Reasons Why Blogging is for You and How to Determine – 4 Blogging Secret

Many people see blogging as a great way to make a living doing something they love – and they would be correct. However, it can often be difficult to know where to start. For example, what should you write about, how often should you post, and importantly, how can you build up an audience?

While it is important to think of these things, stressing about starting a blog is counterproductive. In the end, you just need to start writing, and as such, here are four reasons why blogging is for you.

4 Reasons Why Blogging is for You and How to Determine

1) Self-Development:

Here’s a little secret to blogging – it works best when you develop your voice. For example, I make thousands every month by simply writing about my journey to live a healthy life – both physically and financially.

This is the best way to run a blog as it allows you to develop your voice in a way that is genuine and resonates with your audience. As such, writing about your journey of self-development is critical.

By the way, you are not reinventing the wheel here either. Instead, you are telling your story in your voice – what better way is there to start blogging?

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2) You Can Make Money:

Let’s face it, just about everyone is working two jobs these days. If you need to hold down a side gig, then why not make it something you love doing? Who knows, your blog might become so profitable that you can quit your day job and run your blog full-time.

However, this means that you need to start writing if you want to make money. As mentioned, pick a theme that follows your journey, and then keep writing. Don’t get discouraged as it might be difficult to find your audience in the beginning. Instead, stick with it and before long you will find opportunities to turn your blogging into cash.

When it comes to making money from blogging, remember to be realistic – especially at first. Think of it as a slow burn as you might make nothing more than an extra $10 or $20 in the first months. However, as you stick with it you will see that your income will grow, and this can lead to extra money for your family or even a whole new career.

3) The People You Meet:

You don’t need to be the life of the party; but if you like to write, then your blog might be a great way for you to meet people. Over time these relationships might help, you to develop a community of like-minded people and this could help you to extend the reach of your blog further than you ever thought it would go.

By the way, meeting people through your blog isn’t just about having a few articles; in fact, you will want to pick a hosting option that will allow for the greatest flexibility when keeping your site up to date. For this reason, many bloggers are choosing a WordPress hosting option in the first place or making the decision to upgrade the current hosting plan as it is easy to maintain and there are several options to customize the design.

The beauty is that you don’t need to start with a massive fan base. While it doesn’t hurt to have one, part of what makes blogging so compelling is that you can develop a following over time and this can help you to cultivate new and exciting relationships. Who knows, some of these new relationships might be financially rewarding as well.

4) It’s Your Turn to Give Back:

Running a blog requires commitment, passion, and drive(this goes for the people who host your blog as well) and can lead to opportunities to give back – either by sharing your knowledge and experience with others or by using your blog as a platform for advocacy.

It doesn’t matter if your blog is about art or social justice, this is your megaphone to the world and as such, it is up to you to decide how to use it. If you are up to it, then giving back is the way to go.

If you are not sure where to start, then start small by highlighting certain members of your community or using your blog as an avenue to raise awareness for issues you believe in. From there you will find that the doors will open as it is often better to give than it is to get.

Final Thought – Is Blogging for You?

Ultimately, this is a question only you can answer but as you can see there are several reasons for you to consider. Not only can blogging help you to document (and share) your journey of self-discovery but you can also turn this into an opportunity to make money and to meet people. From there, you might even have the chance to give something back and while this might not change the world, it could make your corner of the world a bit brighter.

Still on the fence? Well, don’t be. Start blogging and see how it can change your life.

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