12 Membership WordPress Themes to Build Subscription Related Sites

membership WordPress themes

This collection of WordPress themes is apt for those creating a website. These themes feature high-quality designs and a wide array of categories.

Among the vast collection, you can find ideas for creating a subscription, naming a few for dating, online classes, fashion models, etc.  

Almost all the themes have been built to integrate hassle-free with leading paid membership and subscription WordPress plugins.

After activating the appropriate plugin, you can enable your audience to signup and also control the content your users can access.  

Some of the best membership WordPress themes feature all templates your site needs like user registration, submission forms, and signup. These themes also include models for other parts of the site and often offer article layouts.

Why are membership WordPress themes important?

As the world moves along the online trend for business, purchases, sales, designing, and news. A website plays an essential role in the tech-dominated world. A website is a primary place where companies can exchange thoughts with their clients.

The reason membership WordPress themes play an essential role because these themes help you to grab your target audience’s attention quickly.

Some of the best membership WordPress themes are:

SKT Job portal:

Job Portal WordPress Theme


The job portal theme has been designed and developed especially to meet all kinds of HR requirements. It is ideal for recruitment companies who need job portal websites to list job vacancies and listings.

By using the job portal theme, HR companies can easily set up a website without any hurdle. It is a boon for almost all companies as it offers various categories and complete control over them. You can easily set up this job portal.

Besides the job portal, the theme can also be used to list resumes and have a full-fledged membership site where clients can pay for posting their jobs, and potential candidates can apply with their resumes.

Features of the theme are:

  • You can post multiple jobs on this theme, including freelancing.
  • It has been tested with a wide variety of screen resolutions, and it is a 100% responsive template.
  • The theme has also passed the Google mobile-friendly test.
  • Blog provided with several layouts.
  • Commenting feature enabled.


dating WordPress theme


The dating theme was specially created for those having a dating website. One can use this theme to get viral traffic for sites via posts. Additionally, you can also have several pages for yourself that can be placed for showcasing testimonials.

Additionally, the theme allows the member to be searched, and an entire profile can be made for them. Members can easily connect with other members and know more about each other. They can also be added to different groups.

Technically the theme is highly resilient and is the best to design any matrimony site.

Some of the fantastic features of the site are:

  • The members who are active are also shown in the sidebar.
  • With each member profile, lots are allotted so that a detailed profile can be seen and created.
  • Support is provided via email and support forum.
  • Step by step video guide is also provided.
  • For the entire website site, layout variation is offered.


Jewellery Shop WordPress Theme


The jewelry shop membership WordPress theme is specifically designed to help users choose jewelry. Furthermore, it is a fantastic template to showcase jewelry from designers worldwide. The issue features shop areas that can be used to display products and services in a fascinating way.

You can also change the color scheme of the website by using the color picker. Thus the website can be used for multipurpose ways. You can use the theme for any domain as it is responsive in nature and mobile-friendly.

Furthermore, you can add various widgets to the sidebar.

Features of the theme are:

  • It is a multipurpose template.
  • As all parts of the theme can be changed, it is a dynamic template.
  • One can easily customize the theme.
  • Both single and blog layout included with the theme.
  • Easy to follow steps integrated into the documentation.
  • The theme is simple to use and can be used for first-timers also.


CoWorking WordPress theme


The theme falls under the office membership WordPress themes category as the office requires a lot of supplies, including stationery. This template has been built to create the majority of the official websites. Coworking can be defined as a big office space shared by office people.

In metro cities where real estate rates are an all-time high, it is challenging to buy an office. Thus the coworking themes prove useful for such organizations who wish to save on costs and build a virtual office.  

The standard concept of coworking is that they have a shared conference room, shared reception area, toilets, and space. Whenever someone needs the same, it can be shared.  

Features of theme are:

  • Several industries can use it.
  • It is easy to handle and maintain.
  • The theme also comes with step by step guide for all locations.
  • In some cases, if there is some problem, free installation is all provided.
  • More than 2000 social media icons.

Event Planners Pro:

Event Agency WordPress Theme


Ideally, functions and events play a crucial part in our lives. From birthday parties to business meetings, there are some of the other events taking place in our lives. Many event planning companies currently take care of any special occasion.

The WordPress theme helps you in designing your event website. The things that made this theme legitimate are compatibility with woocommerce design. The item will let you accept payments online. It makes transactions easy.

It is one of the top-notch themes related to the event website. Website coding has been done on SEO standards.

Features of the theme are:

  • The theme can be used to design websites for an event agency, conference, wedding events, seminar, festival, and many more.
  • It is easy to use and converse with the client.
  • The theme can be used by various industries to build their websites.
  • Users can also design the header section differently.
  • To design the footer section, five layouts are provided.

