How To Fix ‘Missing A Temporary Folder’ Error in WordPress

Missing A Temporary Folder

The user experience and efforts of website development can be disrupted due to multiple issues. The ‘Missing a Temporary Folder’ issue is one of them and amongst the most frustrating one. Just like other issues, there is also a fix for this one.

When this error occurs the user or the admin will not be unable to upload any specific file in WordPress. This means that your operations of installing plugins, themes, and uploading any images will be stopped.

This is a serious issue but it can be fixed by modifying a few files in your server. In this short read, we have covered to resolve this issue. Let us first understand more about this error.

Understanding the Error

This is a one of its kind error which includes plenty of PHP settings, multiple server-sided folder permissions, and functions. Hence, to explain ‘Missing a temporary folder error or issues to anyone is a complex process in itself.

Putting it into simple words it can be said that this error occurs when the ‘temp’ folder is missing. It can be accidentally deleted by you from the server or the deletion could be due to server malfunction. The hosting server sets the folder permission and it can also be caused by that.

Any file that you upload to WordPress is first stored in a temporary location before placing it in the appropriate position. This location is located on the website’s server. Any theme or plugin that you want to install will be first stored in the temp folder. After it is stored there the system will create a new appropriate location for the same and moves it there.

Now due to any condition when this location goes missing it disturbs the regular process and stops the operations.

Fixing the Error

It is essential to edit the core WordPress file to fix this error. This can be only done by login to your website server. Backing up important files before executing this task is highly recommended. If you have already set up an automatic backup then you are good to go.

Step 1: Login to Server

For logging in to the server there are two ways that you can rely upon. You can choose either an FTP client app or use the cPanel for the web hosting services. We have used the cPanel for the purpose of the demonstration here. When using an FTP client app the process remains the same.

At the end of your website’s URL, type /cpanel to login to your server.  For example,

In the next step enter the correct credentials for username and password. The credentials are provided to you by your hosting server. In case you do not remember it you can check the welcome email. In the welcome email during the signup, you will find the details.

Step 2: Locate the configuration file

Open the file manager application once you have successfully logged into the CPanel. In the manager look for the public.html folder and navigate into it. In this location, you will discover the wp-config.php file. All the configurations of the WordPress system are handled by this core file.

Now, choose edit after right-clicking on the wp-config.php file. Now paste the following code line before the code where the core editing is stopped. It will be mentioned clearly in the file.

define(‘WP_TEMP_DIR’,dirname(_FILE_). ‘/wp-content/temp/’);

To save changes click on the SAVE button and the code will be saved. By doing this the temp location will be defined for WordPress. This will help the system to find it easily.

Step 3: Create the Folder

In the last step once again navigate to the public.html. Open the WP-Content. Here create a new folder and rename it ‘temp’.

These three simple steps will fix the “Missing a Temporary Folder” error. Upload any file on the affected website to check if the problem is resolved.

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