WordPress Error Fix: “Call To Undefined Function Get_Header()”

Are you getting Call to undefined function error while accessing? Do you need help? If yes, then you should read this blog. In this, we have discussed every detail that you need to know before fixing this error and steps to fix them.
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What Is A Call To Undefined Function Error?

It is a fatal error which increases day by day that target themes directly. They receive a URL to your theme directory. Well, there are a numbers of ways to get this information. Let me explain you with an example. Most themes include JavaScript files, CSS, and link of URL.

The bad bots send a request to a popular theme file as index.php or header.php. With this, requesting files outsource security susceptibilities, which is a major attack. This also triggers Call to Undefined function error. The best part is you can fix it easily.

In other words, you can say when a user request to header.php file, any important function as exc_url () are not available, because it is outside the WordPress. Or this is happening because Wordpress core is not loaded, loading the template files.

This may happen because of bad bots and depending on your theme, how it is coded. This may be because of bad actions or executing the code out of context.

Call to undefined function

Does Your Site Under Attack?

First, you will need to check whether your site is targeted or not. To check this error see error logs. For example: Got error”PHP message: PHP Fatal Error: uncaught error: Call to undefined function

get_header() htttps://sktthemes.org/wp-content/themes/digwp/index.php: 1’ Stack trace: #0 {main} thrown in htttps://sktthemes.org/wp-content/digwp/index.php on line 1’

If your site is getting this type of error, this means your site is targeted or attacked by bad bots. You can see many types of these errors. In the example, you can see index.php, 404.php, and header.php. After research and getting reviews from sources, lots of people see this kind of error in WordPress files instead of example.

See this: /archive.php
..Various theme template files
..Various files in the WP media library

Fundamentally, the direct access from WordPress core, plugin or a file triggers an error. To solve this query we have shared the methods to solve call to undefined function error to the better overall security of your theme.

What’s The Issue?

– If you are trying to log-in to your WordPress account.
– If you have updated the WordPress.
– If you are getting this message; is_network_admin() error message or “Fatal error undefined function is_network_admin()”

How To Fix Call To Undefined Function Fatal Error
To fix this issue you have multiple ways. Here we will talk about the best techniques that may help you without trouble.

One of the beats and easiest ways to overcome this type of error is, exit the script if WordPress is not available. It is an efficient and well-known technique to fix the issue.

In other words, if ABSPATH constant is not definite, exit the script. The ABSPATH works when WordPress is loaded. When bad bots come and request a theme template, it gives a blank page.

For example: <? Php if (! defined (‘ABSPATH’) exit ;?>
You have seen such code during WordPress sessions. It is vital to protect direct script access to PHP security. After all, you do not need bots/attackers on site.

So, to exit from the script you will need to follow the given way.

First open any theme file, which is targeted. Now, include the given line at the top of the file.

When you get no access or exit from the script you will see the given code:

<? Php if (! defined (‘ABSPATH’) exit ; get_header(); ?>

If you want to format the code, it is normal.


To move on further, you can protect vital files by restricting the directory views. Let us consider an example: when you visit the parent directory via browser, you will directory views are enabled. If it is, you will get a linked list of files, which is not good.

Either you see a blank screen or maybe some other messages. You will need to keep your file secure and safe.
To restrict the directory views, you will need to create the first empty file index.php file, whichever you want to disable.

To disallow the code do this:
<!–?php // Silence is golden.</p>
<p>WordPress uses this technique for a long time to prevent hackers/boaters. You should try this if any trouble you are getting while accessing WordPress.</p>

The Final Verdict
As you can see, we have shared a simple yet effective way to prevent pages from attackers/hackers. In this technique you will not need an expert, if you are not able to do so then add a suitable plugin for better security. With this, you will get better performance, protect plugin files, and direct access. Good Luck!

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