WordPress Plugins Suitable for Every Blogger and Writer – Based Website

Currently the Internet and the worldwide web generally are no longer something of unbelievable for the people at large.

They are not only totally accessible and easily exercisable at present, but also are much more of necessity to be practiced as a dynamic tool for education, work, entertainment, commerce or whatever it is.

Under such valuable digital conditions, perfect environment is created for all bloggers and writers to reveal their full potential and beneficially communicate with the target groups of readers via web pages.

The modern and dynamic WordPress community has paid special attention to the best WordPress themes and plugins especially practical for blogging and self – published author – related websites to deservedly face all the challenges and impressively contribute to its reputation management and further advancement online.

WordPress plugins bloggers writer

Keeping this in mind, we have done our best to provide you with the most flexible and user – friendly WordPress plugins for blogger and writers – based websites, which incorporate a truly powerful toolbox of all the essential features and controls any writer will ever need to deal with his online publications in the most professional way.

1. Just Writing:

Just Writing WordPress plugin

In order to run a precise and comfortable writing platform, which will be fast performing and devoid of any drawback or distraction, you will need the plugin called Just Writing.

This easy to install and utilize product comes integrated with great functionality to keep focused just on writing, as well as edit it, check the spelling or change the paragraph style in the easiest and the most professional manner.

As well as the most required features to remove the fade effect, hide the word count or editor mode bar, to localize the toolbar on the screen center, add Preview button, change the order of the button list and finally, the possibility to add DFW link to the pages and posts.

2. SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant:

sem rush seo writing assistant

SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant is the next top – rated WordPress plugin suitable for every blogger and writer – based websites, which also shares premium- quality features and provides every author or blogger with exceptional WordPress performance.

Stylized and established to meet all the high demands and requirements, this plugin lets you categorize your target audience to register to your online presence and have access to the writing and management of your articles.

SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant is extremely user – driven and simple in utilization, so that your users will not be faced with anything insuperable even with little WordPress and programming knowledge.

3. Content Writer:

content writer

Content Writer has repeatedly been checked and established as one of the most feasible and profitable tools which can be fully mastered in the hand of every writer or author within the whole process of any WordPress – powered website content display and management.

This awesome WordPress plugins for blogger and writer is loaded with lots of intuitive and smart features to boost your writing productivity when your find yourself overwhelmed needing some professional assistance to go on with your publications.

Thus, Content Writer will readily handle with your content and display alternative word suggestions for you to use whenever you are paused, will highlight the needed words and their forms, will discover the writing tone and give further instructions about it and not only.

4. Publish to Schedule:

Publish to Schedule WordPress plugin

Powered to generate simplicity and super performance in relation to any author and writer – based and WordPress supported website, Publish to Schedule is a well – structured and professionally developed written content scheduling technique, which can be well – optimized for the establishment of any writing or blogging – centric online platform and initiating active engagement with the readers.

With this plugin all you need to do is to provide your website with well – written and high – quality content, as well as set your priorities when and how many posts to publish, the rest will do the plugin, scheduling all the relevant posts for further publication.

5. Custom Post Types and Custom Fields creator:

custom post types and custom field creator

Technologically cutting – edge design combined with perfect and flexible functionality is what makes Custom Post Types and Custom Fields creator another top –rated and entirely resourceful WordPress plugin suitable for every blogger and writer – based websites.

All the features of lightweight nature and user – friendliness have been minutely taken care of by the relevant specialist to result in a handy product at any writer’s disposal to display current and target word counts for the ongoing works and update them whenever it is required. Moreover, you can work at diverse writing projects at the same time and have their drafts to be published.

6. Content Views – Post Grid & List for WordPress:

content views

In case you want to ensure the operation of right to left language mode in your website easily and effectively, Content Views – Post Grid & List for WordPress modern and highly dependable plugin is out there with its sophisticated structure and writer – optimized nature.

This plugin is especially suitable for those writers and publishers, who write in different languages with both the usual left to right, as well as right to left writing directions and want to have them present in the same posts or pages.

7. WP Spell Check:

wp spell check

A reliable and truly unique content creation tool will considerably facilitate some blogger’s and publisher’s works in certain cases. Fortunately, there is WP Spell Check in the marketplace as a practical and immensely versatile automatic article generator to save your time and effort.

All that is required from you is to specify the subject in some words, the total length of the expected article and let this plugin take care of the rest. As for the uniqueness and accuracy of the content, it is guaranteed, as for the timeframe, it will take only some seconds or minutes to complete the work.

8. TinyMCE Advanced:

TinyMCE Advanced WordPress plugin

Well –structured and cleverly – developed, readily intuitive and smart in performance, TinyMCE Advanced plugin features lots of features and controls to extend TinyMCE full – featured web editor possibilities, to add and remove buttons to be showcased in the editor toolbar, customize the button rows with font sizes, text and background colors and many more.

15 diverse WordPress plugins for blogger and writer for TinyMCE are integrated within this highly popular and credible plugin with more than a million active installs, and those plugins can be enabled or disabled when you choose this or that button.

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