How to Choose the Host for Your WooCommerce Website

WooCommerce is for selling items and services. In particular, it makes doing these things reasonable and available. You can move advanced and physical products, oversee stock and sending, take secure installments, and sort charges consequently.

You keep 100% authority over the entirety of your information, there’s help for cell phones, and the possibility to scale your destinations is boundless.

WooCommerce is by a long shot the best structured and most famous eCommerce module for WordPress. Truth be told, it’s presently the most famous eCommerce arrangement over all sites, fueling 42%, and tallying, of every single online store.

Another vital angle to recollect in this context is all the work that goes into the administration of a WooCommerce store.

Notwithstanding store organization, the common outstanding burden of a WooCommerce storekeeper likewise incorporates dealing with the server that has the store.

Now the question arises what does your WooCommerce Store Need?

To answer this question, there are very basic steps and procedures were needed for a WooCommerce store. Say for example, how much space a disk requires for store needs? Then how many domain names to manage?

Or what necessary services need for a WooCommerce store? These are such type of question arises while having a WooCommerce store.

How to Choose the Host for Your WooCommerce Website

So to have a solution to these questions let’s go ahead with some basal requirements for a palmy WooCommerce store.

a) Disk space :

We all know that normally any device takes 0.1 MB disk space for the storage of a single image or can take some amount of MB to store video or audio or any file. On the contrary eCommerce store generally, take 1 GB of space in a disk to store data.

As you go on adding any content or data it will take space likewise. Disk space is the least expensive asset to include and many facilitating suppliers do offer satisfactory circle space to satisfy every one of your necessities.

b) Monthly Bandwidth :

Many storekeepers are not by any stretch of the imagination beyond any doubt how much transfer speed they require. A basic standard guideline is to utilize site visits as a proportion of the transfer speed necessities.

A normal site page is around 0.1MB and in this way a month to month online visit check of 50,000 means a data transmission prerequisite of 5GB.

Data transfer capacity isn’t modest and regularly the heft of the facilitating receipt includes the transmission capacity costs. In any case, as the store ends up well known, the traffic increments and you should put resources into more transfer speed.

c) The database :


Database lies at the core of any WooCommerce store. While all hosts give the database, it is vital to check the adaptation of the database to guarantee similarity with the introduced WooCommerce and other module variants.

Types of Web Hosting for WooCommerce Store:

There are in all four types of Web Hosting for WooCommerce store, they are;

a) VPS Hosting :

VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server (VPS) facilitating works like devoted facilitating, with the exception of the server is virtual. This setup offers greater adaptability as far as asset designation and in general execution of the store.

b) Dedicated Hosting :

Dedicated Hosting

The whole server is dedicated to your WooCommerce store. You get the chance to pick the server assets including preparing power, RAM, disk space, and data transfer capacity.

This is perfect for any store in light of the fact that the store approaches all the server assets it needs. The issue with dedicated hosting is the (extremely) high sticker price and the necessity for specialized learning.

Since you will fund the whole server, you should pay the maximum for the equipment and establishment.

c) Cloud Hosting :

cloud hosting

Cloud Hosting offers a virtual server that depends on a conveyed facilitating framework. This offers massive potential outcomes as far as accessibility of server assets and adaptability of activities of the store. Cloud Hosting offers every one of the advantages of committed and VPS Hosting arrangements.

d) Shared Hosting :

share hosting

As the name suggests, Shared Hosting arrangements “share” server assets among all the facilitated sites and stores.

Many specialists see these facilitating plans as a decent beginning stage on the grounds that the storekeepers just need to concentrate on the business and need not to stress over the host your WooCommerce website.

Important Considerations in host your WooCommerce website:

Since you have a reasonable thought of the nuts and bolts of a perfect hosting answer for a WooCommerce store, I will currently set out the essential property of a topnotch Hosting arrangement.

a) Scalability :

Many storekeepers think Scalability as something somewhat far into what’s to come. In any case, the arrangement should be sufficiently adaptable to develop as the store develops.

All things considered, the arrangement ought to have Scalability worked in as changing hosting mid-season is an immense problem that few storekeepers are eager to persevere.

b) SSL Certificates :

SSL Certificates

SSL certificate has become an important factor for any WooCommerce store. As Google has declared that non-SSL enabled websites as Not bonded. Hence yearly renewal of SSL certificates for any WooCommerce store has become mandatory.

c) 24/7 Support :

Regardless of everything being equal, things will turn out badly with your WooCommerce store. In such circumstances, the help given by the hosting supplier will decide if you will keep on profiting from your store.

In a perfect world, the help should be accessible all day, every day and notwithstanding amid the occasions. Truth be told, the Holiday Season is the point at which you will require the help the most as you can’t bear to give issues a chance to convert into store downtime.

The help channels ought to incorporate Live Chat, email and a ticketing framework that enables you to monitor the issue goals process.

d) Active Backups :

Many hosting suppliers have a backup arrangement that is a mix of computerized procedures and manual backup choices. At the point when debacle strikes, backups are the main manner by which storekeepers could limit downtime.

Keep in mind that on account of unmanaged hosting arrangements you are in charge of setting up and keeping up normal backup. This is another motivation behind why many storekeepers pick oversaw WooCommerce hosting arrangements in light of the implicit backup forms.

Conclusion :
There are people with less knowledge in terms of technical aspects or people with technical knowledge but less time or no time to manage the servers. This blog clears your scenario related to host your WooCommerce website.

This option is immaculate for the WooCommerce website while choosing the host for your site. It is just a matter of preference of the store owners regarding right hosting solutions for WooCommerce stores.

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