10 Best Sailing WordPress Themes for Boat, Aqua, Swimming Pool & Yachting

Are you looking for a mixture of simplicity and premium quality, user friendliness and stable performance in sailing WordPress themes to be used for your website?

Then you are welcome to check some of the best boat rental and sailing WordPress themes created by professionals at SKT Themes and fed by the latest web solutions and coding.

They can be used for hotel and hostel, resort and vacation, sailing and boat rental, yacht and cruising, water floats sale, sailor and fishing, swimming and pool, yachting sports and skydiving, parachuting, marine and sailing clothing and accessories sale and other sea and vacation, extreme sports and leisure related websites and blogs.

Sailing WordPress Themes

Sailing, in its purest form, is the art and skill of propelling a vessel across the water using only the power of the wind. It is a timeless and exhilarating activity that has captivated humans for centuries. The beauty of sailing lies in its ability to connect us with nature, as we harness the wind’s energy to navigate the vast open seas or serene inland waters.

Sailing offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, providing a sense of freedom and tranquility that is unmatched by any other mode of transportation. However, sailing is not just about technical knowledge; it is also about embracing the unpredictable nature of the wind and sea, adapting to changing conditions, and embracing the sense of adventure that comes with exploring new horizons.

Whether you are a seasoned sailor or a novice embarking on your first sailing adventure, the magic of sailing lies in the connection between the sailor, the boat, and the elements, creating an unforgettable experience that is both challenging and rewarding.

With sailing WordPress themes, it’s not going to take you too long or cost astronomical money to create and advertise a dynamic and niche specific website in the most charming manner.

Since your primary objective is going to be to make your audience feel the rhythm and adrenaline revolving around your business as well as giving complete information on your services, offers, deals, products and more, you need to choose a template that is ultimately flexible and customization ready.

It’s the only way you can enjoy the freedom of shaping the structure and web design your site needs to share in order to comply with the above mentioned objective.

Sailing WordPress Themes

Well, each of the sailing WordPress themes we are going to discuss below is a premium website toolkit ready to satisfy the expectations of the most demanding website owner.

The theme authors have also kept the simplicity and intuitiveness of the themes in their focus to help you stay on the track and manage your site as per your taste, ideas, business plan or whatever is important.

Download Sailing WordPress Themes With Demo Content

The best sailing WordPress themes are ideal templates for designing websites for sailing schools, yacht clubs, boat rental companies, sailing tour operators, marine equipment suppliers, and sailing enthusiasts. Download sailing WordPress themes with demo content. Check them out!

SKT Aquarium


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SKT Aquarium is an excellent WordPress theme for the sea adventure business site. Coming in the category of sailing WordPress themes, you make a website of sea adventure that is page builder friendly.

Such marine travel WordPress themes have multipurpose capabilities and you make a copyright-free website. With the speed optimization characteristics and the WooCommerce facility, such a website suits the fishing business.

With a solid UI design, you are able to create a distinct website. It is a professional website because you easily set up an online fish business store through the WooCommerce plugin. Marine business WordPress themes are SEO ready.

SKT Swimming Pool

SKT Swimming Pool

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Go Fishing

go fishing

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Underwater Pro

underwater WordPress theme

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SKT Beach

Beach and Resort

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SKT Beach is one of the lively and brisk beach and sailing WordPress themes you can use to boost sailing and boat rental, boat shows and cruising, coaching and training services, sailing seminars, swimming lessons, sail programs and much more.

Thanks to the e commerce readiness of the theme, it will be easier for you to cope with the integration of commercial functionality into your website and start selling.

You can surf WordPress repository of the best plugins, add one of them to SKT Beach and present marine outfitting, wetsuits and drysuits, swimming accessories and jackets, sunglasses and watches and much more with accurate categories and sections, prices and descriptions, etc.

Bed and Breakfast

bed and breakfast WordPress theme

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Bed and Breakfast is the next shining and cheerful in appearance but strong and persistent at its core template matching marine and sailing, B&B and hotel industries and business areas.

From about us to services and contact sections, more areas and content zones to be added and customizes from the theme’s backend for FAQs, best offers, testimonials and more, homepage slider for controllable images and photos to motivate your audience, Bed and Breakfast comes with all.

Customizer based character of the theme is what enables live updates and changes while at the same time taking care of the hassle free performance and accessibility of your site for the web guests, users and surfers.

It means that you can jump to the theme’s backend and play with its parts, colors, structure, fonts, buttons and shortcodes, add or remove them, install new plugins or disable some functions without any downsides or errors causing to your site.


SKT Spa celebrates the highest level of adaptability which means it can be called a multipurpose theme and can be altered to go well with a website of any background or nature, from spa and massage salons and centers to beach and sailing websites, marine services and online storefronts, and everything in between.

Feel the dynamic atmosphere of SKT Spa and give it a special look and color density from the theme’s backend and with the help of Live Customizer to be found there.

As for the latter, it can be used to give the final look and feel of your site and preview all the changes without altering the way your website appears to the web visitors. Once you are happy with the changes, you can publish the new form and function of the theme instantly.

The Trip

The Trip is a wonderful destination for fishing, sailing, yacht charters and diving websites, as well as those catering to these business undertakings.

There are infinite ways you can give a new touch to your old dated website with the Trip as it is one of the most versatile and all inclusive sailing WordPress themes you can avail yourself.

Brand your site with right color choices with color picker, set up Google friendly and easy to ready typography, share all the available services from hotel and rest rooms to marine and sailing, cruises and tours, etc with fully editable theme sections.

Yacht and Cruise

Yacht and Cruise is another modern and designer drafted, strongly coded and ambitious template at your disposal to craft and market purpose driven sailing website.

Whether you want to redesign the default template or use it as it is, you are going to benefit in both cases, as everything is well taken care of for you to get started even without any customization options.

You can also get high positions in search engines, as all the primary touches Google and other search engines consider when indexing websites are added to the theme like responsiveness and cross mobile compatibility, speedy performance and loading time, plugin compatibility for better SEO qualities, etc.

Hotel Booking

Create a nice looking and informative website with Hotel Booking and highlight your hotel’s services and offers, rooms and facilities, market your yacht or sailing business services, attract new enthusiasts and boost your revenue.

This responsive and easy to navigate website tool stays true to its name and supports online booking and reservations forms when paired with relevant plugins and extensions.

Moreover, you can add as many different plugins as you want to be sure your site does wonders on commercial, SEO, SMO and other environments.

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