8 Key Ways to Prevent Website Content from Scraping In WordPress

Content generally comes in various forms like it can be an audio file, streaming videos, series or single still graphic etc. These contents are the primary as well as the most important aspect of the online marketing campaign. Contents help your website to increase the numbers of visitors and retentiveness.

Thus, it is the heart of your online business and is needed to be taken proper care. The first thing you should do is to put a safeguard to your content to prevent website content scraping. The troubles than you can face if your content is scrapped are that besides threatening your content it may steal the visitors from your website.

It can even drop your website’s SEO rankings and your business can suffer from the loss of revenue. So, taking complete care of it is necessary for your online business. Apart from stealing viewers, these scrapers put a lot of cache and disturbance to the data that leads it to analytical distortion.

Tips to prevent website content scraping

Content scraping means stealing unique content from a website and publishing it somewhere else illegally. The content scrapers scrape the contents by using automated tools; RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is the most common method of scraping an original content.

Keeping in mind all the disadvantages of content scraping in WordPress, you must take some initial and essential steps to prevent Website Content Scraping. Here are few pays that you can do to save your content-

Content scraping

1. Limiting the access of an article

Some of the website users allow full access of an entire article to pacify any detailed information to the society which is beneficial for the scrapers to steal the content stealthily. If the entire access of an article is allowed the scrapers to follow the whole article.

So that they can highlight it as quality content in their page and reduces the SEO rankings of the original site. If the website holder limits the usage of an article to a single or few paragraphs rather than the whole, the chances of getting pirated will decrease at a larger rate.

2. By using a CAPTCHA

CAPTCHA is the abbreviation of Completely Automated Public Turing to tell Computers and Humans Apart. With the help of the CAPTCHA, you can easily control the pirating by blocking the suspicion bot areas, for example, a button of Email presented on the communication form.

Make Use of CAPTCHA

The method of using CAPTCHA can be annoying but it very useful to save your web content. A number of CAPTCHA plugins are accessible for WordPress, including Google CAPTCHA, Blue CAPTCHA, Math CAPTCHA etc. Thus, using this method can prevent Website Content Scraping.

3. Monetization method to protect Content

This is another great way to save your web content from getting scraped and theft. By this method, the contents are made unappealing to the content scrapers.

For instance, if an article is packed with affiliate codes, site-specific link etc monetized items, repeatedly points to the creator of the content. This type of article is unattractive towards the scrapers and they ignore it.

4. Blocking familiar scrapers

As it is always said prevention is better than cure, you can use the same technique in this case. One popular way to prevent Website content scraping is to investigate the common scrapers through their IP address and block them for advance security.

The process of IP blocking is a bit difficult and if you do not have such knowledge you need the assistance of the experts. The best you can do is to install an IP blocking WordPress plugin to do the task.

5. Change the HTML frequently

The scrapers who depend on the HTML margins to steal the contents of your website can get annoyed if you simply change the HTML coding of your website by adding new elements.

In this process, you need to take care of the updates and caching of the sites. Changing The HTML frequently can irritate the scrapers and make them lose interest in your articles.

6. Process of registrations and logins

If you want to try out a process that is equally easy and worthy then give a chance to the registration and login security system. It has been working as a popular method to keep away pirates from your contents.

design admin login page

With this process, you can get rid of the troubles that come with the advancement of the scrapers. All you need to do is requiring a basic login and registration for accessing the content from the viewers. This security can hamper the evil motive of the pirates and they will lose interest from your content.

7. Proof of the copyright

Claiming copyright is the easiest and most suitable way to prevent website content scraping. For this, you need to ask for the authorship of your content. This simple trick assists the website holders to identify each and every content for license and copyright with stamp and digital signature.

This process works like wonder and it even put a legal notice to support your website and prevent website content scraping.

8. Using the Webmaster tool

This is another great process that you can use to claim the copyright of your content. To access it, you simply need to create a Google account and after that, you can verify the ownership of your website along with its content in Webmaster tool. This tool is specially designed for the bloggers by Google to save their articles from spamming.


These days the realm of online business has gathered a huge response and the initial aspect to run these websites are the original and excellent contents. Your chief task to save your business is to provide a shield over your contents so that they cannot be used in a wrong perspective.

The readers would be glad to know that the methods discussed above are most of them free of cost while the others run at a negotiable amount.

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