15 Multipurpose Girly WordPress Themes for Feminine Stylish Websites

In previous decades, there has been a specific evolution in the definition of feminism and girly. It has been seen and observed that modern, powerful, and bold designs are considered to be integral aspects of girly choices.

Despite the fact that roles and jobs are shifting from gender, people still choose to bifurcate a particular design for men and women.

Bloggers across the world who are very young in age tend to seek more girly take for the online presence. This is because topics like beauty, lifestyle, travel, and fashion are better represented with a feminine touch.

There are hundreds of themes scattered throughout if you explore the internet. Hence, we have put together strong girly WordPress themes compilation here for your ready reference and use.

Girlie Pro is a theme aimed at developing an efficient feminine website. It offers a flexible and stylish framework as it is designed for women based serving sectors in reference. All the elements of the website can be conveniently modified or new ones can be created with the help of the page builder.

Customizer also plays a crucial role in the entire modification process of various elements. This ensures that any kind of coding or technical knowledge is not required for either setup or installation. To give you an upper hand in the installation process you are provided with detailed documentation.

A homepage slider and certain widgets are provided by default which can be easily controlled by you. It enhances the charm of your website and makes the audience fall in love with it.

It has been optimized for faster loading, mobile compatibility, and SEO. This will ensure that your potential audience can access it from any device or screen. They will also not face any difficulties finding it on the search engine.

girly WordPress themes

Beautiful Multipurpose Girly WordPress Themes 2022

SKT Cosmetics



SKT Pregnancy

SKT Pregnancy


SKT Lingerie Pro

SKT Lingerie Pro


Girlie Pro

girly lite


Ele Makeup

Beauty WordPress theme


Makeup and girls are an inevitable combination hence Ele Makeup has been included in the list of girly WordPress themes. It comes with a stunningly beautiful designed framework and high-quality support.

This is an option if you are looking for a customizable solution with plenty of scaling up options. The overall design is feminine with lots of white space in the layout.

This enables you to create a mellow take on the entire setup of the female preferred layout. The structure offered here is suitable for blogs as well as business and offers the addition of custom page templates. Modification from the backend can be conveniently executed and previewed live with the help of customizers.

The default templates and new templates created by you will be retina-ready so that high-quality images can be displayed.

Depending on the requirements of the target audience and the website, the header and footer can be customized. WooCommerce is supported so that establishing an online store for your makeup brand can also be managed.

Fashion Trends

fashion WordPress theme


Shopping is one of the most preferred past time for all women. When you create a website on fashion or Fashion Trends the target audience is never limited to a particular age group. Hence, this theme makes it to the compilation of girly WordPress themes.

You can easily create a lifestyle or fashion blog without much effort. You can select the best options from the multiple HD-ready layouts.

Without any restrictions, you can easily segment the fashion trends as required on the website. It is not mandatory to change the format of the posts but if you do so it will help in differentiating between two categories.

If you don’t have time to start from scratch you can use the default templates and layout with slight modifications. They are designed by experts keeping all the necessary requirements and potential users in mind.

All plugins including WooCommerce are supported so that adding a missing feature never becomes a worrisome task for you.


Jewellery Shop Wordpress Theme


The whole precious metal and stone industry including ornaments is governed by the preference of girls and women. This makes Jewellery one of the most liked girly WordPress themes across the globe.

Any product-based business particularly focusing on the female audience can make a responsive and aesthetically appealing website with this theme.

WooCommerce support is also offered for a seamless and comfortable shopping experience. The default layout has been crafted after significant research so that you do not have to invest much time in it. The assigned colors perfectly contrast with all elements and layouts.

All these stuff including the template and layout are fully customizable. This helps you in ensuring that you can carve the necessary design to represent your brand.

It has been optimized for supreme performance and high-resolution display. It is feature-rich by the creation and has all the necessary provisions for compatibility of different plugins.


Photographs and artistic paintings, designs, and drawings touch a large segment of humans. If you are a passionate female artist or photographer or your target audience has a solid feminine presence, then PicArt is the theme for you. The overall design is such that it can be used for any purpose required including building a portfolio.

It can lend itself perfectly for food blogs, travel sites, personal blogs, and even for trending fashion. You have complete control over the layout, spacing, sections, templates, fonts, colors, and buttons. Making these changes is simpler and can be done with a few clicks.

For a supreme experience across devices, browsers, and screens, the content and pictures automatically adjust to look its best.

Google Fonts integration ensures world-class typography for each section and element. Social media integration is also easily possible just like WooCommerce. The customer support is there to help with your queries in case you face any.

Black and White

Black and White is one of the best choices for girly WordPress themes. It is professional, minimalistic, bold, and responsive. This is a multipurpose website that if fully optimized for SEO and fast loading.

