The Reasons & Benefits of Attending a WordCamp

Have you ever wanted to attend WordCamp? Perhaps yes or no, but you are here because you won’t know what WordCamp is and what are the benefits of attending a WordCamp? We have talked so many people who have attended WordCamp and they said it was amazing experience.

Thus, we are also excited to share our experience with you all guys about WordCamp benefits that will surely excite you to join this exciting trip too. In this blog, we have covered everything as benefits of WordCamp, activities to do in WordCamp, and many more.

So, let us join the WordCamp and feel the new vibe.


What is WordCamp?

WordPress is a widespread term in the online industry. This made easy to wrap your website under one roof and you can handle everything with ease such as publishing content, creating landing pages, maintaining the site and many more.

WordPress is a huge company therefore for all their users they organized WordCamp, a get together for all their users who use WordPress.

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There is nothing better to attend WordCamp. It is not an official get together but it also a big party to meet with new people, sharing your ideas, attending workshops, making friends, and more.

Furthermore, it is much perfect to share your work with active people. Well, there are few guidelines that every member needs to follow while attending WordCamp, led by the WordPress Foundation.  The First WordCamp was introduced in 2006 in San Francisco.

In this WordCamp, only WordPress users attend this meet and this includes categories like bloggers, developers, authors, SEO’s, Organizations, entrepreneurs and more. This meet generally focuses on developing WordPress, issues related to WordPress and blogging, social media promotions, etc.

Well, the WordCamp is not too expensive, but when it comes to knowledge this is expensive and valuable. The major countries received 700+ people each year that better your experience.

What To Expect in WordCamp

There are numbers of WordCamp organize every year in which some are awesome that pop every year. Each party is different due to the location, purposes, budget, party, and more. The major events held in America, Europe, and the UK. Even more small countries are also activated.

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Each WordCamp lasts for 2-3 days where each member has to buy a ticket. Don’t worry ticket is available at an affordable price at $25.

When you are confirmed as a member to join WordCamp, the organizer will share the complete details on what you will expect in WordCamp this year.

Reasons and Benefits of Attending a WordCamp

The thing which makes WordPress stand out aside just because of its large community. This includes the numbers of expert teams in different areas such as website developers, bloggers, authors, publishers, SEO, and more. They are pretty best in their field and you will find amazing after seeing their backgrounds.

If you are the new member of WordPress and wanted to attend the party this year so, you will be excited to see its benefits.

Let us dive into the benefits of attending a WordCamp

1. Spend Your Days At Low Cost

Obviously, you get excited after knowing about the party and when you have the chance to enjoy yourself with friends at a low cost for a couple of days, you feel overwhelmed. And nothing is best than WordCamp. All you have to pay $20-$25 for a day and enjoy the good meal, music, new people, workshops and more.

The exciting thing about this party is you will get a proper meal at dinner, lunch, breakfast along with snacks. Moreover, you will get a Custom T-shirt to wear. All this becomes possible due to the contributions of sponsors and individuals. The cost also goes down depending on the location.

2. Meet New People

meet the people

Due to the large community of WordPress, you will get chances to meet some big names and expertise of WordPress under one roof. There you can talk and share your thoughts. Moreover, you can make new friends. If you are thinking you are just starting, then don’t hesitate to join this. You will find yourself under great conversations.

Pro-tip- you have to prepare yourself for each question if anyone asked you about WordPress and also your personal or professional life.

If you are a little bit shy or feeling uncomfortable so do not worry, you can find your place where you can enjoy your company.

3. Learn New

learn new

The greatest benefit of attending a WordCamp is you will get some great knowledge from the experts. Most people come in WordCamp in the hope of meeting, sharing and learning about WordPress more so they could do much better with their business.

For you, it can be worthwhile if you meet and attend workshops there. We assure you we will get some best knowledge out of this. Not only this, but you will also get to know about some great plugins that can offer you a variety of benefits as in creating and developing your site in different ways.

4. Grow Your Spread

If you want to grow your business, relationships, and contacts, then WordCamp is the perfect opportunity to accomplish your goals. When you have the power to speak in front of expertise, obviously you get a chance to make your points that further expand your career growth.

If you are not comfortable to speak with them, you have several chances to show your skills. Keep in mind one thing, when you are going for this meet take your business cards with you. Who knows you will get a chance to do work with some best?

5. Unforgettable Experience

WordCamp is a true source of fun, entertainment, a profitable journey, and a way to accomplish your dreams. In this place, it doesn’t matter who you are, where are you from, what are your skills, etc. If you are a member of this community, you are cordially invited to attend this camp and feel the power of being an expert.

Closing Thoughts

If you are planning to attend WordCamp then you are doing the right decision. We have shared benefits of attending a WordCamp just because to make you sure you are moving to the right path of your career.

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