Important Reason Why is WordPress So Most Popular CMS Ever

When it comes to developing a website, whether you are looking to jump start your business or looking to set up an eCommerce portal or for that matter, a personal website, the fact is that you need a robust and strong platform to base it on.

And WordPress offers you such a platform with all the requisite tools, and themes to go with it.

Moreover, WordPress is quite popular on account of its CMS system, as it allows you to upload content to your website instantaneously.

There are quite a few reasons as to why WordPress continues to be popular so much so that some of the top companies in the world are opting for the same – do check out some of the reasons posted below, for your reference.

Open source and free: One of the reasons that WordPress is quite popular is on account of the fact that it is open source and free to use.

You can use WordPress and any of the free themes that it comes with and set up your website in a matter of minutes.

All you have to do is to download the latest version to your system, choose your free theme and you should be able to have your website set up in minutes.

What’s more, as it is in an open source, WordPress is constantly being developed and improved on all the time; and you can count on free updates as well.

In fact, since its inception, there have been 32 different versions, major tweaks and today, it remains the fastest growing CMS with over 500 million websites being published ‘each day’.

WordPress popular

Important Reason Why is WordPress So Most Popular CMS Ever

1. Easy to use:

One of the advantages that WordPress has over other platforms is that it is very easy to use; you can explore its CMS backend and you should be able to see for yourself as to how easy it is to upload textual and media content to your website, instantaneously.

But the real icing on the cake is that WordPress has more or less automated the process where in all that you have to do is to make your preferences clear and your website should be up and running in no time at all.

More to the point, you do not have to do any coding to tweak your WordPress website; all that you would require is some basic HTML know how and that should do the trick.

2. Advanced functionality:

The fact is that WordPress comes with advanced functionality and its adaptability is second to none; this sets it leagues ahead of others.

In fact, WordPress makes it possible for you to schedule your posts so that even if you were to go out of town, your blog posts would still be published on schedule.

Moreover, with WordPress, you can select from among the various themes and available templates and choose the ones that you need, along with the requisite functionality.

Moreover, this platform offers you a competitive edge over your rivals by providing you with various tools that you can utilize to streamline your various online marketing campaigns.

For example, you can install plugins on your WordPress site to provide you with detailed analytics and tweak your marketing campaign so that it is more effective, when it comes to targeting your key demographics and that’s just for starters.

3. Create any website:

It does not matter if you are looking to develop a leading management system on WordPress or looking to establish an online website for your food delivery business.

The fact is that WordPress is highly adaptable and comes with thousands of best WordPress themes, both premium and free that you can utilize to set up your website.

You can use plugins on your WordPress site to set up a booking page for your customers, and even integrate Google maps with your website so that your customers can track their orders in real time.

You can even setup a membership site and much more; when it comes to WordPress, there’s no cap on the sort of website you can develop, using WordPress as a platform to base it on.

4. SEO:

The good news is that WordPress makes it easy for you to optimize your website and in the process, can help your website rank better.

According to Google, WordPress is 99% SEO friendly and that means that the chances of your website ranking higher, as long as it is built on a WordPress platform actually go up.

In addition, you can install some of the SEO plugins on your website; with these plugins in place, you should be able to decrease the load time of each page, ensure that your content (text and visual) is optimized for SEO, and generate an XML sitemap with ease and in the process, help your users enjoy an enhanced user experience.

5. Customizing:

The one thing that you are bound to come across in most of the other platforms is that you are required to possess a certain amount of coding knowledge that enables you to customize and tweak your website.

The good news is that WordPress has more or less automated this process and while coding know how can help you get things done faster, it is not mandatory.

In other words, all you have to do for customizing your website is to copy the short codes, follow the directions to the letter and with it, you should be set.

These are some of the reasons as to why WordPress continues to remain highly popular among most users today, so much so that some of the top companies including CNN have migrated to a WordPress CMS system. Just remember that setting up your website on WordPress is no guarantee of traffic and that you would still have to slog it out.

You need to make sure that your content is fantastic and stands out for all the right reasons and this can help you net more traffic in the long run.

Just remember to use a lot of visual media as it can help attract more readers. There are a lot of platforms out there but none come close to WordPress and that happens to be a fact.

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