Infinite Scroll WordPress Themes the Next Step Towards Minimizing the Bounce rate

As hard as may seem to get any traction online with a brand new website, there are various ways that you can ensure that your website is getting the right amount of traction.

If your current design is outdated, and is no longer getting any traffic, then it may be time for a brand makeover and you can start the process by scoping out your competition and checking out their websites.

The fact is that online traffic is finicky at best and every online user values his time and if that was not enough, most of them have extremely short attention span.

Given this, and the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of themes for you to pick from, you may want to go ahead and check out infinite scroll WordPress themes.

Just check out our top pick among all the infinite scroll WordPress themes and you’ll see why they are essential for any company trying to re-brand itself or trying to establish their presence online in an already saturated market.

Infinite Scroll WordPress themes

These themes have been handpicked for a variety of reasons and chief among them is that they all feature infinite scroll.

1. Logistic

Cargo WordPress theme


This particular theme is a multi-purpose theme and one that comes loaded with infinite scroll; one of the reasons why webmasters value infinite scroll is the fact that with this particular scroll, and as users scroll down the page, the next post comes up.

Moreover, you can customize it, resize your posts, and with this scroll implemented on your website, you should be able to keep the bounce rate all the way down. Apart from the fact that this theme is one of the top ranked infinite scroll WordPress themes, it also happens to comes with a dynamic and 100% responsive design.

This should ensure that your users would be able to access complete functionality when they are accessing your website by utilizing various devices, such as android phone, iPad, etc.

It also comes with complete documentation and step by step process for the theme in question which should prove handy when you are trying to customize it for your website. You can change any page element, tweak, customize it and even improve its functionality by utilizing third party plugins.

At the end of the day, with this theme locked and loaded, your website should start getting more traction online than before.

2. Event Planner

Event Agency WordPress Theme


The event agency theme is a multi-purpose theme and one that can be utilized for any business or personal use.

You can even use this website to set up a wedding themed website or tweak it for a travel agency; the fact remains that this theme has a built in flexibility that makes it perfect for most businesses and therefore one that you can easily incorporate it to your website as it comes loaded with some fantastic features.

This theme is also ranked quite high when it comes to infinite scroll WordPress themes, and moreover, it comes with four header layout options as well as five footer layout options.

The theme is fully customizable and you can use the same to design and tweak all the important page elements on your website. The fact that it comes loaded with several short codes makes it apparent that you would not have to code anything to improve the functionality of your website, when using this theme.

The price tag is quite reasonable as the theme comes with a price tag of $39 and comes with free installation. Apart from this, the theme also comes with full documentation that should make it easier for you to tweak the website as you see fit.

3. Pest control

Pest Control WordPress theme


This theme manages to showcase the fact that infinite scroll is mandatory these days especially if you want to keep the bounce rate down and improve your SEO in the process.

The theme does come loaded with infinite scroll, apart from that it also comes with both full layouts as well as boxed layout and you can choose the one that you prefer. The theme itself comes with the latest trendy designs, and should help make your website stand out for all the right reasons.

If you are a brand new company and looking to make an impact with your website, then this may well be the theme that you need.

It comes with advanced functionality in the form of several short codes that you can use to enhance functionality on the website itself. Though this theme was mainly designed for the pest control niche, it is multi-purpose and can be reused for various verticals with ease.

The theme is designed as per SEO standards, and in line with Google’s recommendations; moreover it is compatible with various plugins such as Yoast SEO and all in one SEO. And at a price tag of $39 only, it is certainly attractive and also provides you with one year full support 24*7.

4. Junk Removal

Junk Removal


The theme was designed primarily for waste management niche but in reality, it is a multi-purpose website that can be utilized for any industry.

The fact that the theme is completely customizable and features as one of the top ranked infinite scroll WordPress themes, this makes it necessary for you to take a closer look at the theme, so that you can re-use it for your own website.

The theme comes loaded with infinite scroll, which gives your SEO and any monetization strategies that you may use on your website, a much needed boost. Apart from this, the theme has been tested for browser compatibility and is 100% responsive.

It is important for you to snag the attention of online users, and this theme comes with various templates, each classically designed with the sole purpose of making your website stand out for all the right reasons.

The designs are some of the latest and it should allow you to draw your visitors’ attention to the main page elements of your front page and to the call to action.

With this theme, along with the various short codes and advanced functionality, you should be able to provide your users with enhanced user experience which in turn should lead to better SERPS.

5. Caregiving

The senior care WordPress theme was specifically designed for healthcare, senior care organizations, organizations that specialize in providing medical care. But the neat thing about this theme is that it is multi-purpose and can be tweaked to suit any niche/ vertical, and you can even use it to set up a business related professional website.

The overall design is classic, and features latest design trends such as minimalism. That enables your visitors to focus on the main and important features of your website, and on the call to action.

The theme is 100% responsive, completely dynamic and more importantly, comes with complete documentation so that you should be able to customize any page element with ease.

More importantly, it comes loaded with several short codes and you can add a lot more, so you do not have to code anything when looking to customize any page element. It comes with both a fixed layout as well as a boxed layout and you can still tweak the layout as per your preference.

It comes with a reasonable price tag of $39, and comes bundled with several add-ons as well as one year of complete support.

6. Blog & Shop

The theme is well suited for online fashion blogs, personal blogs, online shops, life style blogs and much more.

The theme is multi-purpose and can be easily adapted to suit most businesses. The overall design is simplistic, with an easy flow and structure; it also comes with woo commerce and third party plugin compatibility, so you can use the same to set up a payment gateway for your customers to purchase your products/ services.

It is a completely responsive design and one that can be viewed on any device without loss of functionality.

It also comes with complete documentation with which you should be able to customize your website to your heart’s content. The theme itself comes with four header and five footer layout options that you can customize so that your website stands out for all the right reason.

The infinite scroll implemented on this theme makes it possible for you to keep the bounce rate on your website, all the way down.

It also comes with built in short codes that you can use to customize your website, without having to code anything. More importantly, the theme is fully customizable, and you can customize the website with ease, with the sole objective of making the website standout for all the right reasons.

These are some of the top themes in WordPress which rank well when it comes to infinite scroll WordPress themes.

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