9 Two and Three Column Responsive WordPress Themes for Column Based Websites

Since column–based websites are very popular at present with their productive content management chances, in this article we have picked out the best two and three column responsive WordPress themes, which will speak to the favor of any modern and creative website building and development, irrespective of its type, nature, size or content to be displayed.

With the emergence of the universal need to make any digital product more comprehensive and informative, multi-column layout designs broke their way into existence along with grid systems, which had been available for a very long time.

There are lots of functional and aesthetic advantages one can enjoy from two-three–column based structures, especially when dealing with multimedia and interactive content.

Instead of utilizing a full-width horizontal content area, all the website information can be precisely showcased with the help of multi–column content arrangement to be more attractive and focus–effective, as well as easier to read and digest. And this is not the whole pack of privileges one can benefit from.

Three Column Responsive WordPress Themes

Best Two and Three Column Responsive WordPress Themes

SKT Magazine Pro (3 column):

magazine WordPress theme

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SKT Magazine Pro is a top–rated multipurpose product loaded with 3 column grid system, so that the content of the website established on this template will be easier to perceive for the visitors.

This premium quality, yet cost–conscious theme comes with interactive and bright design and graphical solutions, highly versatile and dynamic structure and truly responsive and mobile friendly template, which is a primary concern in the current digital world for all the web presences, since the website column – centric arrangement must adapt itself to present a pixel perfect mobile version.

Character (3 column):

personal WordPress theme

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By the application of highly recommended Character of 3 column – based appearance every single website owner or administrator will have all the chances at his disposal to ensure the website’s harmonic and presentable design, which will also be appreciated by any website visitor.

Truly elegant and modern, dynamic and creative, extremely resourceful and resilient, smart and stable, highly user and developer–friendly, as well as easily customizable, this responsive template will guarantee your website’s three-column–based smooth and sleek navigation.

SKT Beach (2 column):

Beach and Resort

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SKT Beach is another convenient multimedia content posting and controlling tool in our list of the most productive and truly powerful two and three column responsive WordPress themes.

It generates all the favorable conditions for every person with or without any programming knowledge to take full control over his website’s online presence and break his relevant content into 2 possible column areas.

This reliable theme has also been designed to meet all the requirements any responsive theme should share so that the website will be able to keep all its elegance and eye–catching appearance balanced with exceptional performance and usability as well.

SKT Trust (2 column):

SKT Trust

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If you are looking for a truly modern and functionally saturated do-it-yourself website builder framework, which apart from its all-inclusive and highly sophisticated template, will be also very easy to use and understand, here is SKT Trust with its 2 column – based layout arrangement and control.

All the details and touches of immensely intuitive and responsive design have been taken care of so that when crafting a website based on SKT Trust, a mobile version of it will be stunningly generated without any defects and will provide the website visitors and readers with truly positive and presentable mobile and tablet user experience.

Exceptiona (2 column):


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Simplicity and lightweight performance, total adaptability and flexibility, professionally designed and worked out overall foundation personalized with 2 column – centric website layout disposition for the creation of multipurpose and multimedia–rich content.

This truly exceptional and convenient, extensively smart and professional, 100 % responsive and cross mobile compatible, HTML5 and CSS3 based and WordPress powered template is power–packed with all the essential theme options and features to integrate all the needed functionality and advanced performance to the website.

Nuptials (2 column):


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The next expressively dynamic and practical sample, deserving of its special place in our list of two and three column responsive WordPress themes is the product called Nuptials.

The shorter lines of the columns will for sure be more perceptible and visually precise for the content reader, providing them not only with the perfect look and feel of the website desktop version but also with flawless mobile version appearance and excellent visualization.

Religious (2 column):


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Multipurpose and multiuse, wonderfully readable and perceptible, polished and pliable, tech–savvy and dependable, Religious can transfer any web presence into a dominant and impressively popular digital medium.

This fast-loading, readily flexible, and responsible WordPress–powered website builder comes integrated with tons of customization and management options to keep the online profile of any individual or company always up to date and expressively structured with the help of 2 column layout design suggestions.

SKT Lens Pro (3 column):

responsive portfolio WordPress theme

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SKT Lens Pro with its safe and sound, flexible and intuitive, totally responsive, and mobile version optimized framework will help every single person of almost any experience and professional level to personalize his website according to all his objectives.

This perspective and dynamic template is built up with 3 column – based layout arrangement, which will fit any mobile and device screen size, thus showcasing great functional and design stability in all cases.

SKT Full Width Pro (3 column):

Full Wide WordPress theme

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Finally, we came to SKT Full Width Pro armed with –a structured and compactly organized three column responsive WordPress themes layout system to provide a stable and reliable operational framework for multipurpose usages catering to any individual or business undertaking.

Since this highly practical and far-famed product has been minutely worked out to be a truly modern and supportive template, satisfying all the needs of the current worldwide web, the optimized mobile view will be browsed for all mobile and device users.

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