Latest Technologies in Web Development To Follow in 2023

Any web development company needs to make sure that it keeps up to date with the significant changes over the years. These days some websites work on mobile, and this creates even more changes.

Here’s a quick list of the newest developments in the field.

Web Development Technologies

1. Mobile-friendly websites :

mobile first
According to web development company Magicdust, functionality is extremely important. It shouldn’t be hard for users to find what they are searching for and the website design should steer them in an intuitive manner.

Scrolling is the best way to navigate via a mobile device and developers know that. One-page websites became a big trend since it caters to mobile users.

These websites don’t have multiple pages. So, it’s easier to know which information is available even via a handheld gadget. Some companies opt to have a one-page website exclusively for mobile users, while they have another website design for desktop users.

2. Progressive web apps :

Apps make mobile phone functions more convenient. Progressive web apps mimic this feel for mobile websites. This method of creating a mobile website is not efficient. It is also secure and more responsive.

Aside from having an app-like feel, some information is available even while you’re offline.

3. Push notifications :

Push Notifications
Now it’s possible to let visitors know if you have new content on your website even if they don’t sign up for a newsletter. Push notifications will become bigger because of this. This feature will drive traffic to websites as it provides updates without being intrusive.

4. Automated online customer support :

live support
Customer service will continue to play a crucial role in business success. However, automation can make this function easier for any business. When customer support is not available, the company can still help. This will allow customers to find answers even when a support agent is not available.

5. Google Accelerated Mobile Pages :

Accelerated Mobile Pages is not new. However, web developers will become keener on working with the Google AMP. The goal in doing this is to make mobile websites work efficiently and faster.

There are some downsides to this technology, though. The coding is harder, and there are some functionality restrictions, but the benefits are quite significant as average load times are about 0.7 seconds.

6. Motion IU :

Using motion user interface is the new trend that’s getting a lot of attention. This is similar to Google AMP in the sense that it requires more coding work. The interactive surface draws people. Hence, this will be a big success factor for any website.

Learning about the latest technology trends in the world of web development is crucial. Companies, small businesses and professionals can gain something from new web development technologies. While it’s worth checking out these technologies in web design, always put your goals first.

Don’t make drastic changes to your website because everyone does it. Consider your current website’s performance, your target market, and your goals.

From there, see if adding these features will be helpful. Knowing about web development technologies will help you find the right people for development projects.

To help you find the right person for the job, look into these factors to think about when choosing a web development professional.

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