Sweet Date WordPress Themes for Dating Engagement Matchmaking

Have you ever come up with the sweetest collection of sweet date WordPress themes for any kind of dating and love, marriage and couple related websites? If not, we are eager to help you in finding that.

Today we’ll focus on the most presentable and visually pleasing, yet highly competitive and challenging sweet date WordPress themes designed and cared to match the needs of online dating.

Also, matchmaking, love finding and couple, marriage and engagement, love and anniversary, love story or family story, matrimonial portal, marriage and couple counseling, marriage bureau and other dating and matchmaking businesses.

Online dating platforms are among the most dynamic business models which have not lost their popularity over the past years and the reason for this is as simple as that. It’s a game on the common human desires and dreams to be happy and beloved.

All in all, dating online is like and exchange of hopes and disappointments, where one can find the true love of his life and the other can leave with the feeling of a wasted time.

But if there are still people who are excited about this opportunity to create their happy future through such platforms and portals, there is still be the need of sweet date WordPress themes to create and market dating and matchmaking websites and blogs.

Sweet Date WordPress Themes

Moreover, these thematic website builders can be used not only for commercial and matchmaking purposes, but also for personal or family presentation objectives.

Whether you need to create an eye catchy website and tell your marriage, love or family story, share images and photos of your happy moments, invite friends and relatives to the next event or anniversary, you can organize all that with any of these sweet date WordPress themes as well.

All of them are cutting edge website creation tools based on modern coding and styling controls, flexibility in customization and durability in performance. Finally, these templates are visually captivating and motivational which will make your online audience howl.



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SKT Videography Pro

SKT Videography

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Ele Wedding

Ele Wedding

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dating WordPress theme

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Getting a reliable and well performing website off the ground with one of the top rated sweet date WordPress themes is a dream of any dating website owner.

Well, Dating is one of such dependable and powerful website tools that is custom built to be definitely loved by any webmaster on the one hand, and offer the right toolkit to make all the wonderful things happen to your online presence on the other.

Whether you are going to market your online dating free or paid platform, sell subscription plans or offer other services, present downloadable apps and make them available in your online storefront, showcase people’s profiles and enable people to find valuable personal connections and establish new personal relations, you can do it all with this responsive and e commerce ready website builder.

Wedding Videographer

Wedding videographer Wordpress Theme

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Anything that caters to wedding and engagement, dating or personal relationships can be best showcased and marketed with Wedding Videographer.

The theme’s overall design is universal which means you are free to use it for offering any kind of wedding or anniversary related services, from photography and videography to event organization, etc.

Alternatively, you can make the most of the given platform with certain changes and amendments to be used for showcasing different profiles of the registered members and enabling others to make quick search to find the best one for them.

Flower Shop

flower shop WordPress theme

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Your online dating website deserves more than just a mixture of personal profiles and data, numbers and biographies. It can be turned out into something attractive and lead generating with Flower Shop that is modern looking and well styled, perfectly coded with HTML 5 and CSS 3.

Your website has a wonderful story to tell with beautiful and legible typography and daily blog posts, passion to generate with unique images on the homepage slider, and convenience to provide the website users with thanks to the theme’s responsiveness and user friendliness, ideal navigation and more.


adventure WordPress theme

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Freedom of design and customizability, boundless functionality with preloaded features and compatible plugins, great platform for search engine results and social media support are all incorporated in Adventure.

Slight learning curve required by the theme’s user is another plus Adventure has and makes this platform so demanded among non coder website building specialists. Indeed, even with elementary technical knowledge, you will be able to craft an enviably good and productive website ready to connect people from around the globe.

Wedding Rituals

Get your most creative ideas online and implement the most far reaching plans with the help of Wedding Rituals that is astonishingly pliable and versatile, user and customer friendly, and finally, affordable in terms of pricing.

It includes all the important features, controls, management options, preloaded buttons and fonts, default homepage slider, page controls and post scheduling capacity and much more to help you quickly bring your website to life.

Additionally, this wonderful platform can be supported by a wide variety of additional plugins and extensions, from e commerce and product management to SEO and SMO, image and gallery control, shortcodes, page optimization, caching and many others.


As girls are more inclined to present their life and love in a beautiful way, we have included Girlie in our list of love story and sweet date WordPress themes.

It’s an aesthetically captivating and visually stunning website template any feminine representative is going to love. However, the visual excellence is not the only advantage of Girlie setting it apart from other valuable website builders.

On the whole, it comes as a smooth mixture of visual and internal preparedness and the way it subjects to the website admin changes and customization processes.

Get access to free documentation and library of easy to use shortcodes, Google fonts and important buttons so that you can quickly adjust and modify the general look and structure of Girlie to go well with your specific family or couple, online dating or any other thematic website.

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