Trending WordPress Themes With Latest Designs

To stay ahead in the competition with your business website and offer a unique customer experience, you must be adding value to your website in every aspect.

The themes are one of such website-building elements that you need to focus on to make sure your website has a very impressive appearance.

Now, to go with the ongoing trend, you can opt for trending WordPress themes that add better value and charm to your website. So, do you want to explore some trendy themes? Here are some for you.

Thus, when it comes to decorating and constructing your website as per the trend, you must be paying special attention to the theme you are picking.

The above-mentioned trending WordPress themes are highly suitable for various purposes and you can choose them to add value to your website appearance and functionalities.

Best Trending WordPress Themes

Trending WordPress Themes

1. Adventure

adventure WordPress theme

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When it comes to starting a website, focusing on an adventure is never out of trend. At the same time, the theme you are using for your adventure website also needs to be trendy enough.

Thus, the Adventure is one of the most creative Trending WordPress themes that you must opt for to create a very attractive-looking website.

Here are plenty of features that this theme offers.

  • This theme is very simple to use and edit from its backend area.
  • It comes as a social media-friendly theme that is encoded with 600+ icons
  • This theme is WooCommerce compatible that you can use for online selling
  • This one is even compatible with the events calendar plugin
  • The changes you make to this theme appears in real-time

2. SKT Handyman Pro

Handyman WordPress theme

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The SKT Handyman Pro is another trendy theme that you can use to create a very cool website. This theme is very easy to manage. One of the best traits of this theme is, it comes as Gutenberg compatible.

With this translation-ready and multilingual theme, you can even opt for creating a global website. Hence, it is important to know some of its features before opting for this theme.

Have a look

  • The framework of this theme is very easy to understand
  • This theme looks good and works properly on all devices as it is highly responsive
  • With this theme, you can have a very nice slider on your home page area as it includes animation and timing control
  • There are 650+ Google fonts that are loaded in this theme
  • There are also 900+ icon packs included in this theme

3. Maintenance Services Pro

Maintenance Services WordPress theme

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The Maintenance Services Pro is one of the multitasking trending WordPress themes that you can choose for your home services, electrical appliances, plumbing, and remodeling, and other such service providing sites.

This theme is undoubtedly very easy to use, which makes it easier to tackle even for beginners. This theme is designed with a very elegant appearance and prepared to be a highly responsive one.

Here are the multiple features it offers.

  • You can design the header section quite aesthetically
  • There are many standard pages like search, archives, 404 categories, and many others
  • 100+ inbuilt shortcodes make it easier to add the functionalities to it
  • One can design the inner page with various layout variations
  • Goes compatible with the WooCommerce plugin

4. SKT Spa

skt spa

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If you are looking for a theme that will go compatible with the booking plugins for your spa services, then this one is just the perfect choice for you. This theme makes it easier for you to book appointments and get paid online.

You can customize this theme easily to make it suit the style you want. It is an appealing theme that includes a nice-looking homepage with animated CSS3. Moreover, it supports the screen resolution of a variety of devices.

Here are the multiple features this theme offers.

  • It is very easy to use for the novice users
  • It comes with a complete website solution
  • This HTML based theme looks very modern
  • There are 4 types of page templates
  • Also, it includes 4 types of blog posts and a single post layout

5. FilmMaker

Film Maker WordPress theme

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The SKT FilmMaker is a translation-ready trendy theme that includes a stellar video background. For movie-related websites, this theme is an absolute charm. This theme is very compatible with the Gutenberg editor.

The header section of this theme comes with a 4-layout menu. The footer section, on the other hand, offers 4 sections with columns.

Here are some of the features this theme offers.

  • There is a color picker option in this theme.
  • It is very easy to use as it is Elementor, page builder compatible
  • There are built-in shortcodes included in this theme
  • The header and the footer widget are provided to make it easier to add any content in the sidebar
  • This theme is very easier to customize with colors, size, fonts, and other extended personality

6. SKT Gardening

gardening landscaping WordPress theme

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SKT Gardening is a very creative gardening and landscaping theme. Moreover, it is one of the most responsive trending WordPress themes that you can pick to create a stellar gardening-related site.

This one is Google mobile-friendly and comes with 5 different header and footer variations which makes it quite impressive. This theme is completely SEO-friendly so that it can add more value to your site.

Here are the plenty of features that it has to offer.

