Take Business to New Heights Using Grunge WordPress Themes

When it comes to websites, most often fail to gain much attention on account of their lousy design or the fact that they are loaded with so many plugins, that the pages take forever to upload.

A recent study clearly highlighted the fact that online users rarely stay for more than a few seconds per page and given this short space of time, it is essential for you to do a thorough analysis of your website, your traffic, bounce rate, design and see if you need to go in for a makeover.

And if you are running a business, this assumes more importance since you would want to attract more customers and naturally would need a design that’s all the more attractive and makes it easy for online users to access your website.

That’s why you may want to consider grunge WordPress themes and the various themes that incorporate the same.

Grunge WordPress themes

You may want to check out some of the top ranked grunge WordPress themes below and you should find that most of them are classically designed and can be used for any business niche with little or no changes.

More importantly, these themes have all been pre-vetted and tested, so they are, as good as it gets, if not more.



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This theme is about as grungy as it can get; it manages to encapsulate the best of a Grunge style WordPress themes and therefore it manages to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Coming with a dark background and incidentally, you can also go in for a lighter one, it comes packed with all the features, tools and widgets that you would ever need.

More importantly, the side bars are neatly designed and the theme is designed in a way so as to focus your user’s attention to the main features of your website with special emphasis on the call to action.

The theme is completely customizable so you should be able to change any page element, create a button or an event. And nope, since the theme comes pre-loaded with short codes, you would not have to code anything at any point.

The header can be incorporated with call to action and even though the theme was designed for a health site, it is a multi-purpose one and can be used with any business.

The add-on templates should make it easy for you to add on extra pages such as “contact us” or “about us” and so on. Coming with a price tag of $39, it’s quite cheap and well worth the price.

Wood Works

WoodWorks WordPress themes

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This theme ranks right at the top when it comes to beautiful Grunge WordPress themes; it comes bundled with complete documentation which should make it easier for you to customize the website as you see fit.

More importantly, it is completely customizable and all for $39. The neat part about fully customizable is the fact that you can tweak any part of the website, any page element and even change the font while you are at it.

With this theme, you should be able to create your own website in the way you want. The theme is also woo commerce compatible and with this theme, you should be able to set up your own payment gateway for your customers and even tweak it so that your website supports multi-payment options.

This should help make it easier for your customers to purchase what they need online and in the process, enable you to provide your customers with enhanced user experience which in turn should help you get better rankings.


Decor WordPress theme

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If you are operating a home décor business and need to set up a website, then this is the theme that you need to go for. But let me state right away that this theme is a multi-purpose theme and one that can be reused for any business.

The theme comes with social media widgets, as well as plugins that should help enhance the functionality of your website and in the process, enable your users to log in using their social media credentials.

Apart from this, the theme also comes with short code manager as well as hundreds of short codes that you can use to add buttons, alerts and even customize your whole website without breaking out into a sweat.

It also comes with various templates such as archive page, and even built in templates, pages that you can add on to your front page, such as contacts, about us, etc.

The theme is compatible with all browsers as well as third party plugins and is translation ready. With this particular theme, you can target specified markets much more effectively and the fact that you can now display your web content in several languages means that you can ensure that your outreach is much more effective than before.


Painting Company WordPress theme

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The painting company WordPress theme certainly stands out as one of the most attractive of the entire grunge WordPress themes so far.

Coming with a price tag of $39, this theme comes with an attractive design, background and color tones, designed to attract eyeballs and to get your website the attention it deserves.

The layout is simple enough and users should be able to locate the information they need without any hassle and with ease. The fact that this theme comes pre-loaded with various widgets should only help you to increase the functionality of your website.

It comes with a drop down menu, a neat information architecture as well as sliders and galleries that you can use to showcase select images.

More importantly, the theme is 100% responsive which is good since as per latest studies, most of the online business is generated more from mobile phones than through desktops and laptops.

So opting for this particular theme should enable you to increase the user experience on your website and in the process, help you rank better on SERPS.

Windows and doors

windows doors WordPress theme

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The windows and doors WordPress theme is one of the top ranked grunge WordPress themes on account of its advanced functionality.

While most themes come loaded with a built in page builder and this theme just goes a step further and makes it possible for you to use page builders like Elementor, Divi, Visual composer, Beaver, Live composer and others on your website.

Apart from this, the theme comes with a neat classic design with the essential drop down menu, as well as sliders and galleries that you can use to showcase high resolution images.

It is important for you to feature a few high resolution images on your website and this theme just makes it easier for you to do the same and it should help get you more page views as a result.

Moreover, this theme is compatible with woo commerce which should make it easier for you to set up a payment gateway with multiple options for your customers to choose from, when making their payment.

What’s more, with this theme you can customize your site as you see fit and use the hundreds of short codes it comes with, for the same purpose.

As the theme is compatible with third party plugins, you should be able to use the same on your website for advanced functionality. This theme comes with a reasonable price tag of $39 along with 24 hrs support.

Creative agency

Creative Agency WordPress Themes

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As the name says, this theme was specifically designed for a creative agency but the good news is that it is a multi-purpose theme, meaning that it can be reused for any niche in any industry.

The theme ranks quite well when it comes to grunge WordPress themes for the simple reason that its design is minimalistic, simple enough for most beginner users and can be easily incorporated into your website.

The coding for the website has been done as per the WordPress codex theme standard and as such, the theme itself is robust, resilient and highly flexible.

So essentially, you can customize this theme as you see fit, from modifying the inner header to the font that’s used, so you should be able to redesign your website from scratch.

The layout is simple enough and it comes loaded with galleries and sliders that you can utilize to feature your catalog or high resolution images, and even host a few videos.

This makes more sense, seeing how from a marketing perspective, images and more importantly videos resonate better with online users than textual content.

These are some of the top ranked grunge WordPress themes; each stands out for one reason or the other so you need to decide which one you prefer.

A better idea would be to do a beta test and demo some of these themes out before deciding which one you prefer to be installed on your website; all of these themes are reasonably priced and come with round the clock support.

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