How to Add eBook Downloads and PDF Downloads in WordPress?

Adding WordPress ebook or WordPress PDF downloads functionality to your site is a perfect way to add different contents and documents to your website and serve the needs of your audience.

It can be the manual or guidance, ebook or another downloadable document for which people have come to your site.

Hence, whether you offer your own publications or written materials, services and products which need additional documentation for exploitation, having downloadable documents on your website or WordPress ebook downloads can be one of the primary necessities. You can pack the most frequently asked or searched content in PDF format and keep it at the center of attention. As for the ebooks, your potential readers will for sure appreciate the opportunity to download your ebooks and read them.

While WordPress CMS and its templates are highly practical and functionally advanced by default, in order to be able to upload your PDF or ebook materials and offer it to your clients should be done with the management of posts and pages, or the engagement of the relevant third party plugins.

In this article, we are going to shed light on the process of how to add WordPress ebook and PDF downloads in your WordPress powered website and sell your ebooks or contribute to your email subscriptions.

As we have already mentioned above, one of the primary ways to make your PDFs or ebooks ready for download is via the theme posts and pages. The first step in the process is adding relevant files to your media library and creating download links for them added to posts or pages. The sequence of steps is as follows:

  • Click Posts>Add New (from the navigation menu)
  • Click Add Media Button to bring media uploader layout.
  • Choose the target PDF or ebook file from the computer and drag it to the upload area.


After the upload, you will be able to see the thumbnail preview of your PDF file or ebook which format is PDF. With the help of the right sided column, you can add caption, description and other details of your file. Once you are done with these steps, click Insert into post button and that’s it.

The next valuable method of adding WordPress PDF downloads to your site is via plugins. There are tons of available plugins in the WordPress library, both free and premium. It’s up to you to review their features and add the requested ones to your site. However, we have selected dome of the most practical and easy ones for your consideration.

As compared with the manual insertion and management of files to make them accessible for your website visitors, adding relevant plugins can be more clutter free and will provide you with more features to control the procedure.

WordPress Plugins for Adding PDF downloads in WordPress

1. WordPress Download Manager:

One of the comprehensive solutions when it comes to having WordPress PDF downloads for your site is called WordPress Download Manager. It’s a well thought out PDF and Image, as well as ecommerce management system with extended functionality and capacity. Simply upload this plugin to /wp-content/plugins/ directory and activate it for further controls.

It will grant you with drag and drop file controls, Google Drive and DropBox support for storing file in any of them, password and captcha protection, as well as the possibility to control the audience who will be able to download files from your site. This plugin is available both in free and premium versions.

2. PDF Embedder:

The next reasonable technique to be applied for WordPress PDF downloads is PDF Embedder. It gives you ultimate control over how your PFD files are generated and downloaded by the website visitors. It is one of the simplest ways to upload and make PDFs and ebooks downloadable after passing certain resizing for large files, whenever necessary. This wonderful plugin is also thoroughly customizable.

It means that you can play with the shape and visualization of the embeds of your digital profile while going to Settings-PDF Embedder from the admin dashboard. You are free to change the width and height, resize, customize the toolbar, etc.

The premium version of this product ( is also ultimately mobile friendly and mobile optimized resulting in a positive mobile user experience when downloading or viewing your files.

3. Simple File Downloader:

In case you are looking for amazingly lightweight and clutter free file uploading and downloading management system for your ebook or another site, Simple File Downloader will be ideal for you. It’s a completely free way of adding downloading functionality to your posts and pages while adding Add Download Button after the plugin is activated.

With this plugin you are going to embed downloadable files manually via [media-downloader] shortcode to any post or page or custom post type. While the capacity of this extension is about as much as the default functionality of any WordPress template offers you, it is quicker and more responsive whenever your website user clicks on the link to download. By the application of this plugin, your website viewers or ebook readers will be able to download a file of any format for free.

4. Easy Media Download:

Easy Media Download is one more option for WordPress PDF and ebook downloads to work seamlessly with your WordPress authored website. With more than 10.000 successful installs and satisfied users, this template is offered entirely for free while being inherently flexible and simple in application. Offer free PDF and other digital products download to your target audience while putting too little efforts in making your files available for downloading.

It comes with easy installation and activation processes and enables you to add download button in a post or page. You can start immediately from your admin dashboard, go to Plugins and Add new while searching for this plugin and installing it. Or you can download the zip version of it, continue in the same direction /Plugins-Add new/, switch to the upload tab and install it.

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