Reasons Why Your Domains and WordPress Should Be Kept Separate

At first sight, the question of whether your domains and WordPress should be kept separate or keeping them together is a better practice for handling both depends on whether this or that option makes you feel more comfortable.

Besides, it seems to be a natural pairing and they are likely to go together like bread and butter.

However, if we go deeper into the current situation presiding over the digital world, we’ll dig out several justified reasons proving that domains and WordPress should be kept separate.

The truth is that many hosting providers grant their users convenient user interfaces and tempting domain registration plans together with hosting.

So, it may seem reasonable for lots of WordPress owners to save their money on purchasing both domain and hosting from the same provider at a lower price and not take a spin for better offers.

But if you need our advice, we stand up for keeping them separate instead of purchasing your domain and connecting it to your WordPress web hosting.

In this article, we are going to shed light on the most valid reasons why domains and WordPress should be kept separate in any case, no matter what kind of website, hosting, or domain you are going to use.

Domains and WordPress

You are free to switch your host whenever needed

If you have your domain and WordPress registered with the same provider, chances are high that you will face additional obstacles on your way to moving your host which can affect your domain.

And the reasons for leaving one hosting and finding a new one for your WordPress website, believe us, can knock on your door from time to time.

From frequent downtimes to poor technical support, the reasons are many.

Apart from that, in most cases, providers offer a free domain if you agree to purchase their hosting for a certain period in advance.

It means that if you feel the necessity of changing your host during that timeframe, you are not going to be refunded for the prepayment you made.

Redundant expenses

The next reason why your domains and WordPress should be kept separate has to do with the unreasonable expenditures you might have if you choose to keep them together. The seemingly favorable offers by registrars and providers can turn out to be a source of excessive costs in the future. While you may be provided with even a free 1-year plan, they require recklessly high costs for the upcoming years.

Additionally, as we have already discussed, there is no guarantee that you will get your money back if you choose to switch your host in the middle of the year for which you have already paid.

Keeping balance

There are several trusted hosting companies with seasoned staff and experience of many years in the digital arena. And there are top-rated hosting providers which are unbeatably good in what they are doing.

Additionally, some top-rated WordPress or web hosting companies provide you with better file management, and some domain registrars with advanced DNS Settings, better privacy, and other security means.

Hence, you can combine better file management with security while analyzing the current marketplace for available domains and hostings so that you can find a perfect unity of this pair.

Painless exit plan and better technical support

One of the main reasons to avoid combining domains and hosting under the same roof is a better exit plan and technical support you’ll have if your website domain and hosting are kept separate. Whenever you find yourself in an awful situation when something goes wrong with your WordPress website and you think it’s something connected to your server, naturally, you are going to turn to your hosting provider.

And if things go even worse and you find it expedient to move your hosting, the hosting provider may be shrewd enough to keep your domain as a redemption. Hence, in all cases, your domains and WordPress should be kept separate to have better chances to “smooth” possible issues.


Domain registrars are regulated at least to some extent. The thing is that they are supervised by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers or ICANN and are subject to its operational policy. It is directed at ensuring stable and safe regulation of the global network.

All in all, by having your domain registered by an ICANN-accredited registrar while keeping your hosting separate, you can let ICANN have your site’s backup whenever required without losing your domain.
In addition to that, let us stress another important part. Changing your domain registrars will be much easier if you have not combined the domain with hosting under the same service.

As for the web hosting providers, they have full control over the site they host. They can even use specific restrictions and limitations to manage what you are authorized to do and what not. Hence, taking your domain away from your hosting provider and keeping it well-protected and easy to move is a better idea than sharing it.


Taking care of having separate domains and hosting is one of the wisest security measures to undertake. There is nothing more terrifying than having your site transformed or wiped out by “uninvited guests”. Hence, securing your WordPress site from hackers and unexpected penetrations is a top priority irrespective of the value or nature of the site.

If you venture to keep your WordPress domain together with your host, be sure that you are providing potential hackers with better working conditions to achieve their goals with less time and effort spent. The path to the overall control over your site, hosting, and domain will be shorter and easier to pass with fewer steps.

Better performance and stability

Finally, your domains and WordPress should be kept separate, because this strategy reduces the downtime your website viewers may experience if your site has some error. Having your domain registered separately will let you redirect your domain to the maintenance mode page or the backup site kept somewhere else.

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