Squarespace vs WordPress – Which One is Better? (Pros and Cons)

Squarespace vs WordPress

Squarespace vs WordPress Which One is Better

There are several points to take into account when trying to evaluate and compare different content management platforms.

Below, we are going to make such kind of head to head Squarespace vs WordPress comparison to dig out their pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages as compared to each other, so that it will be easier for you to give your final vote to one of these platforms.

WordPress is one of the most powerful content management systems and it has already taken over the Internet with millions of active users and community members. But it is not the only option and website builders are not restricted to WordPress choice only.

Well, choosing the best platform for your future website is what actually matters in terms of reliability and precision, customer trust and valuable online brand building, present and future scalability and more.

To put it short, your reasonable choice of CMS can be a “pot of gold” for your website creation and customization efforts.

This being said, today we have decided to make Squarespace vs WordPress analysis and compare, as both are popular and frequently used platforms and many people are hard pressed to make their own way with one of them.

Of course, you can find a wealth of information on both web creation systems, but we have done our best to collect the most crucial points so that you can quickly tap into the true nature of Squarespace and WordPress (self hosted WordPress) and discover their pros and cons.

1. Squarespace vs WordPress: User Friendliness vs Diversity of Features:

user friendly
The number of WordPress fans and users is the best evidence of its user friendliness. This CMS is beginner or newbie friendly on the one hand, and developer or advanced user optimized, on the other, depending on the level of developing experience of the user.

WordPress is quite sophisticated and smart in the way it is mapping its users web creation and management journey with tons of features and functions, whether enabled by default or available with the help of addons or plugins.

And although everything is kept as simple and understandable as possible, there is still something to acquaint yourself with before you can delve into the true power of WordPress (terminology, shortcodes application, categories and tags, page and post differences, etc).

Anyway, it will not take you long to adapt to WordPress terminology and start building awesome business website or personal blog with it.

As for Squarespace, it lacks the feature rich nature WordPress offers and comes with limited choices. Due to this fact, it appears to be more intuitive and easier in usage than WordPress.

Even if you are non techy at all, you will be able to get yourself up with a modest website with images and video materials, customized texts and more without hiring developers or designers.

2. Squarespace vs WordPress : Pricing :

pricing change
When it comes to planning the creation of a website, sometimes pricing takes a decisive role. One of the reasons WordPress is so popular among users is its affordability.

Being a self hosted and open source content management system, WordPress comes bundled with thousands of free themes and plugins giving you ultimate possibilities to build and promote unique and premium quality websites.

The startup cost with free WordPress solutions will include only domain and hosting expenses, which can be really pocket friendly (even as little as $4-5 per month).

In order to use Squarespace, you need to have at least a personal plan available for $ 12 per month billed annually or $16 month to month to start creating nice looking, yet simple website.

Well, this is not the price to make people feel afraid of getting started with Squarespace, but the thing is that you are going to have only limited features at your disposal with this plan.

Summarizing, let’s state that if you are tied to a shoestring budget, it’s better to give your preference to WordPress which is cost conscious not only with its startup or initial web creation cost.

Future customization or technical support costs are no way bewildering, since there are many cheap WordPress developers to make your life with web coding and design much easier and pain free.

3. Squarespace vs WordPress: Design and Functional Capabilities:

advanced functionality
As already mentioned, WordPress is rich with themes and add on extensions, both free and paid. It means even the most capricious client will find the design he or she was looking for among the avalanche of WordPress offers.

Whether you have set your mind to building a simple yet user centric personal website, or want to breathe life into your creative ideas with exclusive design solutions, get your ecommerce or business website online and functioning well, WordPress is your best choice with endless options.

Choosing Squarespace templates is not going to be a never ending task for you since the number of available templates is very limited as compared to WordPress.

You are also incapable of extending their functionality if needed, as all that can be used is already built in with plugins and features. As for third party plugin customization, it will never be easier for an average user.

4. Squarespace vs WordPress: Ecommerce support:

If you are going to build an online store, you need to make sure the platform hosting your website fully supports Ecommerce.

WordPress is coded to function great with e commerce systems and platforms. Whether you want to craft an online selling platform and integrate different payment gateways, you can do that with WordPress plugins.

Numerous WordPress themes are specifically coded and designed to comply with online shopping and ecommerce websites with as many product categories and listings as needed.

On the contrary, Squarespace is not fully ecommerce ready and supports only Stripe as a payment method, which, of course, will limit the number of online shoppers of your site, as this payment gateway is used only in few countries.

There is also a limitation to the number of products you can add with Personal and Professional Plans Squarespace offers.

As you can see, the reasons to choose WordPress over Squarespace are quite many: better environment, freedom of choice, reliable community, a vast range of themes and plugin, more control over your site with both form and functionality, more emphasis on security and performance.

Finally, Squarespace can be used by those who want simple and testing level sites and who don’t care about effective web design or web content ownership. For more advanced sites and better client satisfaction, WordPress is highly recommended!

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