8 PDF Viewer WordPress Plugins to View PDF and eBooks Easily on Websites

PDF Viewer WordPress Plugins

A search – based list of the complete PDF Viewer WordPress plugins for PDF integration to your e-book and other related websites.

Compact and capacious, PDF files are considered as irreplaceable working tools that always seem to be in an effort to keep pace with the contemporary fast – moving and highly exigent workload.

Hence, depending on your specific online profile and its suggested services or products, having a PDF viewing system in the most suitable way and without any external subjection can be compulsory.

Since by default WordPress – powered websites are devoid of the potential of generating those files in posts and pages and merely provide links to be opened in a new window, in most cases it results in the PDF viewer website visitor leaving your online area and not coming back after.

Under such circumstances, PDF Viewer WordPress plugins come to the fore as perfect solutions letting you embed your specific files and e-books in PDF format into your posts and pages in the simplest fashion.

PDF Viewer WordPress Plugins

DearFlip – WordPress 3D Flipbook, PDF Flipbook

dear flip

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DearFlip – WordPress 3D Flipbook, PDF Flipbook for PDF insertion in your website with the exclusion of Flash plugin and operating on JavaScript.

This practical and time – checked plug has already managed to be installed by thousands of individual and corporate users and for now is proudly declared to be entirely flexible, easy to use and activate.

All that is required from any web admin even without any programming skills is to acquire the plugin, activate it through the WordPress – powered menu and adjust the settings.

Further, the specific shortcode needs to be inserted into the target page or post. For the most part, it is one of the easiest applicable ways of letting your PDF documents of any content circulate around your website.

3D FlipBook

3d flipbook

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3D FlipBook – PDF Flipbook Viewer, Flipbook Image Gallery plugin is another presentable and optimized way to host your e-books, files, magazines, brochures.

Manuals or whatever it is in PDF format in your website posts and pages in order to keep your website visitors around your digital area rather than send them over and make leave your space.

Principally, if you need precise accuracy and usability of self – contained PDF files to compress large bulk of your information relating to your online business, company, portfolio items, services, products, online store or whatever it is.

So that your potential clients can get that information without any technical errors happening during their presence in your web pages, this PDF viewer WordPress plugin seems to be wonderful for your objectives.

PDF.js Viewer


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If you feel the necessity of adding PDF viewer to your WordPress – hosted site, here is one more dynamic and error – free, user and admin – driven and conceptually well – thought out plugin at your fingertips to allow your viewers enjoy their PDF viewing experience.

And get the most of the PDF document or e-book appearance in a sophisticated and crystal – clear interface.

This amazing plugin is bundled with a wide array of optimal features, among them nice – looking and original gray theme, lots of customization buttons, advanced zoom and search settings available, multilingual – ready nature and much more.

Embed PDF Viewer

Embed PDF Viewer

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Embed PDF Viewer is free, yet premium – quality PDF insertion system for any kind of WordPress – authored website. Where viewing a nicely – formatted and visually neat PDF e-book , catalogue, brochure, booklet or any other document across your web content is principal for you.

Then this plugin can be an ultimate solution for you to upload your files to the WordPress media library, copy the attachment URL into the body of your post and that’s it.

You’re done with one of the awe – inspiring ways of gaining your customer satisfaction. With this plugin the embed parameters are subject to customization in case of need.

Algori PDF Viewer

algori pdf

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Algori PDF Viewer is another highly versatile and premium – class PDF viewer WordPress plugin at your full disposal to make your Algori PDF Viewer – related files and publication easily available for viewing in your website.

No more coding hassle with this amazing product to install and run, which means that every single individual can intuitively follow step by step guidance to a perfect PDF visualization for his website readers and visitors.

To put it short, all your relevant publications will appear in your posts and pages, thus, considerably contributing to your user – engagement and website view rankings.



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FlowPaper Lite is free available and totally smart PDF viewer plugin for each and any WordPress site that will make the whole process of adding PDF documents and books in your website quite easy.

By the flawless application of this plugin you will be capable of inserting any kind of PDF – formatted files, e-books, journals, periodicals, catalogs, manuals, guidances, specifications, handbooks, directories, textbooks or e-books into your web presence.

By and large, this version of the plugin is also browser and device compliant and supports documents that are up to 15 megabytes.

PDF.js Viewer

PDF.js Viewer

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Another highly popular and energetic, simply to follow and use, lightweight while totally functional PDF viewer WordPress plugin with more than 20.000 installations is PDF.js Viewer that generates pseudo embed furtherance for your PDF files and books.

Find this useful plugin from the relevant repository and go live with your PDF documents by the application of Google Docs Viewer embed code. With Embed PDF it will be possible to manipulate specific title, id, height and width as well.

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PDF viewer for Elementor

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The last PDF – friendly and WordPress website compatible plugin that celebrates stunning performance with the simplified installation and activation processes is called PDF viewer for Elementor.

With its updated version of WP Booklet 2 in order to create and publicize flip books, magazines, e-books, dissertations, papers, scientific or other documents in a matter of minutes.

The plugin comes integrated with some essential options, including PDF and bulk image upload opportunities, page thumbnails, mobile and device support, page popups, etc.

It also has been coded with the responsive design in the developer’s mind, so that any PDF – formatted document can be easily and precisely viewed with any mobile, tablet or other portable devices.

In this 21st century, the potential of any business is measured by their presence in the online market. It is one of the most important ways to expose your business and maximize your profits by reaching millions and millions of customers.

So to make your business come into the online market, you must an interactive website with the display of your offerings to the customer.

This interactive website can be easily built by tools and software available on the market. Since this is an era where businesses have to display a lot of information online, they should use the best tools available to display the information in a clear and concise manner.

Since almost all of the documents are shown in the PDF format, it’s imperative that you use the best PDF viewer WordPress plugins.

When it comes to running a successful business, you have to make sure that everything’s perfect. Since the advent of the digital era, it is crucial for your business to have a strong digital presence. Now creating a website is easy, but having an amazing one needs some thought.

You have to make sure that not only your website looks good, but also is loaded with best plugins so that the users have top of the line experience. It is fairly easy to show loads of attractive pictures on the website, but without a good content management system, it can all lead to a waste.

If the users are unable to view the documents present on your website, or they encounter a lot of trouble accessing it, then the whole usefulness of the website suffers.

Plugins are very important for a website, and if your website lacks a good PDF Viewer WordPress Plugin then you are have already positioned yourself in an unfavorable place.

No one likes to visit a website where they cannot view a document easily. People fail to realize that this is one such place where they can actually impress their audience. A good PDF Viewer WordPress Plugins projects a strong image for your website and makes sure that your viewers have the best possible experience.

One of the major advantages of using PDF viewer WordPress plugin is that you can now easily embed all information, which you want to show to your audience, in PDF format into your pages and even posts.

Now, this is a great help considering WordPress powered website do not provide flexibility of in-website file view.

This is why it is important that you use a good and trustworthy PDF Viewer WordPress Plugin. Not only a good PDF viewer plugin makes sure that all the documents can be easily accessed by the users but also ensures that the users have a great time reading the document too.

Good plugins present the information present in the PDF files in an aesthetically pleasing manner, which appeals to a broad range of users. This, in turn, can potentially help you get better business, or help you sell your products easily to the customers.

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