed above do work and if you are still facing issues with logging in to your website, then perhaps it may be time to let your web host know about your issue so that they can help you resolve the same at the earliest.

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