It can be used for business, e-commerce websites, blogs, community, and all other purposes. All elements, templates, and layouts have been perfectly crafted in various shades of white and black.

They create an aesthetic aura for featuring your services, products, or opinions in the form of a blog. The best part is that complete customization according to your preference is possible without any extra efforts. But, given the perfect color combination and features provided default you will not have to work hard.

The operations and management for the site are not limited only to technically sound individuals. Anyone with basic computer knowledge can easily install, create, and manage it. Plugins of different kinds are tested for compatibility to ensure that features, as required by you, can be added.


Charm is an efficient, responsive, and elegant multipurpose theme that makes it to the compilation of best girly WordPress themes. With perfection in performance, aesthetics, and user-interface this theme has been developed. Y

ou can capture and convert leads with its strategic and stylish designs. You can effortlessly promote your products and services and also establish an online store for the same.

Integrating payment gateways and accepting payment from platforms across the world has also been simplified. A slider is provided by default that can help in promoting products and announcing discounts. Special offers, product launches, and recognitions can also be featured in the slider conveniently.

Visual aspects like fonts, colors, layouts, and others can be modified for achieving perfect aesthetics. Integration of Google Maps and similar other features can be easily managed through plugins.

Lastly, all the templates are HD-ready so that no inconvenience is experienced when featuring different devices and browsers.


All mothers have a deep emotional connection and care for their babies. Hence, selecting a babysitter for their child is one of the toughest tasks to accomplish.

The babysitter is one of its kind unique themes in this collection of girly WordPress themes serving that purpose. This has been exclusively designed for professional babysitters or agencies handling them.

The overall structure, framework, and layout are calm, soft, and professional. This helps in winning the trust and credibility of your firm.

In addition to all usual features of a website, you can easily set up a gallery to upload pictures and recognitions. A slider will help you in emotionally connecting with parents through quotes, pictures, animations, and clips.

Additionally, it is translation-ready and multilingual so that a personal connection can be created with your audience. Testimonials in the form of written-content, images, and videos can be added to the existing or new sections. It has been optimized carefully for SEO and access from mobile phones and all kinds of browsers.

Ele Store

Ele Store is an exclusive theme developed for all shopping enthusiasts. This can be your best option for creating a stunning, dynamic, and awesome shopping website for all the ladies.

Hence, it has been included in the compilation of girly WordPress themes. WooCommerce compatibility has been tested rigorously so that your audience can get an unbeatable shopping experience.

The layouts provided by default are stylish and compatible with present shopping trends. Still, it can be customized and modified as required by your brand. All existing templates and any new created by you will be in retina-ready and HD-ready format.

Multiple sections are offered by default and many others can be added as and when needed. Plugins of all kinds are supported including Google Analytics, Social Media Integration, Contact Forms, etc.

In addition to this, it has been optimized for SEO so that your campaigns can attract traffic. Translation to other languages is also possible which enables you to engage on a personal level with your audience.


The fight and journey for achieving equal rights, pay, and freedom for women has brought tremendous changes in society. This movement of feminism is the torch-bearer for the future generations and their lifestyle.

To ensure that your moment receives complete justice and reach in the digital space this is the theme for you. Modelling is one of the most used, popular, and responsive options in the girly WordPress themes list.

By default, it has been created with the purpose of promoting all the organizational and social movements. This makes the task of publishing a responsive and dynamic website easy for you.

If the provided graphics are useful to you then it can be directly used. Customization does not require you to know to code and can be done in minutes.

Plugins of all kinds are compatible and necessary arrangements can be made to accept donations. Reaching out to people for a greater good can become convenient with a dynamic digital presence.

Ele Fashion

Shopping and shopping experiences are some of the most liked niches when it comes to creating a women-centric website. Ele Fashion will ensure smooth management of the digital space and avoid all confusion. It is a special theme that helps you create an online store for any of your ventures along with a blog.

The overall idea is to ensure complete engagement for your audience. Before purchasing any products or services the visitors can know everything about it from the blogs. You can directly include the testimonials or public reviews in the blog or create a separate section for the same.

When it comes to performance, despite having multiple features, it is bang-on. The website loading speed is fast enough and can help you in making it to the SERPs with proper content. Customization of all kinds in every section and element can be made easily.

SKT Consulting Pro

The last in the collection of best girly WordPress themes is SKT Consulting Pro. This is a powerful, versatile, and elegant multipurpose theme that is perfect for creating any kind of site. You can easily create blogs, travel sites, fashion websites, and everything else.

WooCommerce is fully compatible so that setting up an online store will not be a big deal. Integrating the required payment options is also possible and the checkout section can also be configured. All segments are created with elegant colors and are completely customizable to suit the requirements.

Plugins of all kinds are supported which makes your site strong and reliant for all features. It can be translated into multiple languages and social media integration with your personal or business account can also be done.

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