Guest Posting: One SEO Tip to Elevate Your Online Presence

The Internet is full of different kinds of information. Not all of it is reliable, of course; but it is nevertheless there, taking up space.

If you have plans of sharing valuable ideas via blogging, then you have to learn how to rise above all this noise and get noticed by your target market.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is one good way to make sure that you get read by your audience. Through this process, you employ different techniques that make it possible for search engines to index your pages and rank them well on their search results. You can learn more about SEO here.

Search engines such as Google look at different factors in assessing the value and practicality of each page. One of the factors that Google looks at is a page’s authoritativeness. A page has high authority when other reliable websites are linking to it, indicating that the content is of high quality.

guest posting

Now, as an author, you can wait for other pages to cite your content or you can be more proactive and start doing guest posts. If this sounds like something that you would do, read on for a couple of tips on how to maximize the potential of guest posting.

guest posting

Focus on your expertise, don’t try to be someone you’re not

When you post anything, you have to make sure that it brings value to anyone who reads it. Don’t write just to fill a page. You write because you have a great idea to share. You write because there is the intent to inform, help, assist, or simply entertain.

Now, for you to really achieve those goals, you need to know what you are talking about. This is basic. Hence, when you write a guest post, make sure that it is within your area of expertise. This way, you won’t sound forced and scripted. You can explain concepts in much simpler ways.

Of course, this also means that the blogs and sites where you post your guest posting article must be those that talk about topics that relate to your website. An architect can’t post a dentistry page, right? In the same way, cooking tips can never have a place in a site for car reviews.

Make sure that the sites that you partner with are reliable

Aside from making sure that your placement site is about a relevant topic, you also have to be certain that it is a reliable and high-traffic website. One guest post on a reputable site is a lot better than having multiple links on 10 obscure and highly dubious pages.

How do you know that a site is okay? First, try to contact the admin using the number posted on their About page. If it’s difficult to contact them, then you should think twice. You should also take a look at their existing content.

Are they pieces that you would also want to be posted on your own blog or website? If no, then you shouldn’t even think about partnering with them.

Guest posting is a good way to distribute your links. Aside from following the style specifications of the site that you partner with, it’s also important to follow the tips shared here so that you can get the most out of this effort.

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