Internet Provider WordPress Themes for Broadband ISP Hosting Sites

A splendid roundup of the best Internet provider WordPress themes is what we are going to highlight in this article for broadband and Internet service providers, telecommunication companies, call centers, web hosting and domain registrars, digital marketing agencies and other relevant businesses online.

Now, we can confidently say that the world will never be the same as before. It will certainly be divided into two completely different time periods – before and after the appearance of the global network or the Internet.

The role of the Internet in the life of a modern man is hard to overestimate. It is nowadays regularly used by more than 30% of the world population, and it is a little too much about 1.500.000.000 people.

An influential number, right? Meanwhile, it was planned to use the Internet only for work purposes.

Internet Provider WordPress Themes

Well, with the growing demand for Internet based services and offers, specialized service and Internet providers, digital agencies and specialists were among the ones who have managed to take advantage of the situation and make money.

This article on the Internet provider WordPress themes is mainly for such Internet providers and other virtual service companies and organizations which are engaged in providing people with the access to the worldwide networking system.

Needless to say that this system has already become their helping hand and reliable friend in different situations, and hence, people are not going to show stinginess when it comes to having a dependable and premium quality Internet access and connection with their PCs, mobiles and other devices.

Therefore, you can definitely choose one of the suggested Internet provider WordPress themes without long sober thinking and be sure you are going to have a fantastic visualization of your business online that will be user centric and highly demanded.

What are the benefits of choosing internet Provider WordPress themes? Bu choosing the best theme for you business you will not enjoy the massive traffic to your site, but these will allow to cater all your business needs successfully and deliver incredible results.

The themes will work out of the box as they have all the essential plugins and features that best to increase the functionality of the website.

Additionally, you do not need to stress for technical faults and features. The customer support and updates are available. Your job is to apply the theme and get results.

Well, it doesn’t mean you can start with any internet provider WordPress themes. You should choose from the scratch and here we have listed best themes. Have a look.


Telecom WordPress theme

demo-buttondownload button

Telecom is one of the best Internet provider WordPress themes offering numerous useful and amazing features to create a website user friendly.

This internet WordPress theme is fully customizable and impactful for designing a website such as cable television, computer, an internet company, telecom communication, communication data, telephone services, and related.

It can be best for multiple Industries because it is also said as a multi-purpose WordPress theme that includes file layout variations, header, and footer sections. 

In this, you can add more functionality to the website by integrating with shortcodes along with its extensive documentation that helps you to improve and enhance the design of the website.

SKT Hosting

hosting WordPress theme

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Showcase your potential and future clients that the distance does not matter at all. Be available for them in 24/7 format with the assistance of one of the best hosting and Internet provider WordPress themes out theme and showcase your useful service.

The theme’s default structure is well taken care of for you to replace the demo content with your own one and enlist Internet provision, service management, tariff plan switching, checking account balance, online payment, e wallet and other services, packages, discounts and more.

Additionally, SKT Hosting is one size fits all solution for all those businessmen who are well aware of the advantages responsive and adaptive website.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security

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Cyber Security is yet another day Best Internet provider WordPress theme which has been specially created for the website related to the internet service provider, telecom industry, and cyber cells.

With this theme, you will generate a website that gives long-term business success because it is highly integrated with great tools and plugins that make your business extremely easy to handle.

Even the live customizer option is also available; one-click installation is ready for a Startup. The more you will find in this theme by clicking its trial package.

High Tech 


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High Tech is also a great theme that offers new useful features for creating a website for computer repair laptop, repair, cyber security and more. The theme will provide you a call to action and contact form with captcha code.

Also, it includes standard pages like a gallery, about us, and services. You can easily add multiple plugins and pages to your website. 

This is compatible with shortcut plugins, the blog page template is also supported. In short, high tech is a great theme that you can get for the fully responsive Framework.

This is also super easy and flexible for any device and browser. Moreover, with the theme, you will get the predefined layout as well as homepage and shortcodes. 

