On Air WordPress Themes for Live Radio Station Public TV Podcasts Streaming Websites

The best here is. A wonderful roundup of the best on air WordPress themes dedicated to the wonderful performance of broadcasting, radio station and public television, professional music and news.

Live radio and telecommunication, radio industry and studio, DJ and singer, TV program, channel and live streaming websites, profiles and more.

If you are looking for a superb startup plan including one of the premium quality on air WordPress themes ready to make you a marketing unicorn with a powerful website, you are just where you need to be.

We have tested and tried some of the most valuable TV and radio, broadcasting and on air WordPress themes so that you don’t need to spend extra time on experimenting with other platforms and website builders in order to check their relevance and qualities.

We are going to provide more details of each as well so that you can understand how productive yet affordable they all are, which, in its turn, indicates, that you are going to enjoy the best available bang for your buck.

On Air WordPress Themes

Anyway, if we try to summarize what these on air WordPress themes have in common and what makes them a top selection for on air websites and blogs, we’ll need to share some important points.

First, they share all must have touches and elements to always have a pleasant and interactive relations with listeners and clients while providing them with the most lovely online environment to land on, search for the programs, topics, interviews, music and more.

From responsiveness to social media optimization, from pliable navigation levels to legible content support, these on air WordPress themes are well armed and frequently updated to be unbeatable over time.

Finally, many of these themes’ purchasers think of them not only as a web creation and management tool, but a pure requirement first of all, that is going to share your burden and make it fun with interesting and modern solutions, design options and endless functional potential.

GB Podcast


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Event Planners Pro

Event Agency WordPress Theme

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SKT MovieMaker

SKT MovieMaker

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SKT Videography Pro

SKT Videography

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Wedding Videographer

Wedding videographer Wordpress Theme

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Music Producer

music band WordPress theme

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Professionally thought out and regularly updated to meet the present and future digital challenges, Music Producer is one of the top and best on air WordPress themes for music and artist, retro and classic, modern and electronic music, studio and sound, radio station and radio program, TV and broadcasting websites.

This responsive and wonderfully pliable, SEO and SMO optimized website builder will totally change the way your clients and followers interact with you. Give them more freedom to find you, make requests and suggestions, offers and claims to optimize your work in the most authentic way.

They are going to love the presentable look of the site with engaging color and font mix and match, lovely images on the homepage slider, neatly arranged content zones and widget ready areas, smooth and sleek navigation and mobile optimized version of your site.

Classified Ads

classified ads

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Just because thousands of radio stations work for a specific and well defined geographical area and within a certain locality, radio advertisements become something important to local businesses and companies to promote their services, products and other offers.

Therefore, along with adding those ads materials to your daily radio programs, you can add them to your website as well and maximize their exposure.

Classified Ads enables you to do that instantly so that you can use the template as a host for your radio station or on air website in parallel with using it as an advertisement placing portal.

All in all, it’s a wonderful web crafting and customization tool with as many capacities and business monetizing ways as you would ever need during your site’s online existence.

Musical Sounds

musical sounds

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Musical Sounds is another preferable website template ready to guarantee the successful and long term viability of any on air related website or online portal.

People expect your site to be flexible and quick in performance and this is what Musical Sounds ensures first and foremost.

Ready to provide your listeners and online guests with equally well constructed desktop and mobile versions, Musical Sounds is also very quick in the way it responses to client’s clicks and requirements.

SKT Tube:

SKT Tube will let you completely visualize your radio station’s daily routine and share video materials with your target audience.

They can be added to the homepage slider and controlled by the website admin. Dozens of other multimedia files can also be located here and there across the website as the theme is wonderfully HD and retina ready with multimedia support.

The theme has also been worked out and processed with special care and consideration for precision, stability at work and endless customizability for each website owner to achieve the website look and style he is fond of the most.


The preparedness of Melody for sustainability and responsiveness across multiple environments, its user centric approach and the way it supports the theme manager to always find the easiest customization ways are priceless.

Therefore, spending some reasonable money on purchasing this template and becoming the owner of an all inclusive web management platform is more than justified.

You can choose to have everything on your website, from modern looking homepage with animations and interesting call to actions to e commerce functionality for online shopping purposes and multilingual content for winning the attention of more and more radio listeners or TV watchers.

SKT Black Pro

Pick from an extensive list of management and customization options, pre enabled tools and features to make the most of SKT Black Pro and make it relevant to your online career.

Design and deploy any kind of web management and promotion strategy with this shortcodes ready and highly versatile template that enables online management system for the website and digital tracking method for reviewing your website guests and users.

All in all, there is a solution to almost every need, ether hidden within the default template or available with compatible plugins and shortcodes, be it for commercial, search engine or any other purpose.

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