What You Should Know About Installing a Glossary Plugin

Every website owner should constantly look for ways to upgrade their page. While readers tend to get used to some things and are not always for the changes, improvements that enrich their experience should be one of your priorities.

If your website is built on the WordPress content management system, you have a plethora of different available plugins, and these additions can certainly add more flair to the website.

Of course, a lot depends on the type of website you have. At the same time, some plugins can enhance most sites.

For instance, one can build complex glossaries in minutes on a WordPress site. If you have not had a chance to consider the advantages of installing a glossary plugin, continue reading this article.

The Definition

Glossaries can be defined as mini dictionaries of words, acronyms, and other technical terms that readers encounter in the text.

installing a Glossary plugin

There are multiple glossary plugins available on the official WP market as well as third-party sites. When you are picking one for yourself, make sure to read reviews or even ask for recommendations from people that you know and trust.

Create a Better Reader Experience

Your website will not have an audience if the people who visit it are not satisfied with what they find. Naturally, a page should be on the path of constant improvement.

Given how many similar sites are likely out there, it is inevitable that you, as a developer or content creator, need to be on your toes all the time.

Glossaries are great particularly when there is an article with technical terms that may be difficult to comprehend for an average person. Say you have an FAQ page, and your product or services are pretty complicated.

You still want to provide information to the customers in a simple manner, but there will be times when using industry jargon is inevitable.

So when someone sees the word they do not understand using a dictionary or another source of information is the only option.

However, installing a glossary plugin will eliminate the need to waste time searching for the definition. You can simply click on the word or hover over it (it depends on the settings of the user as well as the plugin) and find out what it means.

Even if such a thing may seem trivial, it adds up and makes the audience appreciate the thought that went into making sure that they have the best possible experience while visiting the website.

Stand Out From the Competition

man with hand
Expecting to be the only one with a glossary plugin in the industry would be a bit of a stretch. Most brands realize how valuable such a simple thing could be, especially in the long run.

So can you stand out from the competition with just a glossary plugin? Not if you use the default version. What you can do to stand out is to customize the articles and boost their quality with various glossaries.

The possibilities can be pretty much limitless if you are using a plugin with a lot of features. It might be possible to even use a few different plugins at the same time, but you will need to test out different variations to make sure that they are not hindering one another.

Of course, the goal could be not to stand out from the competition but to focus entirely on making the best possible website for the visitors. If that is the case, competition could become a source of inspiration.

You can always spend a bit of your time browsing other websites and seeing what they have done with glossary plugins. Also, do not copy them completely since what works for them might not work for you.

Take the time to test different variations. The most important thing is to end up with the result that makes the biggest number of people happy. And that includes you.

Raise Brand Awareness

If you have plans to become a sustainable business site, do not underestimate how every little bit helps. And this certainly includes glossary plugins.

People who visit the site may find that the time they spend there reading through articles is one of the best experiences that they have ever had. From there, they could start mentioning what they saw to others.

Positive word of mouth can create a snowball effect and bring you even more visitors. The more people know about your brand from a positive point of view, the higher your chances of creating a successful venture that will last for years.


To sum it all up, this article should give you a general idea of why it is necessary to install a glossary plugin on your website.

So when you are launching a WordPress website, be sure to think where to include a glossary and other plugins as they will improve the website by quite a bit.

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