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If you are a test preparation specialist in an effort to help the students in pre exam period and release their anxiety, online education expert with seminars and lessons, private tutoring practices and more, you are welcome to check the best Test preparation exam WordPress themes which have not escaped our eyes.

With the advent of the Internet and the digital world revolving around it, the remote or distance learning and education activities have become as popular as never before. And it is not surprising at all.

The potential of today’s virtual reality is high and has already managed to involve absolutely all kinds of businesses and undertakings, and hence education and learning based industry is not an exception.

The active usage of test preparation WordPress themes for different e learning, education or university, private tutoring or learning websites, communities or more is first and foremost determined by the utmost need of remote learning and the convenience of learners to turn to a professional help and trusted knowledge sources from the comfort of their homes.

Your niche specific website based on any of these test preparation WordPress themes will help you overcome the territorial disunity of you and your learners or clients enabling them to get in touch with you and direct their questions around the clock.

Literacy program, college counseling and admission, special and adult education profiles and websites can also smoothly function with any of these templates.

Share your standardized or special tests with your audience in the environment that is easy to browse and navigate, quick to search and find, as well as wonderfully enjoyable across different screen sizes and resolutions.

It means that your students and clients will not waste a single minute and can use their time on the analysis and preparation of the admission tests and exams even while on the go or move.

Test Preparation WordPress Themes

SKT Tutor

SKT Tutor

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Ele eBook

ele ebook

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SKT Library

SKT library

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kindergarten WordPress theme

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SKT Education

SKT Education

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One of the best education and test preparation WordPress themes checked and approved for its reliable assistance in the process of any website or blog creation and development comes to be known as SKT Education.

Firmly built on a modern HTML 5 coding to support old and new, high and low resolution browsers and mobile platforms, SKT Education is as beautiful and inspiring in appearance as it is powerful in inner performance and superb in features integrity.

You are going to find structural and design, menu and functionality customization and configuration options, shortcodes and fonts bases for the application, LMS plugin support for specific learning purposes and much more.

The theme is also commercial ready for you to showcase your tests and programs online for purchase and sale.

SKT Job Portal

job board

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SKT Job Portal is the next seriously processed and designer touched template you can purchase at an affordable price and be satisfied with the upcoming results of it.

Showcase your specific programs and tests for reaching certain academic and professional goals in the prebuilt sections and areas.

Share the most engaging images of your learning center or seasoned specialists on the homepage default slider, as well as use the widget readiness of certain areas for quick controls and details insertion.

You can also take an advantage of the blog layouts given within the theme and ensuring your news and resources, press releases and other interesting information is delivered to your audience on a daily basis via your blog.

Play School

education WordPress theme

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From preschool and school institutions to universities and colleges, education and training service provision centers and academies, private learning institutions and other niche specific undertakings will be condemned to success with Play School.

With the best options and strategies adopted by the theme authors, Play School is one of the admin friendly and simple in usage test preparation WordPress themes that will deliver the best admin and client practice both from the backend and frontend of the theme.

With Play School you can be sure your potential clients and learners are going to find your website easily in search engine rankings, as well as instantly browse it on their portable and hand held devices, as the theme is both responsive and SEO optimized.

SKT Perfect

With the massive online shift happening in the digital platform, remaining competitive and first class is becoming more and more difficult. Therefore, ensuring the future stability and precision of your site right from the start is of utmost importance.

SKT Perfect is one of such present and future scalable multipurpose and multilingual ready templates you can have at your disposal while spending less money than you have prepared to be invested in the creation of your website.

In an attempt to certify your excellence in the knowledge based world and the high quality of your test preparation services across a diversity of social media and other platforms, SKT Perfect is completely optimizes for SEO and SMO integration.

Online Coach Pro

Whether you are providing private tutor or center based options for children and adults, Online Coach Pro can be the best proof of your professionalism.

It’s a highly trained and well qualified template among the best test preparation WordPress themes to conduct your courses and classes online.

Packed with advanced technological framework and finest design principles, Online Coach Pro is shortcodes and icons friendly, widget ready with footer, header and sidebar, calendar and event plugin compatible for keeping your work and class schedule well organized.

Spirited Pro

Spirited Pro celebrates the most sophisticated toolkit to be one of the market keys of your future success in the digital arena.

Styled with taste and kept as simple as possible in terms of usage and customization, Spirited Pro is businesslike and resilient enough to cover the personal and business needs of your learning center or test preparation agency.

With the increase of mobile traffic consumers, making sure that your website’s mobile version is as legible and accessible as the main one should be one of the main concerns. With Spirited Pro, you can rest assured that both versions of your site are equally serviceable and impressive.

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