Top 6 Tips To Find Guest Bloggers For WordPress Website!

If you have a WordPress website with a blogging section, then searching for other authors and bloggers to write for your website has its own benefits. The best advantage for finding the top-rated guest bloggers for WordPress is that they bring along free publicity, backlinks, and subscribers.

But if you are still estimating the tips and tricks to find a reliable writer, then you have landed on the best page with sure-shot advice.

Tips To Find Guest Bloggers For WordPress Website

1. Know You Community & Tap Into The Writer’s World Accordingly

Firstly, get to know everything about your general traffic. Know what kind of blog has received super likes, shares, comments, and most bookmarks recently. Then decipher the demographics of your traffic carefully using the WordPress inbuilt analysis.

When you know what kind of people are searching your WordPress website, then you can target them more efficiently by using the guest bloggers for WordPress in that area or field.

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For example, if you are getting more traffic from France, Italy, Croatia, etc., and that too are belonging to the younger age, then it’s quite easy to say you need to know why is that happening and what can be further done about it.

Is it because you are targeting that market specifically, or is there any other reason behind that? Once you gather the pool about your website’s community and traffic, you can increase their attention and engagement on your website accordingly.

In other words, finding guest writers will be easier once you know what kind of content you need and who you think can provide it. It will save your time online and help in utilising the available resource better.

2. Follow Other WordPress Bloggers Regularly

When you are in a dire need to catch guest bloggers for WordPress attention and vice versa, browse WordPress for top-rated as well as the amateur bloggers. While doing so, it gives you a sneak peek into the world of bloggers, instead of simply running a business online.

Once, you follow a few bloggers regularly, watch their timings when they are most active. See and discover what kind of content they upload and what is their frequency to do so.

Next, you need to calculate their rate of engagement. We all know blogging is a tough gamble to play, especially for an organic engagement at the initial stages.

But, once you short-list a few candidates who meet your criteria for writing a blog or a website content for your page, then you can begin to contact them by being their subscriber and getting into their mailing list.

Or else you can opt for dropping a proposal at their email IDs which usually prominent bloggers never hesitate to provide. This is because bloggers are always looking for relentless collaborations with other website owners and bloggers.

3. Post Your Ads On The Website Officially

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When you think you can hire guest bloggers for WordPress regularly and need them on a commission or pro-rata basis, do not hesitate to post the advertisement on your website, if you are getting substantial traffic already.

You never know, but those who are following your website might be interested in writing content for you and still have not found a way to propose the idea to your executive team.

By officially announcing that on your website, you will give writers and respected authors available in the market an equal opportunity to work for you as and when the need arises.

4. Collaborations With Others WordPress Website Owners/Bloggers

The most useful way to get guest authors for your website is when you offer them the same. For that, you need to find authors or writers on WordPress by searching topics or blogs related to your website.

You must drop a mail to the writer—the one you feel writes the best engaging content for your audience and readers.
And in return, you can offer your caliber and expertise in the area where you have the knowledge to write effortlessly for that writer.

After drafting an excellent, engaging, and clear-cut email, you must wait for a day or a week, depending upon the popularity of the author. Usually, authors are very generous and try to get back to you within 24-48 hours.

If someone likes your proposal, they will surely love to collaborate with you, one of the reasons being that they also get acquainted with your website traffic.

5. Follow Blogger Communities On Social Media Platforms

The smartest and the quickest way of finding the appropriate guest bloggers for your WordPress site is to join different blogger/blogging communities on numerous social media platforms.

People often leave their phone numbers, email ID, and other contact information for faster response and quicker collaborations. And this will be a lifelong commitment.

Instead of just a one-time gig, you can find genuine writers with an industrial background as well. These writers will always love to grow an audience for both of you.

Then whenever you need a writer to boost your sales and traffic engagement on your WordPress site, you will not feel lost or overwhelmed with the increasing need to post something original and unique by a guest author.

In fact, when you are an active member of these groups, you will get ample opportunities to know beginner, intermediate, as well as advanced level bloggers who are willing to write for a website owner, just for increasing their own reader base.

6. Make Your Website Worth Writing About

If you think from a writer’s point of view, he/she will want to collaborate only if your website design is:
– Responsive
– Free of errors
– Easy to access
– Is dynamic and not static
– Has a good amount of traffic
– Safe & secure to use and browse
– Has a bunch of free inbound links already
– Is not new and has a lot of experience already

The points of having a perfect WordPress website are many. The ones mentioned above catch attention faster by a writer. Simply put, if a writer knows that your website is safe, secure, responsive, and engaging, he/she will accept your proposal for guest blogging pretty easily.

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