Business Consulting:

Business Consulting


The workings of any business play a crucial role in the profit margin and business prospects. Notoriety plays a vital role in both the corporate and business world. Thus it is the main reason why business firms pay considerable fees to customer relationship management.

Irrespective of the business type, your website will be evaluated on your website basis. Furthermore, almost all people have become hooked to the digital world, so newspaper ads are outdated now. The theme includes beautiful images, dynamic features, and jaw-dropping visuals.

You can choose as this theme is social media friendly and outstanding in the majority of the aspects.

Features of the theme are:

  • The theme is perfect for the advisor, business, business consulting, corporate and related sites.
  • After the purchase of the theme, one does the installation for free.
  • You can also change the site’s font, color, layout, and elements.
  • The theme is entirely responsive.
  • A total of four layout variations are provided.


Crypto WordPress theme


For some people, cryptocurrency is a challenging topic, but the ones who understand it are interested in knowing the smallest details also. Cryptocurrency has gained a lot of popularity of late as the conception of cryptocurrencies plays a vital role in finance, economic market, and marketing.

You can design an elegant website by using a cryptocurrency theme.  When you create a website, you should cling to modern needs and necessary elements. It is one of the best sites related to cryptocurrency.

Thus you can use this theme to design a website related to cryptography. The social media-friendly feature made this feature more fascinating.

Features of the theme are:

  • The crypto website can be viewed on various devices, including desktop, mobile, or laptop.
  • You can design any kind of website using this theme.
  • The theme can be designed using the documentation steps.
  • It is easy to use.

Meditation Pro:

Meditation WordPress theme


In the hustle-bustle of life, almost every one of us has forgotten to take care of our health. The neglect has led to various diseases, including asthma, diabetes, obesity, hypertension, etc. One of the best ways to take care of your health is by practicing yoga or meditation.

Yoga is ideally a system of mental and physical discipline that originated in India years back. It also features pranayama. The activity is known to incarnate one’s attention to a single point. Currently, the business of yoga centers and training classes have been thriving.

Thus this theme is way more than alluring images, and it is best to design websites for fitness, beauty, gym, healthcare, salon, yoga, and spa. The theme is stylized with HTML and CSS3.

Features of the theme are:

  • The theme works well with all browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and others.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Many industries can use the theme.

SKT Gym Pro:



Fitness zone WordPress theme features a body, fitness center, aerobics, sports club, women gym, and athletes. The idea is interesting to achieve an extraordinary stature. The theme gives you a transparent engagement, content, and flawlessly bright screen.

The present-day theme is revised continuously to integrate with the latest development. The idea is flexible and entirely responsive. This theme is perfect for showing business centers and health care centers in a significant way.

Features of the theme are:

  • The theme is entirely responsive.
  • The theme is ideal for fitness, gym training, and health care center business.
  • One of the most popular sliders of the theme is a revolution slider that gives the subject an innovative and responsive way to show the content uniquely.
  • The theme also allows social media sharing.

Ele Fashion:



Just like you cannot eat the same food every day, you cannot wear the same fashion regularly. When you still yourself, you express yourself without speaking. Thus way plays a vital role in our lives.

Often fashion industry is considered one of the best trades. Fashion changes now and then. When you visit a website for any fashion business, you will see that website contains many images and content and minimizes the site speed.

This theme will allow you to add different types of content.

Features of the theme are:

  • The theme is suitable for boutiques, fashion stores, clothes, shops, etc.
  • The fashion theme is compatible with the latest version.
  • All menu options are integrated into one navigation button.
  • The theme is also grouped with premium according to fashion business needs.
  • It is also integrated with the most excellent quality and also have cleared cross-browser tests.

Ele Fitness:

fitness club


The success of any website depends upon the online presence. If you want to attract more users, you should always fulfill their needs. One of the biggest reasons that fitness clubs must have a website is to increase the number of bookings.

Thus, your customers can pay a membership fee online with several options. Furthermore, one can promote their business on social media accounts that will help them reach potential customers.

The fitness theme is ideal for offering services, including bodybuilding. It can also promote services like CrossFit. It is created for gyms and fitness hubs.

Features of the themes are:

  • The theme comes with some extraordinary features.
  • It is built to offer fitness services.
  • The theme is fully responsive.
  • The footer section can be personalized.

SKT Coupon:

skt coupon


Do you like helping people, or you wish to make money on digital platforms and help people save on extra expenses? You can do this by creating a web portal that is entirely coupon-based. You can offer some deals and discounts to your clients by creating a site.

You should ensure that customers can easily access the website on their laptops and mobiles.

Features of the theme are:

  • The SKT themes establish it.
  • You can easily access all the necessary features.
  • There are four different types of layouts available in this theme.

Thus all these membership WordPress themes are entirely responsive, and you can be assured that they will work on all devices. With these themes, you can easily connect to your target audience and attract them to your blog.

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