With These Amazing Machine Shop WordPress Theme Your Website

Setting up a website from scratch is never easy, no one claimed that it would be but that was before WordPress came into being. And now, thanks to WordPress, you can set up your website in a matter of minutes and take full advantage of an extremely adaptable and flexible platform, to date.

That’s what you need to do when planning to set up a website for your business and you can get the process started by checking through our collection of machine shop WordPress themes.

Often, most people fixate on the design aspect when choosing a theme and while that’s not exactly a bad thing, you need to focus on choosing a theme that comes with an outstanding design and yet with advanced functionality.

That’s why you need to check through our vetted list of machine shop WordPress themes; all of them have been coded by experts and each stand out for one reason or the other but all of them come loaded with advanced functionality.

As a result, your website should stand out for all the right reasons; so let’s take a closer look at some of these themes, shall we?

This theme is one of the top ranking themes when it comes to machine shop WordPress themes; one of the reasons that it gets the top billing could be on account of its flexibility, ease of use and the fact that it comes with advanced features.

It also comes with an intuitive design that’s easy on the eye; the layout is simple enough and coupled with the drop down menu, your users should not have any issue in navigating your pages. It is also HTML5 and CSS3 based and comes with 600+ Google fonts, 500+ social icons.

The theme is completely customizable and it also comes with multiple layout options, side bar options so you can decide how you would like your posts to appear to others.

And as the theme is compatible with third party plugins, you should be able to provide your customers with advanced functionality. With the right set of plugins, you should be able to provide your customers with premium customer service, advanced functionality and much more.

This theme has been coded as per the codex and therefore, the theme is resilient and often features advanced features. The theme comes with a price tag of $39 as well as support for a complete year.

Machine shop WordPress theme

1. Electrician Pro


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2. SKT Handyman Pro

Handyman WordPress theme

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This particular theme ranks quite well when it comes to machine shop WordPress themes for many a reason, starting with the fact that it is completely customizable and comes with a design that’s 100% responsive and one that has been tested for several resolutions.

So your users should be able to view the complete website and access all its key functionality, irrespective of what device they use to access your website. Apart from this, the overall design is simple, and intuitive.

As a result, your users should find your front page easy on the eye and the strategic use of white space should immediately draw their attention to the call to action and important features of your website.

It reuses the same core functionality as with many themes, with respect to pages and posts so you should find it easy to set up individual pages and even customize the posts as you need to. It also comes with multiple layout options and even header, footer options as well.

The fact that this theme is cross browser compatible, cross device compatible and is compatible with third party plugins should make it apparent why this theme should be your top pick.

Now, with the right plugins, you should be able to optimize your web content – from posts to imaes, use the default sliders as well as others to display high resolution images and even feature a slide show.

The point is that with this theme, your website should get more traction online; and it is even attractively priced at $48 only, with free installation and support for one year.

3. Welder


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When it comes to machine shop WordPress theme, this particular theme ranks right among the top ten. It is easy to see why as it comes loaded with several widgets and advanced features. The overall design is simplistic itself with a drop down menu and a minimalistic design to boot.

As a result, your website should definitely stand out from the rest and more importantly, the theme comes with default slider and has been tested with other slider plugins as well such as master, crelly, Cyclone slider 2, revolution, meta and accordion slider.

It is also woo commerce compatible and with certain third party plugins, you should be able to set up an integrated payment gateway with several options for payment including digital wallets.

The theme is easy to customize and what’s more, with these third party plugins, you should be able to provide your users with enhanced functionality, which should help you rank better in SERPS. It comes with a price tag of $39 only along with bundled one year support as well.

4. Engineering Pro

Engineering WordPress theme

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Of all the machine shop WordPress themes out there, this one ranks amongst the top five, given its ease of use. The theme certainly comes with an eye catching and yet, simplistic design that’s gradient less and based on material designs.

The theme is a multi-purpose one which means that it can be repurposed for any business niche, with a few changes. The overall structure of the theme is simplicity so your users should not have any issue in navigating the pages of your website.

It also comes with multiple layout, header, footer, and sidebar options and moreover, you can use certain call to action with these elements.

The theme itself is compatible with third party plugins which means that you can use select plugins to speed up the performance of your website, provide you with better analytics on your web visitors so that you can streamline your marketing and even send out push notifications.

All of these are bound to get you more visitor, and given the fact that this theme comes with a price of $39, that’s rather a bargain given all the additional tools and features it comes loaded with.

5. Industrial

skt industrial

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If you are planning to set up a website for your industry or anything associated with the same, then you would definitely need this theme which incidentally ranks as one of the top ten when it comes to machine shop WordPress themes.

The theme itself comes with a classical design with layout options along with sidebar options to boot as well. More importantly, the design is completely responsive and scalable; it does not come with a fixed depth and your users should be able to access your website from anywhere, with any device.

This should help you provide your users with better quality of services and your conversion rate should go up as well.

Moreover, as the theme comes with both infinite and parallax scrolling, the bounce rate should be kept way down, and in turn should help you land more prospective customers while improving your page views and in turn, your SEO.

The theme comes with sliders, default galleries which you can use to showcase high resolution images and media files. The theme is compact, comes with intelligent design and is just what you need when starting out. It comes with a price tag of $39, and at that rate, it’s a real bargain.

6. Auto Car

auto car

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What makes this theme stand out above all others is the ease of use and the fact that it is easy to customize; of course it comes with complete documentation but the theme itself is easy to customize and even a novice should be able to handle it.

The overall design is minimalistic which is great, seeing how this is a multi-purpose theme, and one that can be reused for any industry or niche.

More importantly, it has been tested as to whether it is mobile friendly and more importantly, as to its responsiveness – it is 100% responsive and fully scalable.

The theme also comes with drop down menus which make it easier for users to navigate the various pages and is compatible with third party plugins.

Essentially, with this theme you can install cache plugins on your website and speed up the performance of your various pages as well as translate the content of the same, into various languages, automatically.

Now, you can provide your users with advanced functionality and this should result in better conversion rates as well as higher rankings on SERPS. The theme itself comes with a $39 price tag as well as bundled support for one year.

These are some of the top machine shop WordPress themes; each stands out on its own and each one of them should help you get your website more traction online.

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