  • This theme goes compatible with WooCommerce, Contact form, portfolio, etc.
  • There are various sections included in this theme
  • It includes 580 + social media font-based icons
  • Several sections are included in the homepage area
  • This one is built with Customizer and comes default with WordPress

7. IT Solutions Pro

IT solutions WordPress theme

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IT Solution Pro is a dynamic IT website-related theme in which you can easily change the images and text. This theme is a very responsive one.

It has been tested with 650+ Google fonts by a variety of tools to pass its responsive test. This theme is a very good animated one that is very easy to use. The homepage area is consistent, and it contains at least 10+ sections.

Here are the plenty of features it boasts.

  • It is HTML5 and CSS3 based
  • It uses the latest modern technology and flat designing structure
  • There is sidebar layout for page and posts sections
  • It includes 4 types of header and footer layout
  • It is an event calendar plugin tested.

8. SKT Charity Pro


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For your charity-based website, a responsive charity theme is one of the ideal choices. Thus, we recommend SKT Charity Pro, which is one of the most impressive trending WordPress themes that includes plenty of features.

Moreover, this theme is coded with Elementor page builder, which makes it very simple to use. This translation-ready theme has more than one feature in its store.

Here are a few.

  • It is very easy to use with its plenty of options
  • This one is a color changing theme
  • It includes at least 8+ page templates
  • This theme is also integrated with 650+ Google fonts
  • It is loaded with a default slider which can be changed as per animation and pause time

9. Solar Energy Pro

Solar Energy WordPress theme

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The homepage area of Solar Energy Pro is very attractive. You can use this trendy WordPress theme to create an interesting website for industries like wind, nature, renewable energy, solar energy, etc. Several page templates can offer more customization to the website.

Here are the features it uses to create a very spectacular WordPress website.

  • This one is a translation ready multilingual plugin compatible
  • It included a POT file which helps to change language strings in the template
  • There are 100+ inbuilt shortcodes included in this theme
  • It is SEO friendly which works in a unique manner
  • This theme is completely Retina-ready and HD ready

10. Fundraiser

For your fundraiser website, you must be picking one of the most trending WordPress themes. Hence, this theme can be your ultimate choice to give birth to a very creative-looking and highly responsive website.

This theme includes some of the greatest features and functionalities, which makes it an impressive one. Coded with Elementor, this theme is a perfect choice to create a simple-looking yet impactful website.

Here are some features of it, which are worth mentioning.

  • This theme is based on HTML5 and CSS3
  • The homepage section has the design via pages which makes it easier to replace with your content
  • CSS3 animation in its homepage area makes this theme an absolute stunner
  • This theme works wimpy great with high-resolution devices
  • The design is solely dedicated to offering customization to the website

11. Meditation Pro

For your Yoga studio, this WordPress theme is simply a great one. It has a responsive design so that you can view your meditation site in an impressive manner. This theme works well on any of the devices.

Free installation is offered in this theme for customers who want to purchase it. In case you are facing any kind of skepticism while designing your website, you can get complete support for it.

Here are plenty of features it offers.

  • You can use this theme for multiple industries
  • This theme is coded based on SEO standards
  • The header area is easy to design with 4 layout variations
  • You can easily tweak any of the elements in this theme
  • You can use the color picker option to customize this theme

12. SKT Cafe Pro

Put an end to your search for trending WordPress themes for your coffee shop, cafe, restaurant, or fast-food website, as SKT Cafe Pro is just the right choice for you. This theme offers free installation after the purchase.

You can use this theme for multiple industries to design a variety of websites and create a unique appeal. This theme comes along with very persuasive documentation. Thus, without possessing coding knowledge, you can design a very nice-looking website.

Here are the features this spectacular theme has to offer.

  • There are standard pages like 404, archives, search, and categories
  • The header section has been designed with four different layout variations, whereas the footer section has more layout options
  • This theme fulfills all the SEO standards
  • It is having a very congenial design for WooCommerce compatibility.
  • With shortcode plugins, you can add additional shortcodes to your website

13. SKT MovieMaker

The SKT MovieMaker is a film production-based theme that is most suitable for filmmaking studios, actors, dancers, directors, movies, and other entertainment purposes. This theme is created with perfection when it comes to considering the best trending WordPress themes.

This mobile-friendly theme is cross-browser compatible so that you can have seamless integration in most of the devices. The color picker option offers an everyday new appearance to your business website.

