How to Use Emojis to Boost Your WordPress SEO

In the journey of ranking tactics, experts are utilizing emojis to boost SEO. Should you be bothered about it when you are working on the rankings of your website?

In this exclusive read, we will cover all the factors related to the same for your proper understanding. This will help you in understanding if it is relevant for you to join the trend or not.

Understanding Emojis

Emoticons which are popularly known as Emojis are used to express emotions or ideas in the form of digital icons. This helps in enhancing communications in a unique manner.

The basic idea of them is in the yellow color but they do come in various other colors as well. Almost all the devices and platforms today recognize these icons.

In the initial years after the launch, they were used majorly by teenagers. The marketing world didn’t adapt to using it to its advantage until 2014.

In the upcoming years, technology giants used their platforms to update or re-launch their use by enabling it to appear in search engine results.

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In a social media-driven world emoticons are impacting the search queries with posts and tweets. This indirectly endorses its importance and attracts users to your results with its use.

The other major consideration is that it plays a vital role in building SERP snippets. This enables increased click-through rates as a result of the use of emoticons.

Utilizing Emojis in Meta descriptions and titles

It is a well-known practice in the process of utilizing emojis to boost SEO by including them in meta-descriptions and titles.

Its use is also heavily dependent on the content management system that the admin is using. We have focused this entire read for its use on the WordPress platform.

Creating custom descriptions and titles with an out-of-the-box approach is not possible in WordPress. Hence, it is essential to have a plugin that can help you in including emoticons in the meta tags.

There are considerable options on the WP directory but only a few can add it page-by-page.

The other thing to consider is that just the right plugin is not sufficient enough to add them. It is essential to have the HTML code for the emoji to ensure that it is included in the meta code.

Directly using them will result in their disappearance after you save the text. Therefore, the HTML code is the most recommended method for it.

Good and acclaimed plugins will help you in knowing the actual results of the SERP. It will help you in attaining a better understanding of whether the code is copied correctly or not.

Advantages of using Emojis to Boost SEO

There are critical advantages of using emoticons in your content. We have analyzed and compiled them here.

Enhanced Click-through rates

The CTR of your website is improvised by the use of emoticons. Your website will stand out in the search result query when you use them and it also attracts users. Hence, the flow of organic traffic increases and you achieve incredible CTR growth.

Local Promotion

Emoticons can contribute to the promotion of local stores and shops near you. Using the proper emoticon can help you in getting the right customers. For any service that you offer like food, real-estate, home-stay, etc.

You can always target the local customers through it. When you decide to include them in your snippets it ensures that your website is easily found.

Trust building

It is a psychological phenomenon that when you use Emoticons it helps in building a credible and reliable brand for the customers. You connect with the customers through a similar digital communication medium that they prefer to use.

Hence, this gets a permanent place in their subconscious. If they are happy with the service that you offer, then they will definitely return for it.

Relevancy in Search Queries

When you use Emojis to boost SEO it will help in displaying your website to the users who are genuine. Search engines that are based on notion ensure those emojis embedded sites are displayed where relevant. This means

Your website content will be displayed to the users when they use emoticons to search for services like yours.
When you have a particular content that is driven by the channelized use of emoticons then it will be displayed to the users searching for the same.

Improvised User-Experience

The crucial factor that helps search engines in deterring the quality of any website is its UX or User Experience. Your website will be highly ranked if the search algorithm generates data that your website is most liked by the audience.

The compatibility of the mobile version plays an important role here. The UX is not limited to fast loading time, but it also requires better navigation and interface. So what is the role of emojis here?

Improvised User Experience

With the application of emojis, users can use small codes and get faster results

The UX of your site is bound to be enhanced because the users are using the same language codes. Hence, the rankings will improve and you will also end up making customers happy.


It is essential to know about the disadvantages of using Emojis before you proceed to use them. This will help you in being aware of the worst situations.

  • One cannot use Emojis to boost SEO for every type of brand. Do not try to force them into your content if you are catering to a serious industry. Sometimes depending upon your sector you can end up being unprofessional. And this is bad for the brand image of your firm.
  • Every device does not feature the emojis in a similar manner. If by chance they do not display correctly on the target audience’s device then you are in trouble. You can lose a potential customer forever.
  • All groups of people are not fascinated by their use. Some find it interesting while others consider it offensive. Hence, explore the taste of your target audience before using it.
  • You will feature yourself as desperate in the digital space if you end up overusing it.

Entering Emojis in the WordPress plugin

  • The primary step will be to visit as it has a lot of emojis in various categories.
  • Find a suitable emoji and as you find one click on the same. Then search and copy the Hexadecimal HTML entity from the table. You can also copy the Decimal HTML entity as it will also do the job for you.
  • Paste the code in the plugin where you have already modified your snippet or meta tags and then save changes
  • This will successfully add the emoji without any trouble

Note: Depending upon the plugin used it will be possible to preview the content before saving the changes. This helps you in avoiding errors related to copy and paste.

Contribution of Emojis to boost SEO is a subtle concept in the digital space. It can help you gain higher rankings, better UX, and organic traffic.

But, the fact is that it does not have a direct impact on the search engine rankings. Keywords still play a major role when it comes to rankings.

Emojis or emoticons are more about uniqueness and appearance. In addition to adding value to your content, it will keep you a step ahead of the competitors.

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