Live Streaming WordPress Themes for Digital Live Streaming Videos Platform

Do you want to have one of the best live streaming WordPress themes for online broadcasting or video based website? Then you’ll love our collection of the best WordPress based website builders custom built to support you in your digital initiatives.

Whether it’s going to be a sports centric website with live updates and live streaming videos, or another niche specific platform that requires live coverage of different events and meetings, programs and tutorials around the clock.

Online betting website with live sports competitions and more, these live streaming WordPress themes come with everything you will need to master the technique of an experienced webmaster.

Experimenting with live streaming and broadcasting your business conferences, lessons and tutorials, product launches, sports events and other important undertakings has much to do with your brand or business promotion in the most effective manner that is going to result in a better client engagement by all means.

Moreover, the advantages of live streaming are obvious not only for the business but the clients and consumers as well.

Live streaming platforms enable millions of people to take part in the occasions and events they are fond of, who are too far away to attend in person, learn something new, subscribe to multimedia channels and enjoy their favorite broadcasts and highlights, participate in online classes or benefit in another way.

Well, with these advantages of broadcasting and live streaming websites and blogs, let’s consider the candidacy of the most versatile live streaming WordPress themes for your own digital project.

Regardless of whether you are going to experiment exclusive web design solutions, give an air of excitement or adrenaline to your sports club website or take into account other prerequisites for guaranteeing excellent user experience throughout your profile.

Each of these live streaming WordPress themes will walk you through the easiest way of building the website of your dreams.

Live Streaming WordPress Themes

SKT MovieMaker

SKT MovieMaker


SKT Videography Pro

SKT Videography





Vloggers and event managers, video news services, multimedia production agencies, public television companies who need live streaming functionality in their website can choose Perfect Event and enjoy its admin friendly environment to succeed online.

Depending on the type of stream and its content, you are going to need a certain set of tools and elements to play with.

In this relation, FilmMaker is loaded with everything you will ever require for crafting a top quality live streaming website that will ensure hassle free broadcasting and live videos, scheduling lives and more with the help of compatible plugins, add ons, shortcodes, etc.

SKT Tube

video WordPress theme


Any kind of video graphic or live streaming website can be created and quickly progressed if paired with SKT Tube.

It’s a modern looking and ambitions website template with a similarity to a popular YouTube and hence can be easier to digest and follow for your current and prospective audience.

Of course, you can totally change the outfit and extend the functional base of this responsive and browser checked template to me more than a WordPress version of the largest video repository.

You can set a completely new typography, use the homepage video slider for your own video materials and broadcasting purposes, live streaming and more, add contact details and useful links to the widgetized zones, etc.


soccer WordPress theme


Multimedia and Internet television channels, IT and telecommunication companies, associate press and video based news and magazine style businesses, elearning and LMS channels and portals, sports and broadcasting station digital profiles can all be successfully based on

If we go deeper into the possibilities of Soccer, we’ll discover hundreds of practical tools and elements without which it would not be called one of the best live streaming WordPress themes.

It comes with fully responsive and mobile friendly coding which means your website guests will be able to follow your live streaming videos and updates with their portable devices while being on the move or anywhere they prefer.

Other important features Soccer are SMO and SEO readiness, preloaded packs of fonts and shortcodes, color picker for choosing new touches and colors for the theme, and finally, plugin compatibility to finalize the functional base of your live streaming website.

Wedding Videographer

Wedding videographer Wordpress Theme


From the peace of simplicity in usage and customization to the challenge of an exclusively eye catchy and productive web design solutions, here is what Wedding Videographer looks like for an average website admin.

Ready to host any kind of image, audio and video streams, Wedding Videographer is ideal for photo and video experts, animators, digital specialists, designers, architects, sports commentators, event managers and planners to share their materials online and gather a crowd of viewers and observers around them.

Music Producer

music band WordPress theme


Any kind of digital product or file can be hosted by Music Producer that is visually dynamic and functionally durable, shortcodes based and admin friendly to make you the real owner of your site.

The developers of Music Producer have used their talents and skills to create one of the most powerful live streaming WordPress themes that can be used both for personal and business purposes.

Wonderfully coded and reliable in terms of functional base, responsive and mobile optimized, quick in performance and smooth with navigation levels, Music Producer is going to give you extra search capability so that you can invite as many potential website visitors as your live streaming website deserves.

Game Developer

game developer WordPress theme


Game Developer is another top selling web creation and management system designed with care and in compliance with the latest WordPress requirements.

Anyone wanting to go online with a professional looking and high quality website that will be easier to follow for the audience and simple to customize for the webmaster, Game Developer will prove invaluable.

The theme is also fully documented which means you are going to find the best guidance to give you a sound footing into how you can deal with this or that part of the theme, how you can optimize it or make more productive, more user centric or great looking.

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