Here is how this theme works excellently with its pool of features.

  • This theme is 100% responsive.
  • It is WooCommerce compatible and a very SEO friendly one
  • With this theme, you can add countless information, services, and movies
  • With this elementor page builder compatible theme, you can build a large number of pages as per your need
  • It supports some of the highly essential plugins like MailChimp, WPML, Contact form 7, etc.

14. GB Renovation

The GB renovation theme is a home improvement theme that is highly suitable for sites offering renovation, construction, building, and remodeling services. This theme can be considered a very trendy one as it follows all the features of modern themes.

This theme is a clean-coded one and includes a unique design so that you can ensure all the crucial functionalities in it to enhance your online business. All the elements in this theme are very simple to customize with its powerful backend panel.

Here are the features which make it more reliable.

  • This theme is coded with Guttenberg SKT Blocks so that you can easily arrange all your website content.
  • This theme also comes with custom color schemes, widgets, sidebar, and various header, footer designs which lets you create a very impressive theme in no time.
  • This theme has its inner page sections, which include the editable templates.
  • This theme also goes completely compatible with some of the SEO plugins
  • The GB Renovation theme is created for better layout management and customization to add more to your website

15. GB Charity

The GB Charity is one of the most trending WordPress themes, which is highly suitable for your NGO website. For non-profit organizations and charities, this theme is simply a great choice as it lets you create a suitable appearance.

You can use this theme for fundraising and other necessary purposes. This theme is coded as per the SEO standard, which makes it highly suitable for your WordPress website.

Here is the pool of features this theme has to offer in front of you.

  • It includes the demo content by default.
  • This theme is compatible with the latest PHP and WordPress version
  • This theme is highly compatible in loading content faster
  • It offers impeccable responsiveness for any the size
  • This one is both cross-device and cross-browser compatible

16. GB Nature

Are you looking for one of the trending WordPress themes for a nature-friendly WordPress website? Then this theme is a perfect choice for you. SKT GB Nature is a green theme that is highly suitable for outdoor businesses and brands, which are solely based on nature.

This theme is also a very suitable choice for donation camps, ecology fundraising sites, water management companies, etc.

This theme lets you create a very spectacular appearance on handheld devices. It is highly retina-optimized and responsive. So, what features does it include?

Have a look.

  • This theme nicely operates with a large range of third-party plugins
  • It includes different styles so that you can take the complete benefit of a new block
  • Within this theme, you can view the modifications in real-time
  • This theme includes extra page templates
  • It has a very responsive framework

17. GB Extreme

The GB Extreme theme is a super-fast one and a great choice for adventurous multipurpose tour-based sites. This theme is rightly created to let you explore all the adventures like cycling, hiking, mounting, polar, wildlife, etc.

The sleek design of this theme makes it more attractive. The features and demo content in this theme go very well with portfolio websites and eCommerce sites. This boasts a very minimal design with a very lightweight function.

Here are a few features it has in its store to offer you.

  • This theme comes as the translation-ready one.
  • The header section is highly compatible with other popular slider plugins
  • There are 4different blog layouts are included in the blog section
  • It lets you have complete authority to choose any suitable layout
  • It displays any high-quality images without any loading time

18. SKT Videography Pro

The SKT Videography Pro is one of the most trending WordPress themes for video production. This theme is an ideal choice for all filmmakers, videographers, video production agencies, etc.

This theme comes as a ready-to-customize one and it is very simple to install. The template area of the theme is very well designed as per the latest standards of CSS3 and HTML code.

Here are the features it offers to ensure that you have a very stellar website.

  • This theme is a speed optimized one which comes as retina-ready and SEO-ready.
  • The changes can be done to this theme with various color scheme options
  • This theme is featured with full-width sliders and boxes
  • There is a separate portfolio section in this theme
  • It offers a very spectacular online presence for film festivals

19. Real Estate

For your real estate service-related website, this is one of the most trending WordPress themes that you can pick. This theme is really good for several types of property listing.

It provides extensive search to the users as per the property type, price, location, etc. Moreover, this theme is highly efficient in offering a Grid and List view for the property listings.

Here are the impressive features it includes:

  • There are more than 800+ Google fonts available in this theme
  • It includes layout options for the whole site
  • It includes some in-built shortcodes
  • The flat and material-based design makes this theme very modern
  • There are several blog layout options

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