Pregnancy WordPress Themes for Family Planning & Gynecologist

This time let’s focus on pregnancy WordPress themes for pregnancy and mom – to – be websites.

These pregnancy WordPress themes also are suitable for gynecologists, midwives and maternity nurses, as well as other related specialists.

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful and wonderful experiences in every woman’s life.

However, the pregnancy period is accompanied by certain physical, emotional and other changes while preparing the female body to a successful birth.

In this relation, getting proper and early pregnancy care, consultation and information right from the early stage of the pregnancy is of utmost importance.

Today’s Internet – based world comes as one of the richest portals of pregnancy and childbirth – related websites and blogs.

They are proposed as all – inclusive packages where every pregnant woman can find tons of valuable information, advises, as well as gynecologists and other medical experts to turn to.

Pregnancy WordPress Themes

In this article one can find some of the most powerful pregnancy WordPress themes to run a website revolving around pregnancy and maternity, breast-feeding and childcare.

From entertaining websites and online magazines with special columns dedicated to those topics to medical – based websites with narrow – specialized experts, every kind of website can be fully revealed when supported by those themes.

SKT Pregnancy

SKT Pregnancy

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SKT Medical Pro

skt medical

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SKT Therapist Pro


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Healing Touch

Healing Touch Pro

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In case you are looking more medical and serious – looking template among the offered pregnancy WordPress themes, look no other way than Healing Touch. Clean and sophisticated, no – fuss and uncluttered, this template is well aware of how to host your pregnancy – based content and keep it presentable in the eyes of the website users.

Offer your advice and support, consultation and medical services on pregnancy and parenting through your posts and pages and make them easy to find and read.

Admin friendly and convenient atmosphere is guaranteed with Healing Touch as well. This theme is specifically built for an admin with a special focus both on the form and function of the website for better performance and site results.


doctor WordPress theme

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Handy is another reasonable contribution to any medical or pregnancy website. This template as one of the premium – quality pregnancy WordPress themes boasts readily responsive and pixel – perfect layout to match the needs of both mobile and desktop users.

By the application of Handy you don’t need to take steps in order to make it safe and sound, durable and persistent. All the listed qualities are already added to this theme based on HTML5 and CSS3 coding.

Special testimonial area can considerably contribute to shaping your patient and social proof based on the experience of lots of pregnants and moms. Social media integrated and ecommerce ready, Handy shares translation – ready framework to get your web content easily translated and served.

Diet and Nutrition

diet and nutrition

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Since diet and balanced eating is of central attention for pregnant, we have decided to include Diet and Nutrition for relevant diet, food and drink and health care websites. Saying goodbye to certain food and including new ones in the daily ration is an indispensable part of pregnancy.

Hence, Diet and Nutrition is one of the simple pregnancy WordPress themes with a special accent on food and nutrition, yoga and physical activity and the like.

Transform the default theme the way to fit your website’s needs and objectives without any additional assistance of web designers and developers.

Home, about us, blog, gallery, testimonials and much more are available with this responsive and shortcodes – based template. WooCommerce friendliness is a bonus coming with the theme.


Today women are constantly encouraged to take care of their physical health and activity during the pregnancy. Hence, another field to concentrate to when it comes to pregnancy website is fitness and physical workload, yoga and the like.

Zym is custom – built for suchlike purposes to collect all moms at a one place and motivate them to take part in your activities.

It is loaded with an offshoot of possibilities when it comes to building virtual communities for women, enlisting schedules of trainings and group activities and much more.

Although Zym is all – dressed and ready to be used in its default form, you are free to add certain touches to it as per your demands. Handy shortcodes are included in the theme for easy usage, as well as widget friendly functionality.


Charm is the first candidate in our list of pregnancy WordPress themes for all types of pregnancy – related presentations online. This is the theme that has been scrupulously worked out with special attention to details.

Infused with unique charm and taste, it comes with a wonderful assemblage of theme sections and areas, as well as features and options. Welcome your website visitors with lovely images of a pregnant woman or already born child with mom and incite breathtaking emotions.

Categorize all the content, showcase your profile, staff and services, working hours and more in the relevant theme areas without touching a single line of code.

Another beneficial option is run a pregnancy blog and be one of the arenas the future moms will visit daily. All the nuances of responsive and cross mobile – compliant coding are also taken care of.

Yogi Pro

As the name suggests, Yogi Pro is a pregnancy WordPress theme used to create a website for yoga, exercise, sports events, gyms, and various health and wellness clubs.

The theme can be used by Gynecologist to create a pregnancy or family planning website. It has parallax effects, full-width slider, homepage sections, video background, wide boxed layouts, and more.

It has incorporated countless icons, fonts, colors and various options to create an alluring website for your health organizations.

It supports some more options to create pages for testimonial, blog, contact, and gallery. Within a few amendments you will be able to create an awesome online presence to serve your customers.

Play School

Play School strikes the user’s eye with its clear – based, yet colorful and motivational look. This template is wonderfully pliable and resilient while totally responsive and flexible whenever needed.

It means that this template can be used for different purposes while covering different aspects catering to pregnancy, maternity and child – care.

Moreover, learning and school, kid and children topics can also find the best revelation through Play School. Detail – oriented and smart, it comes bundled with full – package of customization options.

Hence, you can make use of the preloaded shortcodes, including also blog type ones, choose among footer and header variations, arm the slider with high – quality pieces of visual content, add new slider and much more.

On the search engine optimization battlefront, Play School knows no boundaries as well. It shares totally SEO and responsive character for boosted traffic and more client and patient engagement.

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