Effective Techniques to Promote Your Blog with Instagram Twitter and Facebook

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Every blogger intends to generate more traffic on his/her blog. There are plenty of ways to convince people to read the content that you have worked upon and shared. There are also many ways to attract individuals to your website. But creating an active community on social media is the easiest of all techniques to promote your blog.

When it comes to excellent sources of generating traffic online, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are inevitably present on that list. There are patterns to promote a website or blog and eventually each of the above options works differently for different parameters.

But the thing which is assured is that it works. Today the blogging community is turning towards social media handles for promotion and it is working out for them. In this article, we have covered effective sharing techniques to promote your blog with all three channels.

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Sharing on Facebook


For promoting blog posts you can make use of all available sharing options on Facebook i.e. on group pages, on your profile, and even through direct messages. You can include all the required details on the Facebook post thanks to its enhanced character limit.

But usually, it is recommended to write only as much as required. The first 480 characters will be seen by the customer on the timeline initially hence all the major content that can attract them must be included in it.

The best ROI on Facebook is generated from visually dynamic posts that include videos or pictures. Rather than just adding a link it will be more beneficial if you add a picture as it will help you in extending the social reach. Adding certain content on the post that encourages people to visit your website or to the least comment on your post as that will be beneficial.

Facebook is a dynamic page and hence is highly recommended by experts to posts at least once in your profile to maintain the pace of posting. Do not post just to promote yourself, as you can resort to posting useful content from other brands as well.

Manage your posts on the weekend and research the time of posting for your target audience as it plays a major role in displaying your post on the feed of the readers.

Tweeting on Twitter


When it comes to digital brand awareness Twitter is one of the most powerful tools. The world was introduced to the most trending concept of hashtags through Twitter.

Twitter has lifted the limitation of posting a message bounded to only 140 characters which was unsuitable for many during the initial phase.

This gives you the freedom to post but that doesn’t mean that you must post up to that limit even if it is not required. It is recommended to write short messages as most people prefer to read them.

To get the best engagement you must include pictures in your tweets. Including up to four hashtags for a better performance of tweets has also been recommended by experts.

Customers will find it convenient to search for your content when you have included the hashtags. Here also it is mandatory to research and discover the best time for posting depending upon your target audience techniques to promote your blog.

Posting on Instagram


We will not be wrong when we say that techniques to promote your blog Instagram is one of the most unique platforms available today because of its concept of engaging with all users through visual content. Visually stunning contents are received with pride by the Instagram users.

The good way to go for promotion will be snapshots from the blogs combined with some impeccable punch lines or quotes. A brief study suggests that including the most important message in the first 155 characters will enhance the post reach.

Mid-day time is usually the best time to post on Instagram. You can also choose to post after sufficient research on your clients’ activities on the platform. Instagram not only has a unique concept but it also offers multiple ways for posting content.

You can engage with the audience through live video, make your content appealing with a boomerang, shoot a story to only the close list friends, and similar others. It is also possible to post multiple pictures in a single post.


It is essential to cross-promote your content. Learn how to effectively promote the same content on different platforms at all most the same time. Sharing the same type of content will not do any good. Tailor your message according to audience expectations on each platform.

The critical metrics on the social media platform should be tracked constantly to achieve the desired results. It helps you in deciding the types of posts and the ROI generated from it. You can also work and modify your strategy for posts which are constantly failing to make its mark and improve the quality of content that is already reflecting results.

Sometimes you will have to decide the hard way and quit on a particular platform which is not bringing any results for you despite all your efforts and time but to know about such statistics the tracking of post reach is essential.

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