Best Minimal eCommerce WordPress Themes 2023

In today’s age, you cannot run a business effectively without having a website. A website allows you to describe your business to the customers, sell products or services online, capture leads online, provide customer service online, and keep the customers in touch with your business by using blog posts.

However, it takes a minimalist website theme to highlight the main content, give it a more professional look, keep everything simple, and optimize the website’s speed. That’s why you should go with a minimalist theme when you are looking for themes for your new website.

Before that, you need a hosting plan and a content management system. Choosing WordPress makes everything more accessible because the CMS is powerful while also being easy to manage. Some of its themes will be free, but others will be paid for.

While you want a minimalist theme, you do not want one which is ineffectual and does not allow your website to perform critical tasks.

Minimal eCommerce WordPress Themes

That’s why in the end you will have to pay for the minimal eCommerce WordPress themes. However, you don’t want to waste your money by investing in the wrong theme.

Here are some of the best minimal eCommerce WordPress themes which will help your business flourish.

1. SKT Minimal Pro

SKT Minimal


SKT Minimal Pro goes with light colors, less text, and more images to highlight your brand’s products. It is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin, once you have activated it, you will be ready to add products to your site.

The minimalistic aspect of this theme removes all the unwanted clutter from the site so that the users can only focus on the important content.

Your customers will be able to focus on all the products and decide which ones they like. It is not easy to browse through an e-commerce store, but the minimalist design makes it easier to find information. If someone is looking for the customer service number, they can easily find the same.

Another advantage of adopting this theme for your website is that it is responsive, fast, and optimized for mobile use. Today, most of your potential customers use mobile phones to make a purchase.

So, keeping your e-commerce store mobile friendly will provide a great user experience. Choosing this theme will guarantee a successful beginning for your e-commerce store.

2. GB Shopping

GB Shopping


There are a lot of websites online that’s why you should get right to the point with GB Shopping. You can use elements and text to describe the benefit of choosing your brand. People cannot automatically discover any new addition to your inventory.

That’s why this theme comes with a section that is dedicated to new arrivals. If your online store is huge, then it is wise to divide it into different categories. This theme allows you to do the same elegantly.

Now, if someone is looking for furniture they will not have to aimlessly scroll elsewhere. No matter what you do some products are bound to do better than others.

It is an effective strategy to highlight such products in the featured products section. Overall, this theme will allow you to get great results. That is what makes it one of the most popular minimal eCommerce WordPress themes.

3. SKT Lights

SKT Lights


This theme was primarily designed for businesses that sell unconventional and classy lights. That is why it has such a sophisticated design, but the good thing is that it can suit any business.

All you will have to do is make a few simple changes. The minimalistic design will suit your business and bring new customers in no time!

There is a dedicated empty space, where you can describe the unique selling proposition of your company. It will give the prospect a moment to ponder and they will take your business more seriously.

You may have a lot of products, but highlighting the best ones will help you catch the customer’s eye. An e-commerce store is way more than just the products. There are other aspects involved like delivery, shipping charges, and customer service.

Describe how your business does when it comes to these aspects and convince the customers.

4. SKT Feng Shui

feng shui


Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of arranging buildings, objects, and space in an environment that helps achieve harmony. Feng Shui translates to the way of wind and water.

It has roots in Taoism, but it is extremely popular today. If you are thinking of creating an astrology, numerology, spirituality, gemstone consultancy, Vastu shastra, and tarot card readings related website, then this theme can be used.

One of the main benefits of this theme is that not only will you get to explain important topics in detail with the blogs, but you can also use WooCommerce to sell products that can help your customers achieve better harmony.

5. SKT Geyser

skt geyser


SKT Geyser is a theme for companies that provide water heating solutions. You can use different elements to explain why your brand is better than the competitors.

There is a space, where you can highlight the best geysers in your store. Another section of the website highlights the pros of the product.

People love a brand that helps them save money. You should always keep coming up with new discounts, which is why this theme has a section for such deals. Overall, this is a pretty solid theme for any e-commerce business!

6. GB Shoes

GB Shoes


The background of this theme is light which allows the main product to be highlighted, which in this case is shoes. You can always make changes after installing the theme.

With the help of this theme, you can focus on bestselling shoes, discounts on shoes, new arrivals, and shoe categories.

The emphasis of this theme is on the product. By the end of scrolling, the customer will know everything there is to know about the shoes you sell. It takes a small section to highlight the pros of choosing your company.

