9 Downloadable Javascript WordPress Themes

The best Javascript WordPress themes are collected in this article for a website or blog of every nature and denomination and for a website owner of any background.

Javascript or client side script is a well known object scripting programming language widely used in web design and development along with HTML and CSS. It is also well supported by the web browsers ready to allow your website content execute well in a web page for an interactive and dynamic user experience.

Apart from the ultimate browser support, Javascript forms the core part of the majority of top functions and applications revolving around the virtual arena, among them also search engines.

Basically, the Javascript code is executed on the user’s computer, thus making the performance of tasks and their results relatively fast.

While there are tons of Javascript WordPress themes available for an average website user, finding the one that matters the most when it comes to showcasing your web content can be bewildering.

Therefore, we have spared no efforts to create a wonderful virtual journey for you across the best Javascript WordPress themes to choose from for your next online project.

Javascript WordPress Themes

All of them are browser and mobile independent, meaning that your website will perform equally well across different browsers, mobiles and platforms.

Additionally, each and every Javascript based template below is a unique assemblage of useful tools and customization controls to make your online presence unrepeatable.

6 Top Javascript WordPress Themes for Beautiful Animated Websites

1. SKT Bags

Bag Store WordPress Theme

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2. SKT Ortho

Orthopedic Therapy WordPress Theme

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3. SKT Eye Care

eye care

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4. Car Rental


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Car Rental is one of the latest Javascript WordPress themes for car related industry and its branches. From car rental services and car brokers to mechanics and auto salons, every kind of car and vehicles centric business will find prosperity with Car Rental.

It comes with a unique design yet easy to use interface, hassle free functionality and admin optimized Admin Dashboard to add your own touches to the default template.

This template is totally responsive and mobile optimized, with color picker included in the toolbox for you to control the site colors whenever needed. There are also more than 100 shortcodes preloaded with it so that you can add any functionality without being a professional developer.

5. Flower Shop


demo-buttondownload button

Flower Shop is visually pleasing and colorful template ready to sweep your website viewers off their feet.

The inviting face of the theme makes it easy for you to welcome your potential clients and direct them whenever needed with effective posts and publications, links and calls to actions, contact info and more.

As the name of the theme suggests, this template is suitable for flower and design shops, florists and events planners, as well as other design and decoration, flower and blooms related businesses.

The theme’s arsenal comes equipped with color and font controls to breathe new life and shades into your profile. Widget friendly areas, including sidebar, footer and header are also at your leisure to share some additional content with your audience easily.

6. Adventure


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If you are looking for the ambitious Javascript WordPress theme to go live with your tourism or adventure sports website or blog, Adventure is what you are looking for.

It is ideal for sport clubs and adventure enthusiasts, bloggers and online magazine editors to publish their engaging content accurately on a regular basis.

Hundreds of practical elements and options are loaded with Adventure to make your virtual life amazingly interesting and easy at the same time.

On the whole, this responsive and SEO optimized website builder is seamlessly flexible in usage while celebrating lightweight backend and admin area.

WooCommerce compatibility has been checked with this template for you to run an online store and sell your physical and digital products. You are also free to add any page builder, social or social sharing plugin for better results and client engagement.

7. SKT Education

SKT Education

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SKT Education is a learning platform to host your education or learning website, online courses and trainings, kindergarten, schools and university websites and more.

Since the educational environment should also be engaging and motivational, the authors of SKT Education have done their best to make it visually inspiring and encouraging, easy to grasp in its entirety, and finally, easy to use.

It is one of the best Javascript WordPress themes that meets any LMS needs easily. The homepage sections and boxes are more than enough to draw an influential image of your institution or learning center, showcase your experts and professional tutors, enlist courses and faculties, etc.

You can also rely on the prebuilt Customizer to make the needed changes to the theme and preview them instantly.

8. SKT Banking

banking WordPress theme

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The financial and banking world will highly appreciate our SKT Banking for its productive unity of form and function.

It’s one of the affordable and results driven way for banks and credit organizations, financial marketers and advisors to communicate their services to their clients.

The theme celebrates entirely versatile nature with dozens of customization elements, among them color changing ones to style and restyle your theme as per your needs and requirements.

There are also 100 shortcodes for posts and pages, testimonials and more, as well as default homepage slider with 10 slides for your best images and photos.

The modern flat design is what stands behind the eye catchy and creative design of SKT Banking.

9. SKT Tube

skt tube

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SKT Tube is another top notch video and digital tool among Javascript WordPress themes with full support of YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion materials.

Homepage preloaded video slider is simple in usage so that you can add your video materials in a matter of seconds.

However, you are powered to replace the existing slider with another video slider, since lots of other valuable sliders are effortlessly compatible with SKT Tube.

Pre enabled video shortcodes, Customizer for quick changes and amendments, footer and header variations to choose from, page and site layout, widget friendly and surprisingly easy to understand platform are all included in this template.

If you want to reach a broader audience and client base including people of different nationalities and countries, you can make your content available in different languages, since SKT Tube is also multilingual ready with relevant plugins support.

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