Everything you need to know about Web Development

1. What is web development?
Broadly, web development is described as anything involved in the development of a website for the internet. It ranges from developing a simple page of plain text to more complicated internet applications for e-businesses or simply social networking.

More technically among the professionals, web development includes the writing markup and coding, basically all the non-designing branches of website development.

It also refers to content management system, or more commonly known as CMS. These CMS are like a bridge between the database and the user.

Moreover, CMS does not require you to have the technical knowledge to alter the website. You can find more about web development at Kamil Web Solutions development agency.

2. What is a web developer and what does it do?
A web developer is simply a person who builds a website according to a client’s needs. Different agencies like Kamil Web Solutions development agency has web developers whose job is to create custom codes and develop site layout, as well as features and functions of a webpage.

know about Web Development

The job of a web developer is divided mainly into 3 categories:

1.Database technology: this is what makes sure that the website runs smooth.
2.Server-side scripting: executed on a web server, this refers to the code that decides on the mechanics of how a website functions.
3.Client-side scripting: executed in a web browser, this refers to code that decides on the content that your customers or clients will see when they open your website.
The web developer is supposed to build a website from scratch. The skills above are required by a web developer in doing so. The main benefit of having to build a web page from scratch is that you have complete control over creating something original and therefore, have a better idea of client’s needs.

3. What to look for in a web developer?
Since the jobs of a web developer as mentioned above require the skills to be divided into 3 categories, the skills required for a compatible web developer will also be according to these 3 domains.

4. Database technologies
For a good web developer, a sound knowledge regarding the database technologies is the main requirement. This is because, for any website, a database is required to store files, images, codes and other data. For being well-equipped with the knowledge of database technology, following relational database management systems (RDBMS) are the most popular among web-based applications:
1. Oracle
2. MySQL
3. Apache
4. Microsoft SQL Server
6. MongoDB

5. Server-side languages
Using server-side language for scripting is like the backbone of building a website. For a web browser to function well, the end user’s computer must have enough storage. This is because the websites need to carry different images and files in a database on a web server.

This is where the server-side scripting plays a role. It is responsible for generating a structure for a database on the web server so that the communication between the web browser and the user’s computer is possible. The web developer comes up with a script on your website, therefore when somebody is using the website; the server shows the particular images or information as inquired by the user. Since the person using your website has no access to the source code or proprietary data, the server-side code becomes more protected.

Among the many, the following are the most popular server-side languages that a web developer should be well informed about:
1. Java
2. PHP
3. Python
4. C
6. Ruby

6. Client-side languages
The development of applications that are present in the browser of a user’s computer is what client-side scripting is all about. This includes storage of user’s data in the form of cookies, simple flash games, or any other type of social web applications. Moreover, it uses languages that are responsible for creating the overall look and the complete layout of a website.

The languages used for client-end scripting include:
2. CSS
3. JavaScript
4. JQuery
5. Flash
6. Microsoft Silverlight

7. Different types of web development firms
Broadly, the different types of web development firms include the ones that produce custom web application development, e-commerce capabilities, website design, and database development and integration. Mostly, however, a lot of web development firms will provide all of the services above altogether.

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