Ele Agency 

ele agency lite

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If you would like to create a website for your eCommerce business, services, and more you can choose this theme because it is based on an elementor page builder that gives your website aesthetic look and easier function.

It’s every layout and section is quicker to load with CSS effects. The shortcodes is easily customized in a small part. Also, the layouts and sections are mobile optimized. 

With this theme, you will get a standard page like calendar, categorizes, and search. Moreover, it helps you to smoothly edit the layout and choose from the various layouts. It includes high resolution of quality pictures in the areas that quickly grab your user attention.

Once you start using the theme, its blue color is applied to the header and footer section that easily give the flexibility and animated design to your website.

Moreover, you will get a 404 error page reserve for users. The support will be provided with an email ID or Skype. You can get agency themes and enjoy the professional yet amazing website. 

Digital Agency 

digital agency wordpress theme

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A digital agency is also the best Internet provider WordPress theme which creates your website easily.

If you are looking for a theme that can help you create your company website related to SEO, SMM, Google ads, online advertising, cyber security, product store, content marketing, and many more.

This is the perfect time to get started with. It is built with an innovative page builder named elementor page builder 

The theme is easy to load and comes with various elements that increase the functionality of the website. Additionally, the theme is highly responsive for every device and browser.

It is available in one single click and imports the data automatically. The contact form 7 and Ninja forms + captcha code is also available. 

If you are a blogger and looking to start a digital agency then this is a great theme to get started with.  This provides support for Jetpack and CDN.

The sidebar options are also available. Moreover, it is integrated with the WooCommerce plugin that helps you to generate income easily. It is also available in 1-year Limited customer support. So, avail now! 

SKT Industrial 

skt industrial

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SKT industrial is a very popular internet provider WordPress theme that offers you various features to get started with your professional website.

This theme is featured with full functional at once elements such as typography, full color changing options, layouts, gallery, testimonials section, service pages, and many more.

This is based on an easy to use interface that makes your customers easily satisfied with your web performance. 
Moreover, it is social media and search engine optimized theme which can be best for any website and industry.

It also includes a filterable gallery and carousels for testimonials. This is a completely documented theme.

You can use it for creating a website which is best to give User experience. The last header and footer sections are user- friendly so anything you can add or include as a default. 

Solar Energy Pro 

Solar Energy WordPress theme

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If your website is about producing renewable energy sources, Eco green industries and related you can use this theme for creating a user-friendly website. In this, we will provide you with several sidebars, right sidebar and no sidebar and blog templates.

This is a translation and multilingual Ready theme that supports various plugins such as Loco Translate, WPML, and compatible plugins include blog layouts, Google fonts, and other languages.

This is also a BBpress compatible theme which supports their website in multiple platforms. 

It includes both header and footer sections and also provides you with great animation control features. More than that, it includes a flat and material design which is very useful and simple for anyone.

It supports multiple domains and customer support is always there to help you. Also, it includes social media plugins and SEO optimized features. 

Web Programmer 

Web Programmer is the most amazing website template which is fast, lightweight, and compatible with every device and browser. This is a programmer theme that is easy to load with Google fonts.

It also includes sections, homepage, and many more pages that provide useful documentation for easy access to this theme include multiple header and footer sections with four Layouts to choose from.

The XML demo import content, default address attached, and also slider options available. This is also compatible with css3 animations and logins more than that WooCommerce compatible login is also there to support your business out of the box. 

Electrician Pro 

Electrician Pro is yet another famous internet provider WordPress theme you can choose for.

This is a special theme created for the website related to Electricity, digital marketing services, lighting repair, maintenance and repair of electrical Infrastructures and others.

This is a powerful theme that includes an inbuilt call to action buttons. Also, it is created with SKT page builder which makes it easy to manage and load on every device and browser.

The themes include AMP plugin, various templates that support every device such as mobile phones, laptops, and many more.

Also, it is WooCommerce compatible and available for multiple plugins installed such as social media, search engine, slider and more. This template is very powerful and good to reach the customers. 

