12 Pinterest Style WordPress Themes for Photo Visual Digital Image Portfolio

Pinterest Style WordPress Themes

Do you like Pinterest or are you inspired by its attractive design and user friendly interface? Are you planning to craft your own social profile or platform that is going to be styled like that? Then you are going to love the collection of Pinterest style WordPress themes presented and evaluated in this article.

These image and photo centric, visually clean and interactive website templates can be used for a variety of digital needs and can form the basis of multiple websites, from personal and photo hosting to commercial and business style as the case may be.

Pinterest is one of the most popular and rapidly growing social media platforms at present, a social Internet service and photo repository, allowing users to add images and photos online and arrange them in thematic groups. The images uploaded to the server are referred to as pin, and collections to which they belong are called boards.

And thanks to the artistic features, Pinterest is particularly popular among women. Of course, there are still many boards which are on the focus of male attention.

It means that both men and women can take advantage of Pinterest style WordPress themes and create an interesting and visually aesthetically powerful websites for their specific needs and preferences.

If you have ever used Pinterest, you definitely know that absolutely anything can be found there in the form of imagery, and sometimes GIFs and short videos, be it a creative idea or interior design solution, recipe or dishes, home and yard improvement ideas, jewellery and handmade products and much more.

In contrary to this nature of Pinterest, our Pinterest style WordPress themes not only allow you to highlight niche specific content and share respective images, but provide you with much more opportunities to bring your imagination into work for engaging your target audience and monetize your presence.

pinterest style wordpress themes

SKT MovieMaker

SKT MovieMaker

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Full Page Pro

full page WordPress theme

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SKT Lens Pro

responsive portfolio WordPress theme

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SKT Tattoo


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Full Screen Pro

fullscreen WordPress theme

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SKT Videography Pro

SKT Videography

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Photodock is ideal for any kind of Pinterest style or photography websites and blogs. Whether you want to create your own profile and offer photography services and share portfolio, or create an image repository with multiple authors and users, Perfect Photography will satisfy your requirements.

Speedy loading of Photodock together with responsive layout to help your website resize and adapt to any screen size lead to a better user experience and subsequently to a better client and user engagement for your site.

The theme is also HD and retina ready to host fantastic images, as well as SEO and SMO optimized to win a lot of eyeballs coming from different environments.


Girlie is one of the feminine and Pinterest style WordPress themes presented with subtle and elegant look.

With Girlie you can be sure that getting a really awesome and user centric site off the ground not always has to do with astronomical expenses or hard work. This affordable and easy to use website building solution will give you a head start and won’t force you to sweat heard when it comes to the installation and customization of the theme to match your desire.

Colors and fonts, image choices for the homepage slider, shortcodes, editable sections and content boxes are all preloaded for you to customize the look and feel of the site and result in a Pinterest style website with lots of retina ready imagery and photos.


Powered by an edgy and contemporary web design, shortcodes based to make the admin’s life much lighter and enjoyable without fuzzy coding processes, Modelling is a lightweight yet functionally competent template to celebrate Pinterest style look if customized accordingly.

Chances are great that you can quickly establish a premium status for your site and exercise dozens of new functions for commercial, SEO and other purposes.

The thing is that Modelling is easy to modify and change from the backend, and is ultimately plugin compatible for constantly adding new touches to the site.


With elegant and stylish PicArt, your online journey to perfection is going to be all the way live. You are going to enjoy every moment of it, right from the start up to the end.

It comes with several minutes installation and activation which are followed by the theme’s demo content presentation for you to go through and replace with your own one.

Further, you can add and remove whatever is needed, customize and color each and every single part of the theme, add as many images and photos as your site needs and be sure the site guests will find an accurate, easy to search and find content.


Create your own Pinterest style board with Jewellery and get access to really useful elements and features minutely developed and added to the theme by dedicated authors and theme developers.

What makes this template visually clean and engaging is the modern flat design. This is what guarantees the overall accuracy and content legibility of the site, as well as positively impacts the loading speed of your web pages.

The theme’s responsiveness and cross mobile compatibility, clear coding and CSS 3 animations, smooth navigation and retina readiness, plugin support and multilingual readiness are among other valuable characters adding extra SEO qualities to your site.

Photo World PRO

If your primary aim is to go online with an Pinterest style looking website that will deliver a real charm and warm feelings to your audience, look no other way than Photo World PRO.

It is one of the modernly coded and well secured Pinterest style WordPress themes that can be used both for photography based and other websites and blogs.

It means that the capacity of Photo World PRO goes far beyond supporting high quality imagery on the homepage slider, in gallery area or on the theme’s posts and pages, but functions well with other files and systems as well.

You can add and showcase videos, gifs, animations and much more, sell digital and physical products online whenever the theme is paired with e commerce platforms, and finally, share multilingual content as there is PO file included for translation purposes.

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