You can add elements here with a few words of text. Usually, people are looking to gain information like shipping time, warranty, return policy, etc. All of this information can be provided in this section while making your brand look good.

7. Bicycle Shop

Bicycle Shop is a WordPress theme that is easy on the eyes and it lets you explain the advantages of choosing your product. There are sections added to include lucrative deals which last for a long time.

Such deals are likely to increase the sale of your products. It follows a similar layout to other successful e-commerce websites, which means it is tried and tested!

8. Flower Shop

This is truly a beautiful theme with light vibrant colors that can relax anyone. While it is designed for flower shops it can also be used by other businesses such as cosmetics stores, perfume stores, online bakeries, etc.

Navigating your website will be extremely easy for the customer as products are divided into different categories. Be clear about what you are and what you are not. You can clearly describe your services in one section.

You can also display your pricing plan so that customers can choose accordingly. Overall, this theme is one of the most transparent minimal eCommerce WordPress themes.

9. Bathware

This theme was developed for stores that sell bathware. That is why the background is completely white. One of the distinguishing factors of this theme is that it is video friendly.

Now you can explain your unique selling proposition on video without writing too much text or occupying a lot of space. That is the reason this theme makes an effective minimal eCommerce WordPress theme.

10. SKT Lingerie Pro

This theme was designed for companies that sell lingerie online. Such products are very delicate and a loud noisy theme will disrupt the user’s peace of mind. That is why the background is white with light supportive colors.

Now, customers can scroll and decide which product suits them. There is no need for a lot of text. You just have to add the images of your best products with prices. Thankfully, this theme supports HD images, so the customers can see what they can get out of your store!

11. SKT Appliances Pro

This theme is designed for companies that sell electronic appliances like mobile phones, VR headsets, desktops, laptops, earphones, headphones, music systems, television, fridge, home theater, etc.

One of the factors in the appliances sector has been that simplicity is key. Simplicity has become increasingly popular in most of the electronic appliances that are found in stores and online.

That is why most of the products will have colors like black, grey, and white. The same mindset was used to create this minimalist theme.

You can use this theme to highlight your products, the categories, and the best deals for your customers. There is no doubt that your venture will be successful with such a tried and tested theme.

12. Shopzee

Shopzee is an ultimately responsive e-commerce WordPress theme which has been tested to function on most of the electronic devices. While developing a website, you must take care of details like what the view will be like on different systems.

Now you don’t have to worry as you know that this theme is functional on all systems and browsers. This theme exudes style while being minimalistic this is a rare feat.

You can describe how shopping with your company works to those who are new to your website. This theme has an entire section dedicated to that.

E-commerce businesses run on discounts because the customers love them. That is why this theme includes many sections where you can highlight news about discounts.

It is best to reward customers who subscribe to your newsletter. You get to keep customers in the loop with your business while they reap the rewards.

13. Tea Shop

Many people get a calm feeling after drinking a simple cup of tea. This theme embodies that feeling of calmness and brings it to life. It can be used by anyone who wants to sell products online.

It is best to provide customers with different options in the beginning only. This theme has this section just below the header image. Like all businesses, you need to sway customers. Nothing changes just because you are selling products online.

This theme comes with a dedicated section, where you can provide a checklist of benefits. If that does not sway the customers, you can always include customer testimonials. This theme is minimalistic, but it is also very sales oriented.

14. Ele Store

This theme will give your e-commerce store a graceful look. It is up to date with the updated version of WordPress. The code used in the theme is developer friendly, so if your team wants to make any changes to the code it will be easy to do so. This theme is designed to keep the customer on the site for as long as possible.

You can highlight the best collection of products that you have with this theme. If the user finds a product they like in this collection it is likely that they will find more. However, if they do not find what they were looking for then it saves their time.

15. Jewellery

This theme consists of classy colors like black, white, and gold. The color combination is not an accident. The theme was designed this way because it is mostly used by online jewelry stores.

You can highlight the products with a white background and important information with the other two colors. This way prospects will have an eye out for their ideal products and for details that can help them.

You can also include discounts with this theme easily. Overall, this is a pretty good theme for e-commerce businesses that sell luxury products.

16. SKT Pottery

This theme has a simple and down-to-earth look. You can highlight the different products and services you provide by using animated elements. There is a separate section that can be used to highlight your new arrivals.

You can win the trust of the user by displaying positive customer reviews. Overall, this is one of the most simple and easy-to-use themes on the list. If you are selling other useful, but low-key products, you can use it too!

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