Laptop Repair Pro 

If you are business is about repairing laptops, computer and more than Laptop Repair Pro is a best team you can choose for your business it is based on modern clean and professional look.

It includes homepage section come about a section that help you to show your services in a better way it is mobile friendly and Google tested theme.

Also, this is designed with the latest WordPress version that can help users to identify your website easily. 

This theme includes in-built shortcodes, call to action buttons, and various social media plugins that allow you to easily create pages and redesign the structure of the templates.


SKT SEO is one of the splendidly versatile and elegantly sparkling digital marketing and Internet provider WordPress themes. It is custom built to prove you how a well managed website can be the basis of your groundbreaking success in the nearest future.

Your website needs to be as smooth and error free, as quick in response time and as user centric as the Internet services you offer to your audience. With SKT SEO you can be sure to have not only those qualities, but yet much more.

Flexibility in management, clean interface for better absorbing of information by the website guest, responsive design to ensure your site is accessible both for desktop and mobile users are what make SKT SEO so meaningful and significant.

Game Developer

The next dynamic and purposeful template designed and worked out specifically for digital and Internet service providers is called Game Developer.

Thanks to the adaptive nature, this template can be reformed and restyled to meet your business needs and serve you as a platform for your game or web developing, Internet marketing or service provision website.

You may not have particular web development or design skills, but with Game Developer it can never be an obstacle for you.

Customizer based settings, configuration options with pages and posts, footer and header variations and other features are given within the theme for making your workload much simpler.

The theme is also made to be ads friendly meaning you have additional ways to exercise in order to receive higher profit from your online presence.

IT Consultant

Smart content provided by you and an invincibly blend of form and functionality offered by IT Consultant will make your marketing efforts highly productive.

This professional and smartly developed website tool is suitable for IT and digital world, relevant services and consultation, repair and service centers, Internet broadband services, mobile cellular companies, etc.

Totally translation ready, IT Consultant enables you to translate your down to the neighborhood content into different languages to widen the geography of your influence.

However, translation plugins are not the only ones which have been tested with IT Consultant. SEO and SMO, gallery and shortcodes, as well as page builder plugins can also be added to the theme for expanding the functional basis of your site.

Flat Pro

Let us get you totally inspired by the modern flat web design trends. Flat Pro is one of such modern looking and flat or material web design based templates among the best Internet provider WordPress themes you can effortlessly purchase and use.

All in all, it is one of the practical technics you can use for your site that will contribute to the responsive and legible performance of your site across as many platforms and devices as your clients will prefer.

By the application of font and color changing options, layout choices, widget friendly areas and plugin support, you can progress Flat Pro into something more than just an ordinary website of an Internet provider.

The App Pro

The last template dedicated to the ultimate operation of any digital based website or blog is called the App Pro.

Crafted for app and product launches, digital services promotion and repair centers, The App Pro unifies pixel perfect design with handy toolbox including customization controls based on the theme’s Customizer, homepage slider with available settings, background and image changes, etc.

SEO and SMO friendly coding has been done properly for your site to dominate search engine results and appear on the best social media platforms.


Q1- Are Internet Company WordPress themes a one-time purchase

If you are purchasing premium themes it refers as one-time purchase theme. However, you will be able to switch the theme until you have not renewed the plan.

Q2- Which Internet Provider WordPress themes are best for beginners?

The drag-drop internet provider WordPress themes can be best for the beginners. Following are the themes rich with web features and easy to customize.

  • Digital Agency
  • SKT industrial
  • Ele agency
  • Solar energy pro
  • High Tech

Q3- How to change Internet Provider WordPress theme name?

Visit the dashboard>move to appearance>Editor Tab. Choose the theme which you would like to edit and open the file. Change the theme name and save the settings.

Q4- How do Internet Provider WordPress themes work?

The internet Provider WordPress themes files are coded with HTML 5 and CSS3. This allows saving all your information of the website in MySQL database.

Then this information retrieved from the database using PHP. Then the information is displayed via your database using HTML and CSS3.

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