Why Use WordPress As A Best CMS For Your Business Website

In today’s digital arena, WordPress CMS For business website are needed to connect the business to an extended number of audience. Remaining professional in this approach matters and what could serve the purpose better than WordPress as your CMS.

WordPress wins the race in a number of aspects if compared with other content management systems in the similar category.

The popularity of WordPress needs no mention. Right from the launch of the platform in the year 2003, this content management system has attracted the attention of developers across the globe. Here are the stats to support the fact.


  • WordPress is a dynamic platform, available for free and covers almost 59 % ofCMS market share, which sums up to 26% of all the websites.
  • The best of all the news is that 46 million downloads of WordPress.org have already been done since its release and the number is still growing.
  • 40 different translations of WordPress have been done to provide a familiar dashboard to the users in their own languages.


Let us offer you some more reasons on why WordPress serves as an ultimate CMS for the business websites.

Reason 1 – WordPress is free

We have a special place for the things that come for free right in the core of our heart. Everyone adores freebies and it gets valuable enough if a bunch of benefits is waiting to amaze you. This is the advantage with WordPress. You need not spend a single penny to get the registration.

All that is required is to set your own WordPress account by providing the necessary details. The ultimate WordPress features have the potential to take your business to the next level altogether.

Reason 2 – A series of free plugins and templates

Yes, you heard it right. WordPress has a whopping 29,000 (and still growing) of plugins among which some are available for free. You could use these free templates and plugins to enhance the looks of your websites and track important information.

Running a website is correlated with providing an exceptional user experience and there is no better way than utilizing the free plugins from WordPress to accomplish the task with utmost ease. From WordPress repository, you can download a series of plugins and templates suited to the websites.

Reason 3 – Search Engine Friendly

Developing your WordPress websites is not going to help the business until the platform has visibility over the web. Here comes the role of SEO or search engine optimization. Search engines love WordPress CMS For business website, thus providing them increased visibility.

The codes behind WordPress sites are easy and clean, thereby making it an effortless task for the search engines to read and index the web content. Additionally, the meta tags, descriptions and titles on the images, and the posts could be optimized with the specific keywords for better ranking.


Reason 4 – A customizable platform

WordPress customization has reached to a whole new level because of the availability of the plugins and templates. The easy to install plugins are just awesome to offer an enhanced browsing experience to the users. This counts for making any frequent visitor to potential business client.

Do keep in mind, internet surfers wish to experience something new and fascinating every time. This could only get possible if you have customized the platform to offer an exceptional experience for the users. With WordPress, customization is easy and effortless as well.

Reason 5 – A Secured Platform

The prospering technology has given a way to the unethical hacking practices but all thanks to WordPress, your business websites are secured. If compared with other similar platforms, WordPress is way better and a protected platform.

The powerful WordPress coding structure assures security against hacking. No website owner could afford to lose the credentials of the business websites that have been earned with so much difficulty. Thus, try using WordPress as your ultimate business websites.

Customization can also be done regarding the security of your WordPress websites.


Reason 6 – An open source platform

Being an open source platform, WordPress has been developed by talented professionals to come up with this great content management system and making it available for free to everyone. Technical geeks who hold expertise in PHP and MySQL coding could also manipulate the platform with ease for better solutions.

Additionally, WordPress in evolving and improving with the community support that it has in the form of various technical professionals joining the platform regularly. The best of all benefits is that it can be used by anyone and everyone.

With all the above-explained features, WordPress has a number of others too in the form of support and upgrades, an easy to use platform, and also becoming responsive with the use of certain themes. The platform saves time when it comes to designing business websites because of the availability of the secured features.

Hence, it is recommended to use WordPress as your business website if you are looking for a robust platform for developing the site.

Author Bio: Tom Hardy works and holds years of experience in utilizing WordPress websites for business platforms. He keeps sharing the robust features of the platform through engaging write-ups.

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